Xbox Series X: Are You SERIOUS?

– Oh, they built a PC! Oh. It’s just a PC. The Xbox PC. Oh, the controller’s a
little different too. Xbox Series X. Okay. Hey, guys, this is Austin and today Microsoft surprise announced the brand new Xbox, I almost said One, the Xbox Series X. It is wild that they’ve done it so early because while we’ve already
heard some talk about Scarlett, generally speaking this
stuff doesn’t get announced properly until E3 of next year. Now the first thing that
jumps out to me is the name. The Series X sounds very much like they’re sort of planning
for multiple consoles. So obviously with the
Xbox One S and the One X I wouldn’t be surprised,
especially given the rumors, that this is only one of the brand new Xbox Series of console, being maybe an X on the high
end, an S on the low end. But that Hardware, did you see it’s a PC? Which it shouldn’t really be
particularly surprising, right? I mean, obviously this is something which is a very PC derived architecture. I mean, we’re looking at Zen cores inside, it’s pretty much a Ryzen
processor and like a Navi GPU but the fact that
they’ve gone with such a, I don’t want to say boring design, I’m sure it looks great in person, but like it’s, it’s different. And by different I mean it’s a PC. So let’s break down what’s new and something that this trailer
doesn’t really get across is the actual physical dimensions of it. So it looks big, I have a feeling it’s going to be a little bit
smaller than it actually looks but you can put it not only
horizontally but vertically. And on top of that there’s a
lot of specific information on what’s inside. So some of what we already knew. It is running AMD’s Zen 2 cores, essentially it’s the
third generation of Ryezn. We also do know that
it is taking advantage of a very fast SSD as well
as it has the RDNA base GPU. Now the exact specifics of that is probably going to have
to wait a little bit longer but we know for sure this
is a very powerful console. A lot of this is actually
sort of backed up by not only the gameplay, but
the actual pure spec of it. As this guy is not only targeting 4K 60, which I think is a very
reasonable decision. But it can go all the way
up to 120 frames per second, supposedly, I think the
exact phrasing they used is, there’s the possibility of
up to 120 frames per second. But they also have confirmed 8K support. now Microsoft is claiming that it has four times the processing
power of the Xbox One X. Now, based on what we’ve done
when we were trying to build our own version of the
PS5 or the Series X, we found that the CPU is really the major upgrade this generation. Previously it was really slow on not only the PS4 but
especially on the Xbox. I mean, it just was not particularly fast. However, by jumping up to Ryzen
they’re getting a huge jump and I assume that that’s
where a lot of that four times better processing
number comes from. However, don’t count the GPU out either. I mean, with RDNA on board you’re probably looking at
least twice the graphics of the already very powerful Xbox One X and when you put that all
together in a PC chassis we get the Series X. Now one of like big questions
going into this generation that was sort of share with last, but especially as we’re
coming into this one, is what is the difference
between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5? Well, Microsoft is getting out ahead by not only obviously announcing
it a little bit sooner but by showing some of
the major technologies that they’ve worked on. So looking at a blog post that
they literally just put up there are a few things
that really jump out to me. So it does support variable refresh rates, not really that special as
the current generation Xbox actually does support FreeSync. Although the fact that you can go all the way up to 120
frames per second is nice, I’m gonna mute my laptop now. That was definitely you.
– Sorry. – That was definitely you.
– I liked your Tweet! I was giving you praise. – Because both the PlayStation
and Xbox sides of the camp are very much sharing what
seems to be similar hardware, I’m sure there will be some differences. in the actual exact spec but the basic building
blocks are very much shared. Some of the stuff that Microsoft
is really highlighting here is more on the technical side. So they are showing off
their Variable Rate Shading, which apparently is patented which I actually am not so sure exactly what makes their version different than what some other game
developers have been working on but essentially this should allow better performance with
that same level of hardware by only shading the areas which are specifically
needed for the games. Now some of the other things they were really talking about is the fact they really
want to cut down on latency. Now actually some of this is probably coming from the AMD side as they’ve been really pushing
a lot of their anti-lag tech to really kind of inside the driver level kind of just cut down
exactly how much sort of latency there is between
when you make an action and when that frame is actually delivered. The Auto Low Latency Mode as well as the dynamic latency input which will make the Xbox Series X quote, “The most responsive console ever.” Now especially considering
that so many TVs these days have surprisingly solid game modes if the console itself
can shave off latency that will play its role for not only the console when you buy it but also for the cloud
as they straight up say “Xbox Series X is also designed
for a future in the cloud “with unique capabilities “built into the hardware and software “to make it easy as possible
to bring great games,” blah blah blah, who cares. The main idea here is that similar to what they’ve been
doing with xCloud currently which is essentially a bunch
of Xbox One S motherboards put into a server blade, there’s a little bit more to it than that, it’s been overclocked and there’s some additional hardware added but it seems like a lot of the work that they were doing to customize it is being built into the Series X, which has some interesting implications. not only can you imagine
a whole server farm full of these Series Xs to power the 4K streaming that
you might expect on xCloud but on top of that you
very well might be able to if they’re already baking that in, you might be able to actually do that with your home console. I can very easily imagine a scenario in which your Xbox Series X can stream to your personal device
no matter where you are, sort of like your own personal cloud or you could pay for xCloud as well. That’s actually really interesting that they made specific note to say that this Series X does have
cloud capability built in on the software as well
as on the hardware front. They also announced Hellblade II and we actually have some gameplay that was apparently captured in engine, so it’s not pure pure gameplay
but it was captured in engine on the Series X. I’m literally be watching this
for the first time with you because this all was
announced 17 seconds ago and I’m scrambling to make
a video because content. Okay, that shot right there. This shot straight up
looks like a real thing. Like if someone showed me that and like I’m watching a movie or something I wouldn’t question it,
that’s really incredible. Wow, the fidelity is incredible. Look at the depth of field. (chanting) Well this is disturbing,
this is very disturbing. Wow. So the thing that’s
really jumping out to me looking at this footage is not so much about resolution, right. So when you look at the
current generation of consoles they were generally
speaking built for 1080p and then the upgrade PS4 Pro on the One X we’re really just taking those same games and bring them up to a 4K resolution. That’s fine but pixels aren’t everything. Team crispy is not the only
thing that you care about. So the thing that I’m
really sort of getting here is the level of detail
inside that 4K frame, right. I mean, you could run Half-Life 1 at 4K but it doesn’t mean it’s
a true 4K experience without having everything
that goes along with it. The high resolution textures,
the incredible level of detail that is provided by what I’m assuming is a very large amount of memory on these, as well as just all the
little effects work and stuff. I mean, it actually looks
like a generational leap. Which is nice and I think in a large part that’s going to be due not only to the GPU but the CPU is also going
to be able to handle much larger worlds, much more physics. Looking at this footage,
we’re not that far away from fairly photorealistic
real-time graphics. So yeah, sure, when we look at
like the actual facial model it’s not quite there, you can tell there’s a
little tiny bit of not, it’s not it’s not quite Uncanny Valley but you can tell this is fake. When you look at some of the landscapes, some of the vistas that are
capable on the Series X, I mean, that’s incredible. Like this honestly, I’m surprised. This looks better than what you can find even on like a lot of high-end PC games. Which makes sense because
the Series X is a high-end PC with actual money and development
spent on optimization. The controller is also,
well, technically all-new however it actually looks
very, very similar to the One. So many things I see different here is that the D-pa looks similar to what we get on the Elite Series 2 and there looks to be an
added share button on it and beyond that it’s
an Xbox One controller, which does make sense. So as I mute my laptop for
the fourth time in this video, the thing that sort of makes
this generation interesting is that there is a lot of crossplay. So as I was going to get into in a second but I’ll just talk about now, the Xbox Series X is capable of running pretty much all older Xbox titles. So all the work that Microsoft has done on getting the Xbox One to run, say, original Xbox games or 360, all that’s being ported
over to the Series X. You should be able to
still continue to play your original games, 360, as
well as your Xbox One games on the Series X and part of that is also including accessories. So there’s actually a really
interesting quote here. So they say the new
Xbox wireless controller will be compatible with the older Xbox One as well as Windows 10 and all of your current
Xbox One gaming accessories will work on the Series
X, besides maybe Kinect. So the Xbox, I wanna say Xbox One so bad, the Xbox Series X will be
going on sale holiday 2020. We don’t have a price, I assume that is actually something we will have to wait for E3 on but it is incredibly exciting, right. I love consoles, I love new generations, because it pushes the
entire industry forward. Even if you’re a hardcore PlayStation fan, even if you’re a hardcore PC fan, the fact that a new generation
of consoles are coming out very much means the gaming will
get better across the board. Developers will target these new consoles, the overall level of graphics
and the fidelity will come up because that’s the new base standard and everyone will win because of it. I’m very curious, what do you guys think about the Xbox Series X? Let me know and in the meantime I’m going to continue trying to get that Hellblade 2 trailer out of my head.

100 thoughts on “Xbox Series X: Are You SERIOUS?

  1. I like both playstation 4 and my xbox X. Right now I play the x a lot more because it's the most powerful console. Playstation 5 has to make the user friendly move this time of carrying all digitally bought games for the playstation 4 / 2 the 5 or I will refuse to support them this time.

  2. the thing i like about this is the case is easily modded. from what i've heard, there's room in there to change out stuff.

    wow, it IS a pc.

  3. My main question is how much this thing will cost.

    I mean, all the tech they're trying to shove into this thing must be uber expensive!

    Think about it: Ryzen? 8K? 120fps? Ray-Tracing?

    How are they going to make all that for under $500

  4. They're finally getting smart and putting the vents on the top instead of on the back where most people put them against the wall. They really should make the walls glass too so there more heat penetration.

  5. “Look at the depth of field”…….. all I can see is him…….the screen is too small to see… we want o see the game not your face.

  6. I like PlayStation but it’s hard to chose cause personally I hate the design of the ps5 and I don’t know which one is better but I also have been a play station guy when growing up

  7. Is it even worth getting the new Xbox if I have a pc? All Xbox exclusives are on pc anyways right? I think I’ll just stay with my rig and also get a ps5 for their exclusives once it comes out.

  8. Well looks like i just stick with my nintendo switch and get the project x cloud app for my phone and get a ps5 when it comes out cause that thing looks ugly

  9. Not to mention how easy it will be for them to port games to pc, because it's designed for a pc made by xbox. So if you are pc especially navi based things are looking up.

  10. I don’t think anyone realizes how important that Auto Low Latency Mode is.

    Too many TVs have real bad input latency and this is amazing that they are fixing this console-side

  11. Everyone’s saying it looks like a pc. What the fuck do you expect it to look like. If you turn your Xbox one vertically it looks like a fucking pc.

  12. They built a "PC" or the used a PC chase. There's a big difference; the chase look was probably intentional and may fit in a corner of a room. This console may surprise us.

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