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Hey everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I’m Adriene. Today we have a quick little ditty to get the juices flowing. So this is
a great thing to do first thing in the morning. This is also an awesome thing to do if you
are at work and you need a quick little break. Or you’re a student and you want to take a
little study break or break from studying to get the juices flowing. This is also great
if you’re just needing a little creativity in your life. Or you’re feeling a little anxious.
So let’s hop on the mat and get the juices flowing. So let’s begin today standing up, nice and
tall, feet hip width apart or flush together, you decide. But just mindful footing here.
Stand up nice and tall. Let’s get a big stretch here, reaching up towards the sky, toes pointing
forward. Take a big breath in and exhale. Release it down. Interlace the fingertips
behind the tail. Open your chest and again lift and lengthen
up. Stretch up through the crown of the head, knuckles down towards the earth and then release.
Awesome. Now give yourself a big hug. Inhale, lift your heart. Lift your elbows. Exhale.
Release. Now opposite arm on top this time. Give yourself a big hug. Inhale. Lift your
heart. Elbows up and then release. Awesome. Left hand. Excuse me, allergies. Left hand to the waistline. Right hand is
gonna go up and over nice and easy, side body stretch. Inhale in. Exhale. Release. And do
the other side. Deep breathe in as you stretch. Inhale in. And exhale. Release. Awesome. Woosh
the arms forward, up and back. Big breath in. And exhale all the way down to a forward
fold. Uttanasana. Toes are still pointing forward here. You might grab the elbows, rock
a little side to side. Inhale. Lift up to your flat back. And then exhale. Release.
Tuck the chin to the chest. Bend the knees generously, my friends, and slowly roll it
up, connecting with your breath. Making the most of your time here on the mat. And then
we’ll roll it up to Mountain and loop the shoulders forward up and back. Check in with
the neck. Check in with the pelvis. Lower back supported here. Big breath in. And big breath out. Awesome.
We’re gonna step the right foot forward and the left foot back. Coming into a Warrior
Two here, sinking into it with a mindfulness so if it’s early early morning, and you haven’t
had your coffee yet or you haven’t had your juice yet, take it easy. Take it nice and
slow. When you’re ready, slowly bend that front knee. Begin to scoop the tailbone under. Lift your heart. Find Warrior Two, nice and
strong. I can hear Benji in the background. Maybe you have your kids in the other room.
Maybe there are other distractions and you’re just breathing deep knowing that when you
take this time for yourself, you’re able to open yourself up to the ones you love, help
others. One more breath here, you got it. Then reach the right fingertips forward, up,
and back. Peaceful Warrior. Inhale. Open your heart. Sink deep into that front knee. Exhale.
Straighten the front leg. Slowly, we’re gonna tip the right fingertips forward. Left tip
goes back as we come into Trikonasana Triangle pose. Opening up through the chest. Left fingertips
up towards the sky. Breath deep here. Triangle strong grounding legs. Inhale in, remember
your neck. Right rib cage scoops up to get a little sunshine here. Deep breath in. And then exhale. We’ll slowly
bend that right knee, pivot everything down to a nice low lunge. Deep breath in. Long
breath out. Awesome. Step that back foot up to meet the front. Forward fold. Inhale. Lift
up half way. And exhale, down you go. Repeating the roll up from before. Stacking the spine.
And we’ll roll it up to standing. Awesome. Now same thing on the other side.
We’re gonna step the left foot front. Right foot back coming to your Warrior Two. If you’re
new to the practice, there’s a foundations of Yoga video for Warrior Two you can check
out. We breath deep in here. Sink down low. Take your time getting into it. Cultivating
a worthy experience for yourself. So for me that means, really just breathing deep and
noticing this body where it’s at today or this morning, whenever you’re practicing.
Notice where you’re at today. Holding space for yourself here. Tuck the tailbone and lift
your heart. And then Peaceful Warrior where we reach the left fingertips forward, up and
back. The tendency here is to strain through that front leg which might feel good. And
you can do that. But otherwise, maybe we stay nice and bent in the front knee. Inhale in. Exhale. Trikonasana. Straighten
through the front leg. Tipping the right hip point back. We come to Teeter Totter in our
Triangle here. That back thigh is spiraling in and out towards the back of the mat. If
you want more of a core woonrkout here, you can resist the urge to collapse onto your
shin or the earth and hold strong. Big breaths here. You got it. Extension through the neck.
One more big breath in and out. Awesome. Then soften through that left knee.
Pivot on the back foot. And come to your low lunge. Inhale in. Exhale. This time plant
the palm, step the left toes back. Downward Facing Dog. You gotta have one juicy Downward
Facing Dog in here. Stretching out the back body and melting the heart. Work it out here.
And then eventually come to a place of stillness. Then when you feel satisfied, we’ll walk the
palms, the hands back up towards the toes. Once again, inhale. Lift to that flat back,
my friends. Exhale fold. And we roll it up. Rolling all the way up to standing. Taking
your time. Pressing into the feet. Inhale. Reach the
arms up and over your head. Take your days all the way up. Fill with energy, with love,
with gratitude. And then you can use your exhale. You can move in your own time to bring
the palms back to the heart. Whenever you’re ready. Cool. If you’re practicing this in
the morning, maybe you’re like, crack your knuckles. Ready to go. Take care of business.
If you have a little more time. You might use this time here to practice the balancing
pose. Or maybe you want to do some jumping jacks or some bunny hops. Or if you want to
work on your core, maybe you do some side plank. Again, if you’re really busy and that’s
all the time you have for today, take a second here, just a quiet moment to bow your head
to your hands or your head to your heart. And I will pass the torch onto you. Take it
away from here. Have an awesome day, rest of the day. Wherever
you are. Free Yoga videos every Wednesday. Take good care, everyone. I’m gonna practice
some more myself.

100 thoughts on “Yoga To Get The Juices Flowing – Morning Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

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    Have a wonderful day, fellow yogi’s!
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