Yoga for Flexibility | Hamstring Stretches | 19 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel we are going to stretch out our hamstrings today so find
a little bit of space to move let’s get started and just remember to you
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already so let’s begin today by actually
standing up one of my favorite ways to start to stretch my hamstrings is with a
standing forward fold so we are going to be bringing our feet about hip width
apart we’ll start by standing nice and tall
and you can actually bring your hands to your hips and then we’re going to bend
our knees just a little bit and we’re going to start to tip forwards we want
to tip forwards at the hips keep those knees bent and then I want you to think
about while we keep the knees bent sticking your butt out so you can keep
your hands on your hip store to try and stick your butt out that should already
create some length through those hamstrings to the back of the legs so
you can keep dropping the chest if you feel like you need to but I’m already
feeling it up here as I start to stick my butt out a little bit more so you can
keep that chest nice and proud even though we’re tipping forwards and you
can start to go a little further if it feels good just a nice gentle forward
fold we’re not going crazy far and then we’re going to use an inhale just to
come all the way back up to standing so you can straighten the legs for a moment
if you need to shake give it a little shake but we’re gonna come right back
down so start by bending the knees tipping forwards at the hips stick that
butt out a little bit more you might be able to take a little bit more of a bend
out of the knees or maybe you’re feeling good with a nice big bend the hands
could start to find the floor but having them on your hips is a great option and
then let’s use an inhale to come all the way back up all right are you guys
feeling this we want to think about keeping the spine long tipping out those
hips and bending the knees you don’t have to have nice straight legs to get
those hamstrings stick your butt out stick your butt out a little more
nice work maybe the hands want to come down my chest is still pretty proud here
I’m not rounding my spine helps to arch my back
a little bit to stick the butt out a little bit more a little weird I know
but I hope nobody’s looking except you guys are just doing your own thing
awesome job you guys okay let’s do that one more time he’s an inhale come all
the way back up stand still shake it out if you just shake it out
if you’re feeling any sort of discomfort through that low back you’re probably
going a little bit too far so bend those knees only drop the chest a little bit
you can be nice and proud he can be up here just sticking that butt out but
going as far as works for you as feels right maybe letting the head be a little
heavier on this one awesome job you guys so it’s using inhale start to come back
up and then relax and then we’re gonna step that left foot back and we’ll get
more into that right hamstring so plant your feet find your balance bellybutton
shining to the front of the room same thing here the hands are gonna find the
hips and we’re gonna start to tip forward so you can start by bending that
front knee but think about sticking your butt out stick that photo maybe the
front leg is fairly straight that’s that’s awesome too but stick your butt
out activate that hamstring get that’s stretch some of you can bring the chest
all the way down towards the knee others might have the chest lifted but just
play with it find what works what give you gives you the best stretch some job
you guys so use an inhale let’s come all the way back up switch sides left foot
forwards right foot back belly button is facing forwards hands to the hips take
an inhale and then exhale hip in forwards think about sticking your butt
out seems silly but it works nice work you guys folding as far as you need to
only going as far as you need to as well stick your butt out a little bit more
feel the length through the back of that front leg ah some work you guys let’s
use an inhale come back up to standing our feet are gonna come together so you
can keep your feet hip-width apart or bring them nice and close to touch
that’s up to you but our hands are gonna come toward the hips one more time take
an inhale stand tall as you exhale bend the knees as you tip forwards so I want
you to bring your hands to the floor so bend your knees as much as you need to
to bring the hands down and then you can let your head be kind of heavy and we’re
just gonna start to bring some more length into the right leg and really
bend the left so that left heel might want to lift up as you straighten the
right leg and then let’s switch drop that left heel straighten the left leg
and bend the right knee as much as you can pull that knee towards the chest
nice work okay one more time on each side’s
straighten that right leg and the left and then switch awesome job you guys
alright so you can start to bend your knees a lot we are going to come onto
our hands and knees for a moment if you need to take a little break you can
swing those hips side to side rock it out whatever you need we are focusing on
the hamstrings today so a lot of hamstring stretches we’re going to move
into our half splits so the right foots gonna come forwards you can bring your
hands to the floor to help you balance we’re gonna send the hips back ideally
stacking over top of that back knee and that front leg is going to lengthen
straighten as much as you need to to get into that hamstring so some people like
to just completely relax the foot the ankle just straightening the front leg
gives them a good stretch others that want to take it a little further might
actually want to flex that foot put a little extra work into this by pulling
the toes towards the forehead so whatever
works best for you and then you can also take things further by dropping the
chest towards the knee let’s find our breath here maybe even close your eyes nice work you guys okay we’re gonna just
bend the front knee we’re gonna brand that front leg we’re gonna take a quick
break but we’re gonna come back into that half split so one more chance to do
this half split on this side we’ll do the other leg shortly but um set it up
maybe flexing the foot maybe relaxing that foot but just behind that hamstring
even into that calf that’s breathing wherever you are Oh some work you guys alright let’s come
out of this one bend that front knee and then you can just swing that back leg or
that front leg back we’ll switch sides so bringing the left foot forward hands
to the mats starting to straighten that front leg so
the hips are still fairly high we’re not trying to sit on our heel we’re just
trying to find some length through that front leg so set it up decide what you
want to do with your foot and then maybe dropping the chest a little more maybe
not if you wanted to skip this halfway break
you can stay as you are but if you want a little break come with me just bend
that front knee relax take all that stretch out of the hamstring and when
you’re ready to come back in start your find the length maybe lower the chest
but just go as far as you need you to feel that stretch we’re all different so
play with it until you know what you need today nice work you guys so with an inhale it
start to bend back into that front knee and then you can slide that front leg
all the way back in so that you’re on your hands and on your knees shake out
the hips if you need to shake it out wiggle out whatever you need but we are
going to have a seat so when you’re feeling good
sit down bring your legs out in front we’re gonna keep the right leg out long
and that left foot is gonna come to the inner thigh so bringing your hands to
either side of you take a big inhale lengthen your spine sit tall you can
stay here maybe just flexing that foot create some stretch for you if you want
to exhale and fold you can add a forward fold just noticing while we’re here in this
forward fold if the stretch is starting to feel a little more open because we’ve
done a few if you’ve got nice tight hamstrings or maybe you did a really a
good workout yesterday today earlier this week and you’re nice and tight
today you might still have those same same feelings as when we started the
class but just try to soften your shoulders send your breath to that
hamstring the back of your leg and then we’re gonna use an inhale to come all
the way up and we’re just gonna switch the left leg can come out right foot
will come to the inner thigh use an inhale lengthen sits off stay here or
maybe as you exhale folding forwards Oh some work you guys I’ll use an inhale
come back up bring that right leg out and we’re gonna lay all the way down on
to our backs so if you do have a strap at home with you or wherever ever you
are you can grab it but I’m gonna go without a strap just because I know we
don’t all have one so the right foots gonna be lifting up into the air and if
you have got a strap you can put it on the ball of your foot if you don’t have
a strap you can just hang onto the back of your leg or maybe use a towel or
something to hook around the back of the quad so you can just send that foot that
right one up towards the ceiling I like to flex my foot to get a little bit more
you can also get a little more by straightening the left leg out long and
then some people might be able to slide their hands up to their calf or to the
ankle and foot but once again just creating length that right leg to get
into that hamstring it’s a few more breath in this one make
any little adjustments that you need with where you’re hanging on or maybe
softening the shoulders a little bit more and then nice and slow Oban the
right knee let the foot all the way down to the floor the left leg can come up
hang on to the back of it or use your strap maybe straighten the right leg out
long just feel the stretch the back of the leg flexing the foot if it gives you
more if it feels right or just relax in the foot let’s take just a few more breath on
this side and then slowly letting that left knee
bend he can come all the way to the floor maybe do a little rock from side
to side with the legs and then we’re gonna come all the way up to seated so
this last one is supposed to be a little bit challenging a little bit fun so if
it works out it works out and if it doesn’t no worries at all so we went
into the forward fold already so extend your right leg out and bring the left
foot to the inner thigh so some of you might be staying here might be coming
back into that forward fold but if you want to try something a little crazy a
little different we’re actually going to grab on to the back of the leg and sit
tall pulling the knee towards the chest you can kind of move this left leg it
doesn’t have to stay exactly where it is but we want to gehen create some length
through that leg so maybe you can hang on to the calf let’s sit a little taller
sometimes we tend to well more often than not we tend to slouch in this one
so it creates some length through the spine maybe you can grab the foot maybe
not if you’ve got a strap it’s a great great time to use the strap as well but
you don’t need one so just hang on wherever feels good and maybe maybe
you’re here or maybe you’re folding forward you
don’t have to lift that leg up into the air but just another moment here you
guys not too long hmm and then let’s switch sides so let that right leg come
in the left leg can come out if you were going for that forward fold go forward
if you want to try to lift the leg pull the knee towards the chest to starts
maybe lift the foot a little higher the calf is a good place to hang on to the
back of the thighs a good place to hang on to you even the foot or the ankle so
wherever you can get even maybe one hand doesn’t have to both but let’s try to
sit a little taller wherever you happen to be nice job you guys alright let it
go cross your leg that is it that is all my favorite
favorite hamstring stretches for you in one yoga practice I hope that you
enjoyed it you’re feeling a little open through the back of your legs now have a
great rest of your day and until next time namaste you

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  1. Just watched this one through, but going to this practice tonight! My hamstrings are so tight and have been for the longest time!

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