Yeah Buddy Pre Workout w/ Mini Ronnie Coleman!

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right, got to get
pumped up for this one. Wooooooo! Little Ronnie Coleman? Yeah Buddy! Come on, let’s get fired up! Hey man, your little
Ronnie is hanging out. Man, don’t worry about that. We’ve got to make gains. Yeah you’re right. Yeah Budddddddy! Sorry, bro, but it’s leg day. “Yeah Buddy,” extreme
energy pre-workout powder by Ronnie Coleman. Take a scoop and let
your inner Ronnie out. [MUSIC PLAYING]

65 thoughts on “Yeah Buddy Pre Workout w/ Mini Ronnie Coleman!

  1. Hey Mr. Coleman I have bought your signature series whey protein, man it is so sweet, but still better than some of other companies.

  2. My little Ronnie Coleman told me to deadlift 800 pounds at the gym yesterday. I'm now typing this at the hospital.

  3. Haha, what about adding a little Ronnie action figure to random bottles of Yeah Buddy? That would be hilarious. You could even have different versions of little Ronnie (workout Ronnie, cop Ronnie, etc) which I could imagine would have customers trying to collect them all!

  4. Hahaha this is most funniest video so far.But I wouldn"t call Ronnie small.Hahaha
    This is like a gym version of Pokemons.Execpt pokemons you catch those sweet gains to be like Ronnie. 😀 😀 😀

  5. I want to see new training videos with Ronnie. Yeah, Buddy, I know that you had many hard operations and it is hard to show your fans that the time of extreme muscles and extreme training is over. But exactly this is motivating.

  6. My little Ronnie told me to squat 4 Plates a couple months ago. I did. And I'm now fully recovered from hernia surgery

    I lost so much weight from not being allowed to lift during the whole process but I'm slowly gettin back into it

  7. Man this video is awesome Ronnie is the not only in my eyes the GOAT of bodybuilding but just awesome as a person and so humble that is why I support Ronnie

  8. best ad ever should have shown poor lifts then take yeah buddy and show great lifts….lol…2100 pound big ron leg presses or something

  9. I wonder if Donald Trump has a little Ronnie Coleman. "Should I bomb North Korea today? yes or no Mr. Coleman" Ronnie promptly screams "YEAAAHHHHH BUDDYYYYYYY". Thus it will go down in the history books as Ronnie Coleman declaring war on North Korea

  10. "Sorry bro it's leg day" Ronnie, too bad this commercial isn't in syndication. "Bro your little Ronnie is showing"

  11. Looking great Big Ron! I wish I could've grown up in the 90's to be able to watch you compete! I was born in 01

  12. My inner Ronnie told me light weight baby ain’t nothing but a peanut I benched 4 plates with 4 reps YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!

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