Your “hard work” ethic is killing you!

– Hey, guys, what’s up,
Demir and Carey here. We are your lifestyle design coaches. – Guys, obviously we
love this time of year because everybody’s thinking, how can I make 2018 the
best year of my life and of course, we love that. – Well, hold up for a second. In order for you to have your best 2018, we need to talk about a mindset that’s poisoning your
results as a high achiever and it’s something that all top performers tend to suffer from. – Yeah and that mindset is
that you need to work hard to be successful in 2018
and it’s just not true. That Protestant work ethic,
yeah, that hard work paradigm is holding you back from the next level. – Sure and maybe when we
were all factory workers then working more hours was something that actually got us ahead. – Yeah but today, the
economy doesn’t give a s*** about the hours you put in. We have to face that fact. I mean, the information revolution is creating this huge disparity between how people get rewarded. So some folks are working one hour and getting rewarded a million bucks and the rest of us are
working 80, 90 hours and grinding ourselves
into the dust for no pay. – And listen, guys, this
is actually amazing, fantastic news. – It is. – Because it means that
your success in 2018 isn’t dependent on you working more hours. It’s actually dependent
on you working less, not more, from you working
smarter, not harder. – So listen, the first step
is small but it’s radical. It is getting you at
the center of your life starting right now. – So no more sacrificing time
with your husband and wife. No more skipping the gym. No more skipping out on going out with your friends at night. This year, you get to have it all and not at the end of the year, right at the beginning of the year. – Because guys, when you force yourself to live a life you love, it makes you use your work
time more efficiently, it helps you say no to
the unimportant stuff so you can say yes to what really matters and it forces you to use technology, delegation and systems
to magnify your impact effectively working smarter, not harder. – But the most important thing that designing a life you love does is it makes your life sustainable. You’re not barely holding on. You’re not just scraping by. You’re not waiting for
things to get better. You’re actually rested, you’re relaxed. – Guys, your happiness
isn’t the final outcome. It’s step one. It’s not something you have to earn. It’s a crucial ingredient to success. – So instead of pushing your happiness to the end of the year or even
the next five or 10 years, let’s start out 2018 by committing to creating a life that
we absolutely love today and let that be what
propels us to success. – Guys, seriously, don’t let
that Protestant work ethic, that hard work ethic
hold you back any longer. Drop it. Design a life where you
come first on January first. – So if you’re watching this
and you’re saying, HELL YES then comment below saying “hell yes!” and then tag and share
this with any friends who need to see this. – Guys, remember, you come
first, not at the end of the year but January first.

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