Your Strongest Self – Freeletics Gym Motivational Video

Es führen viele Wege zu wahrer Größe Und seien wir mal ehrlich Keiner davon ist einfach Für niemanden Doch eines gilt für uns alle Wenn wir hart dafür kämpfen dann werden wir belohnt Dein Partner auf dem Weg zur stärksten Version deiner selbst Hol dir die App.

28 thoughts on “Your Strongest Self – Freeletics Gym Motivational Video

  1. Muchisimas gracias por el esfuerzo de traducir Freelethics al español, creo que era algo muy necesario y que en un futuro se verá recompensado.

    Buen trabajo amigos !!!

  2. i am looking forward and hope that freeletic gym transformations will be great as original freeletic programs

  3. Awesome! Really hoped FL would develope something for the people who don't want to do bodyweight only! YEAAAH! and here it is! 🙂

  4. My old coach from the first freeletics app works for running as well as gym which is great and what would I expect from FL guys, kudos and I hope this doesnt end. OTH I like bodyweight more but Id not say no to a few runs here and there and gym days as well so what about connecting them all for a mixed training schedule instead of keeping them separated. or some other clever way to create a synergy… I dunno maybe like 3 weeks bodyweight 1 week running and gym etc…

  5. A useful tool to maximise time spent at the gym and track progress. Pretty sure the absence of a product like this explains for low attendance rates since commercial gyms began.

  6. I would love to see these Coaches as bundles, differentiated by each individual goal, for a cheaper fee. And I think a lot of people feel like I do. As you remind me in every E-Mail, you're core value is not to put up challanges for a short periode of time put to change the lifestyle of someone. That's why a lot of people accept a monthly fee. Make an attractive deal and I'm sure people will follow.

  7. I think those guys gonna get hurt
    I mean they have to redo the exercise as given regardless if they're exhausted or not. If if they are, the could fail and hurt

  8. Injuries coming up? Doing weighted exercise to time………????? I wonder if it has a waiver built in that you agree to? Could be some legal issues if it doesnt and someone ends up dropping 300 pounds of steel on themselves.

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