Yoga for Kids!

(bright music) – Hi, I’m Sophia
from Maa Yoga Studio, and thank you for
joining our fun, yoga for kids, practice today. We welcome kids of all
ages, and parents too. We’re going to do a 30
minute yoga practice, using some breathing,
movements, and a power down. And I’ve got some helpers
here with me today. I have Nova, and Christian. Let’s get started
with some breathing. This is a main part of yoga, that helps you start
and end your day off. I like to call this
balloon breathing, and we’re gonna imagine our
bellies are like a balloon. And placing our hands
onto our bellies, our middle fingers are
going to be touching over our belly button, and as we breathe
in through our nose, imagine that belly,
like a balloon, slowly
filling with air. And as you breathe out
through your mouth, imagine your belly, like a
balloon, slowly getting smaller. You ready, let’s breathe
in with our nose, and breathe out
with your mouth, ah. Let’s try that one more time. Breathe in with your nose, and breathe out, ah. We’re gonna try
this two more times, but when we breathe
in with our nose, let’s hold for three
seconds, are you ready? Let’s see if you can fill
up your belly with air. Breathing in, and hold
it for three seconds, and breath out, ah. Let’s try that one more time, breathe in, and hold it for three seconds, and breathe out, ah. Rub your palms together,
warming up your hands, and place your warm hands
over top of your eyes, breathing in and out. And rub your palms again,
warming up those hands, and this time placing
those warm hands over top of your heart centre, and breathing in and out, feeling our bodies warming and giving you
energy for your day. We’re gonna open
our practice today, by touching our
fingertips together, and touching our palms together, kind of creating a space,
representing our heart, and let’s place that
onto our heart centre, and we can bow
down to our hearts to open our practice today, and we’re gonna say,
my heart to your heart. Can you guys say that? My Heart to Your Heart. Great, and let’s slowly
open up our hearts, and share it with the world. Do you feel energized and calm? Do you guys feel
energized and calm? How about you at home? The more you breathe
through your day, the more calm and
energized you stay. We’re ready to start our day. It’s time to warm up our bodies, so we’re gonna sit in a
comfortable seated position, crossing our legs, and our
spines are nice and tall. There we go, hands on our knees, and we’re gonna paint
circles with our spine. Let’s start painting
circles with that spine, to warm up our backs, giving our spine a nice stretch. Nice big circles. You might be lower
down to the floor, or you might just stay
up here, and that’s okay. And let’s go the other way, nice big circles we’re
painting with our spine. Oh that feels so nice. All right, coming
back to center, hands to the side, on the floor, and painting rainbows
with our hands, one hand doing a side bend, the other hand doing
another side bend. Wow look at those big
arches and your rainbows. Nova, what colours are in
in your rainbow? All the colours, what
about you Christian? All the colours, and
how about you at home? What colours are you
painting in your rainbows? Wow, those are beautiful colours, beautiful bright rainbows,
and coming back to centre, hands on our knees, nice
straight backs here. Imagine you’re an owl, and looking over one shoulder, and looking over
the other shoulder. What sound does an owl make? Hoo! Hoo! Giving our necks a nice stretch, good job Christian and Nova, giving your neck a nice stretch, looking over one shoulder, and then the other shoulder. All right, coming
back to center, and let’s stretch
those legs out, and shake everything else,
giving everything a shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. And we’re gonna
warm up our bodies. Start wiggling your toes. Wiggle those toes,
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. And moving our
ankles in circles, giving it a nice,
gentle stretch, and go the other way. All right, making
circles with our ankles. And let’s bop those
knees, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop,
bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. And twinkling fingers, let’s
see those twinkling fingers, nice twinkling fingers, and bending those elbows. Get a nice bend,
and a nice stretch in our arms here,
bending those elbows. Good job, guys. And rolling our shoulders, give those shoulders nice rolls. And let’s go the other
way, rolling them. That feels great. Warming up our shoulders, and blinking our eyes, blink, blink, blink, blink,
blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink. And fluttering those lips. Wow, that tickles. All right, breathing
with our shoulders here, so as we breathe in we’re
gonna lift those shoulders up to our ears, breathing in. Lift, and breathe out,
dropping those shoulders. Breathe in, lift, and breathe out. And that’s a great way
to warm up your body. Once your bodies
are all warmed up, it’s time to do
some fun yoga poses. You can bring your
parents along too. Let’s play. Let’s start on our
hands and our knees, putting your hands
underneath your shoulders, palms are flat on the floor, and your fingers are
spread wide apart, toes touching the floor here. Imagine you’re a cat, and as you breathe
in through your nose, we’re going to press our belly
buttons towards the floor, lifting our head
and our chest up, and our eyes are looking up, and we’re happy cats. What sound does a cat make? Meow. And breathing out, arch
your back, looking down at your toes, arching that back, and angry cats, and breathe in, push that bellybutton
to the floor, and lift your head and your
eyes, and happy cats, meow. And breathe out, arch that back. And looking down with
your head and your eyes, back at your toes, angry cat. One more time, let’s breathe in, looking up with your
head and your chest, push that bellybutton
to the floor, and meow. And breathe out, arch that back, and looking down and
back at your toes. This time I want you to
sit back onto your heels, where you’re resting, and
hands can be in front, or on your side, your head
is resting on the floor here, and I want you to stay
here for five breaths. Imagine you’re a rock. On your next inhale walk
your hands to the front, and palms are flat,
fingers spread apart here. Take a big inhale here, and exhale, lift your
bottom up into the air, nice strong arms, nice
and straight strong arms, and we’re downward facing dog. Breathe in, lower
down, lower down, and upward facing dog. That’s it, and breathe out, and downward facing dog, lift that bottom up into
the air, there we go. And, breathe in, upward facing dog. Nice strong arms, breathe out, lift that bottom
up into the air. Let’s walk your dog here, so bending one knee,
then the other knee. There we go, walking that dog. All right, and now
wagging your tail here, wag those tails, oh
those are happy dogs. I can see all those happy dogs
at home wagging their tails. Wag, wag, wag, wag. And walk your hands
to your feet here. And I want you to
stay down here. We’re gonna be an
elephant trunk, and just imagine we’re
loose, get everything loose. I want you to bend
down Christian. Everyone at home, we’re
just letting everything go. We can flutter our lips here. Nice and low,
sweeping the floor. Sweep the floor with your
hands, we’re really loose, letting everything go. That’s it, moving your
hips and your arms, and tickle those fingers
up your body, very slowly, tickle those
fingers, up, up, up. And your head is
the last to come up, very slowly, taking a
breath in and out here. Relax your hands,
and mountain pose. And just focus on your breathing
here for a few seconds. Be still like a mountain. Let me see your still
mountain Christian. Hands to your sides, and just
focus on your breathing here. What do we see? And what do we hear? We’re at the top of a mountain. Let’s see those
big arms stretch. A sunrise, a sunrise, nice big arms
looking up at the sun, and sun set, and dropping
those arms, bending your knees, very slowly sweep
your arms down. Sun rise again, let’s
see that big sun, nice stretch of the arms,
looking up at that sun, and sun sets, and back down. Let’s tickle our
fingers up our bodies, and the sun has set. It’s dark outside. Let’s see those twinkling
stars in the sky. Twinkle those fingers,
twinkle stars. And let’s try to
reach for the stars. Let’s grow taller and get
onto our tippy toes here, and reach for those
stars, twinkle twinkle, twinkle those stars, and coming back
down onto your feet, if you were on your tippy toes. Imagine we’re a star,
let’s stretch out our legs, and our arms, and
let’s see those stars, nice big bright stars
with strong legs, and strong arms, nice and
straight, there you go. Let’s see those stars, wow,
those are beautiful stars, shooting stars, I’ve
seen a shooting star. Let’s do our shooting stars. Let’s see those shooting stars. And one more time, oh
great, that’s fantastic, nice shooting stars. And now it’s time for us
to get into a rocket ship, so we’re going to get
into our rocket ships, we’re going to put our feet
together, just like this, and let’s see those hands,
those palms touching, interlace those fingers. Keep those index
fingers pointing up, and let’s see the rockets
getting built here. Stretch those arms
up nice and straight, up into the air, over your head. There you go, rocket ship, and three, two, one, blast off. Let’s try that again, three, two, one, blast off. Oh awesome, coming out
of our rocket ships, into the forest. Imagine we’re a tree. This requires some balancing. So, just to help us balance,
we can use our fists. Put it between your feet, and that will give
you how much space you want to be standing, okay? Let’s start with
lifting one of our feet, where our heel is gonna
touch the other ankle, and your toes are just
resting on the floor. Now, some of us can stay here, or you can bring your foot
up just a little bit higher, where it’s just below your
knee, and touching your calf. So you can stay
here, or down here. You can find your own balance. Using our arms as branches, we can put our branches up here, here, or here. So let’s find your balance, so breathing in, and find your balance. Beautiful trees. Now let’s try the other foot,
let’s put that foot down, let’s try the other foot now. And put your heel
onto your ankle, where your toes
are resting there. Or again, you can
bring it up here, wherever your balance is. And let’s do those branches, where are you gonna
put those branches? This time I’m gonna keep mine
up here, and we’re trees. Let’s breathe in, and out. Beautiful trees. All right, and let’s
come out of our trees, and let’s see that
warm sun come up again, looking up at that sun, and the sun set. This time I want you to
get onto your bellies, and we’re gonna come
on to our bellies. Stack your hands, and just rest
your forehead or your cheek, and just stay here for
about five breaths. So just like this,
you can just put your cheek or your forehead
onto your hands. Imagine you’re a cobra,
let’s set up for a cobra. Hands are gonna be
under your shoulders, palms are flat on the floor,
fingers spread wide apart, elbows are tucked in nice
and close to your body, and toes touching
the floor here. Are you ready? Let’s breathe in and lift
your head and your chest, we’re cobras. What sound does a cobra make? Ssssss. And breathe out, lower down
to the floor, nice and slow. Breathe in lifting, cobra, ssssssss. And breathe out, lower down, and coming onto seated, onto our bottoms here. Imagine we’re butterflies, so let’s press
our feet together, and let’s see those
butterfly wings. Keep your feet together, let’s
see those butterfly wings. And our butterflies
are flying away. ♪ Fly away, butterfly ♪ Fly away, butterfly Where did that butterfly go? Let’s cross our legs. We’ll take one hand, put
it on the opposite knee, and then use the other hand, we’re gonna look
over our shoulder, where did that butterfly go? We can say, bye bye butterfly. Doing a nice twist,
let’s look the other way. All right, looking the other
way for that butterfly, bye bye butterfly. And coming back to center here, and lowering down
onto our backs, getting ready for our bridge. Just lay on your backs
here, bending your knees. Your palms are
flat on the floor, that’s gonna help you lift up, and when we breathe
in, we’re gonna imagine we’re building a bridge here, so breathing in,
lift your bottom up, so push your seat and
your heads into the floor, and lift your bottom, and
breathe out, lower down. Really use your feet
and your hands here to lift yourself up. Breathe in, lift, nice high bridges, and breathe
out, dropping that bridge, nice bridges, all right. And let’s breathe in,
this time we’re gonna hold our bridge up nice and high, so the big boats can
get underneath of us. And let’s breathe
in lift that bridge. All right, nice and high,
and hold it for five seconds. The boats are
crossing underneath, you’re pressing your feet and
your hands into the floor, and exhale, breathing out, lowering that bridge down. And coming in to
squeeze our knees here, and giving ourselves
a nice little squeeze. And we’re gonna do a
bit of a roll here, I call it the rock and roll. And we’re gonna rock and roll, and just thanking our bodies, and giving our backs a
really nice stretch here, and coming on to our seats, sitting on our bottoms, crossing our legs. Give yourself a nice hug here. Give yourselves a
nice thank you hug, and thank yourself and
your yoga practice today, your playful yoga practice, and did you have fun? Yeah? And how about you at
home, did you have fun? Well we hope you enjoyed
the yoga practice, and were able to
follow along with us, and had some fun doing it. A great way to end your day,
or after a yoga practice, is to power down. We’re going to do a
fun breathing exercise, and a couple of stretches. So imagine you’re a lion. We’re gonna kneel
down onto the floor, and we’re going to sit
back onto our heels here, but we’re gonna separate
our knees a little bit. And you sit back onto
your heels, that’s it. Your big toes are
touching back there. Get your big toes
to touch back there. Leaning forward but you’re
sitting on your heels. And hands are on the floor, fingers pointing towards your
body, nice straight back. Lift your chest, and tilt
your head up, breathe in, sticking that tongue out,
let out a fierce roar. One more time. Tilt that head up, breathe
in, and stick the tongue out. That’s a great way to
release some energy. All right, and so now
we’re going to just stretch our legs out here. You can just give
everything a wiggle. Wiggle it all out, and imagine we’re
putting a baby to sleep. Bending one knee,
grab onto your ankle and your knee with one hand, and let’s rock that
baby back and forth, cradling the baby to sleep. Nice gentle stretch
in our legs here. The baby is falling
asleep, back and forth, cradling the baby, and let’s put that one back
down and do the other side, and let’s grab onto our
ankle here and our knee, and cradling the other
side, back and forth, cradling that baby to sleep. That’s it, that’s
a nice little way to stretch out your legs. And putting that back down, and we’re going to
imagine we’re a sandwich, a sitting sandwich, so breathing in, we’re
gonna lift our hands up, and breathe out, bend forward. Breathing in, stretch
those arms up, and breathe out, bend forward. And breath in, up,
stretch those arms up, and breathe out, and this
time grab onto your feet, or your ankles or your calf, whatever you can hang onto, whatever you can hang onto, and just stay here
for a few seconds, and we’re a sitting
sandwich guys. What kind of sandwich are you? A cheese sandwich. What sandwich are
you making at home? This is a great way to stretch
out your legs and your arms. All right, good
little bend here, we’re gonna now slowly
lower down to the floor, and get into our octopus, and imagine we’re an octopus, so get your legs and your
arms up into the sky, and just float around in water, and just let everything go. Imagine you’re body
is an octopus here, floating in the water. Nice octopus. Wow. Look at everything,
let go, be loose, and slowly lowering your
legs and your arms down to your sides, and imagine you’re
melting into the floor, like ice cream on a hot day. And this is time for our bodies to get into a relaxation. You can close your eyes here, relaxing your belly,
relaxing your legs. And just imagine your
yoga practice today, and all the breathing you
did, and the movements. (soft music) Wiggling your toes, just start to wiggle those toes, and wiggle your fingers, and rolling your head
from side to side, here. Slowly waking up your body, bringing your knees to
give them a nice hug, and you can just roll
side to side here, just a little bit with your
knees hugged into your body. And coming to one side,
roll over to one side here, nice gentle roll, and you can
lift yourself up into seated. And you can sit back,
crossing your legs, and how do you feel? Your body feel calm, and relaxed? Great. We’re gonna close our
practice off today, by touching our
fingertips together, and our palms touching,
creating that space, and going to our heart
center, bowing down, thanking our bodies for
today’s playful yoga practice, ending off with, my
heart to your heart, and slowly open up your hearts, and share it with the world. Did you guys have fun? And how about you at home? Did you have fun? We hope that you were able
to follow along with us, and had some fun doing it. I’m Sophia, this is Nova, and Christian, and we hope to see you again. (bright music)

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