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(dramatic music) – Hey, you guys, what’s going on? It’s Massive Joes Raw Review, and I’m coming to you
from MassiveJoes.com. Awesome. Raw Review for the viewers at home to now, an all new fat burner
from Australian company, THS Nutrition, makers of the
world famous Green Tea X50, is of course, X50 Showtime, in the house. Let’s get straight into it. Let’s show you guys exactly what’s in it, tell you exactly what it’s gonna do, that nutrition information panel, way too shiny for my liking, sure as hell ain’t gonna get it done, ’cause we about to go balls deep! (laughs) In this here X50 Showtime, luckily, (laughs) that sale’s a big ass. Nutritional information panel
for the viewers at home, Dillup, go ahead and throw
that panel up on the screen so the viewers can play along at home. Starting from the top, a serving size at 5.3 grams, got yourself about 60. Of the 5.3 gram bitches
in each top of this X50 Showtime in terms of what
the 5.3 grams is made up of, we can do a quick summation, add up all of the active ingredients, ’cause THS have been
kind enough to provide a fully disclosed nutritional
ingredients panel. Quickly discovered there’s
4.11 grams of actives, spread across 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 active ingredients leads
us to 77.5% actives and only 22.5% flavors, sweeteners. I will point out that THS do not use any artificial colors or
dyes in this X50 Showtime, so pretty damn good,
especially for a fat burner. Whenever we see a fat
burner around that 20% non-active ingredients or
flavors, sweeteners, and colors, if they use them, is a good
start, a real good start. In terms of what those 4.11 gram 11 active ingredients are made up of, starting from the top,
taurine, 1,500 milligrams. Taurine, for viewers at
home who are unaware, is an amino sulfonic acid. It improves muscular
endurance, cardiac function, and boosts blood flow via vasodilation. Clinical dose of taurine,
500 to 2,000 milligrams, we have 1,500 milligrams,
it is perfectly dosed. Interesting with taurine,
we don’t generally see it in fat burners, in fat
loss supplements at all. It’s much more common in pre-workouts, but I don’t mind it in a fat
loss formula, to be honest, especially the vasodilating side of it, I think definitely has benefits
from a fat loss perspective, so kind of cool to see that
as the first ingredient in this X50 Showtime. Moving right along, we then
get into our fat metabolizer, acetyl-L-carnitine in
1,000 milligram doses, it’s L-carnitine with
an acetyl group attached to increase the bio availability, and that acetyl group also
crosses the blood brain barrier to help with mental focus. Makes you feel real,
real good when you’re in that caloric deficit,
otherwise feeling like shit. For viewers at home who are unaware, L-carnitine is a fat transporter. It helps transport fat from fat cells into the mitochondria of muscle cells. We refer to it at Massive Joes as a fat metabolizing ingredient. The efficacious dose of acetyl-L-carnitine is one to two grams. We have one gram, so it
is towards the lower end of that dosing range, but
we would still go so far as to say clinically dosed. Moving right along, we then get into green tea leaf extract
in a 500 milligram dose which has been standardized
for 50% of polyphenols. One type of those
polyphenols are catechins. Now, catechins increase
glucose uptake to muscle cells, also work as a mild bronchodilator
to decrease resistance in respiratory airways
to help increase airflow and effectively turbocharge your system, help increase your caloric output. Clinical dose of catechins,
it doesn’t really matter because although X50
are kinda halfway there, they’ve taught us that it’s standardized for 50% polyphenols, but
there’s a whole (beep) range of polyphenols for viewers at home. The one that we are really interested in from a fat loss perspective
are the catechins, and it’s not standardized for a specific percentage of catechins. So we really are not
sure how many catechins we’re getting for these fat loss benefits, these fat loss effects that we want. Moving right along, we then get into green coffee bean extract
in a 250 milligram dose. Green coffee bean extract yields a chlorogenic acid, which
is a glucose modulator. Helps reduce the release of
glucose into the bloodstream and hopes therefore
regulate blood sugar levels. Also inhibits fat absorption and increases insulin sensitivity, if
it’s dosed high enough. The clinical dose of chlorogenic acid is 50 to 100 milligrams. We don’t know the standardization of this green coffee bean extract, but most of the time, to
be honest with you guys, it’s usually a minimum
20% chlorogenic acids. I don’t think I’ve seen an extract that’s usually less than 20%,
right up to like 50%. So if we take 20% of 250, we’re at 50, which is towards the lower
end of that dosing range. If we take 50%, we’re at 125,
which is actually overdosed. Either way, we’re within
or above that dosing range, so we would go so far as
to say clinically dosed. Moving right along, we then get into quite a unique ingredient
that is gonna play out quite unexpectedly in the
rest of this raw review, stay tuned for that one. It’s called glucomannan, aka konjac, and it’s standardized for 90% fiber. So what konjac is is a
water soluble dietary fiber, and because it’s standardized for 90%, you’re actually getting
225 milligrams of fiber in each and every scoop
of this X50 Showtime. It works from a, I mean,
konjac is interesting because they use it a lot in noodles. It’s very gelatinous, it’s
a water soluble fiber, but very, very gelatinous
and it’s, as a fiber, when it comes into contact with water, it soaks the (beep) water up and turns into a gel, turns
into a jelly effectively. So really good for making
certain types of foods. The reason why the THS have
put this in X50 Showtime is because it does also have
an appetite suppressing effect. Obviously when this fiber hits
the fluid in your stomach, it does the same thing, it forms this gel and kinda sits in your stomach and gives you a feeling,
I guess, of fullness, which can act as a little bit
of an appetite suppressant. So effectively, the purpose
of putting konjac in a fat burner is from an appetite
suppressing perspective. Clinical dose, and this is
kinda where it gets interesting. There isn’t really a clinical dose. The more of it you take, the stronger the appetite suppressing effect is. Now, we’ve got 250 milligrams
standardized for 90%, so we’ve got 225 milligrams,
but there isn’t really, I guess an effective dose. It’s kind of like the more of it you take, the stronger the appetite
suppressing effect is gonna be because it’s gonna form more
of this gelatinous substance in your stomach, and
stay in there for longer, and therefore make you
feel fuller for longer. Moving right along, we
then get into L-theanine from Camellia sinensis,
and this is the registered trademarked version of
naturally occurring theanine called TheaKalm in a 200 milligram dose. Theanine is a nootropic amino acid, it crosses the blood brain barrier, where it helps transmit
nerve impulses in the brain to help improve your
ability to pay attention, and more importantly, help mental focus. Got a little bit of synergism here between the L-theanine and
the acetyl-L-carnitine, as you guys can imagine, as you guys can put the dots together. Also, theanine promotes relaxation
without causing sedation and reduces the perception of stress. That’s a pretty cool thing when
it’s combined with caffeine, and we’re about to see
caffeine in a second. It takes the edge off caffeine. The clinical dose of L-theanine
is 100 to 200 milligrams. We have 200 milligrams, so
we will go so far as to say it is very well dosed. Moving right along, we then get into caffeine anhydrous in
a 200 milligram dose. Caffeine, of course, a central
nervous system stimulant and it halts its physical
energy, reduces fatigue, and boosts psychological performance. The tolerated dose, I’m
saying tolerated for caffeine these days, because
really, there is no (beep). There’s no real clinical dose of caffeine. Let’s call it the tolerated
dose, is 200 to 300 milligrams. We have 200 milligrams, towards
the lower end of the dosing, but seeing a relatively low
amount of caffeine makes me very happy, especially when
it comes to thermogenics. Moving right along, we then get into coleus forskohlii root extract
in a 100 milligram dose. This extract yields a
compound called forskolin, which is responsible for
increasing cellular levels of CAMP, aka cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which is gonna increase
the power of our heartbeat, widen blood vessels, and
therefore decrease blood pressure and increase the rate of fat loss. The clinical dose of forskolin to get these effects is 25 milligrams. Unfortunately, we don’t
know the standardization of this coleus forskohlii extract, and I’m not even gonna take
a punt because I have seen forskolin extracts as low as
5% and then as high as 90%. So I have no (beep)
idea how much forskolin this coleus forskohlii
extract is yielding. Therefore we can’t really comment on whether it is or is not clinically dosed. We just know it’s in there in some amount. Moving right along, we then get into higenamine hydrochloride
in a 50 milligram dose. Higenamine is a beta two
adrenergic receptor agonist. It’s gonna relax smooth muscle,
your lung in particular, and therefore works as a
respiratory system relaxant, while simultaneously
acting as a heart stimulant to increase the power of your heartbeat. The clinical dose of
higenamine, 25 to 50 milligrams. We have 50 milligrams, so we would go so far as to say it’s very well dosed. Moving right along, we then get into our grains of paradise extract from the seed of the Aframomum melegueta plant. Standardized for 12.5% 6-Paradol, so we’ve got 30 milligrams of the extract, 12.5% of 30 is 3.75 milligrams. So we’ve got 3.75 milligrams
of this 6-Paradol. 6-Paradol, a very cool ingredient, actually stimulates the transformation of white into BAT, or white
adipose tissue, white fat, into brown adipose tissue, a brown fat. Triggers the activation of a
BAT to cause thermogenesis, and therefore increases whole
body energy expenditure. The clinical dose to get these effects is 40 milligrams of 6-Paradol. We only have 3.75 milligrams of 6-Paradol, so unfortunately it is
quite severely under dosed. Moving right along, our final ingredient is synephrine hydrochloride
in a 30 milligram dose. This, similar to caffeine, is also a central nervous system stimulant. You’re gonna increase your heart rate, also gonna increase
thermogenesis, lipolysis, and your metabolic rate, so it makes it a very popular ingredient
in fat loss formulas. The efficacious dose of
synephrine is 20 to 50 milligrams. We have a 30 milligram so it is smack bang in the middle of that
efficacious dosing range, so we will go so far as to
say it is very well dosed. Got yourself about 22.5%
non-active ingredients, artificial flavors and sweeteners. And that’s what’s in it. So on paper, quite an interesting formula, quite a comprehensive fat loss formula. It does tick a lot of
boxes that we look for when it comes to a full
spectrum fat loss supplements. Couple of things that it
is missing definitely, is something to directly
assist with lipolysis, which is the use of fat
as a source of energy. It’d be good to see some CLA paddle or maybe some hydroxycitric acid, something like that to
assist with lipolysis. And then, just because
the grains of paradise is so severely under dosed, it’d be cool to see something else in
there for thermogenesis, some Capsimax, CapsiAtra,
some sort of those pepper extracts that
are just gonna increase thermogenesis in combination with the grains of paradise and
the synephrine in there. But apart from that, I
mean, we got an ingredient for fat metabolism, we’ve
got ingredients in there to help with glucose metabolism. It ticks a lot of boxes on paper when it comes to overall
fat loss supplementation. And a lot of those
boxes, I mean, are ticked with clinical doses of
these active ingredients. But the fact that some of
them are not standardized for what we need them
to be standardized for or we’re not sure what
the standardization is, a lot of the ingredients here
are at least clinically dosed, if not over and above clinical dose. In terms of how it tastes, how it mixes, comes in three flavors, comes in… Where is it? There it is, down at the bottom. Zoom for extraction, please. Boom, pineapple mango flavor, comes in strawberry kiwi flavor, comes in this one’s a little bit left of the mill, sour gummy worm flavor. Infamous Massive Joes
taste and mixability test about to go down, look at
that double wall glass. I got an extra big double
wall glass here actually, for the viewers at home. With a spoon, I’ve got my personal tub of the sour gummy worm flavor. It’s actually called sour gummy, but there’s a picture of a worm so I’m gonna go sour gummy worm
flavor of this X50 Showtime. I’m gonna take one scoop
of this X50 Showtime, and in fact, while I’m
taking this one scoop, did actually do the
weight test on this scoop. Scoop is supposed to be 5.3 grams, is bang on 5.3 grams, is a level scoop. So bravo, THS, for getting the
scoop size exactly correct, which is particularly
important when you’re dealing with quite small dosed
thermogenic fat loss formulas like this Showtime, because
if you’re out by 20%, your stimulant intake can
grow from moderate to, you go from zero to 100 real (beep) quick, you know what I’m saying? We take one scoop, 5.3
grams of this X50 Showtime. Throw this bitch in this bitch. And let it rain, let it rain. Few flicks of the wrist, I’m gonna show you guys how it mixes. Better refresh my memory on
how this X50 Showtime tastes. Alright, I think that’s enough. As you guys can see, we are starting to accumulate
some sinkers down the bottom of this X50 Showtime, so much so that rather than time the excess, I’ve actually done some that I have, here’s some that I’ve prepared
earlier, viewers at home, just so I can show you what to expect if you’re the sort of person like myself, who mixes up their fat
burner in a glass of water and then kinda sips on it over 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, you’re not the sort of person that kind of mixes it and
shots it straight away. I am the former, I like to
enjoy and sip on my fat burner. If you let this X50
Showtime sit for too long, this is gonna happen. It’s gonna completely separate out and that stuff at the bottom,
if you try and mix it again, let me just show you guys, if you try and mix it again, you have got no (beep) chance
of that shit mixing again because of, and I mentioned to you guys that the konjac was gonna
rear its head again, and this is where it’s rearing its head. Because of that konjac, that effectively, that stuff down the bottom, forms a jelly, which does not mix at all. Here’s one that I prepared much earlier, and I actually took out
that top layer of water that was kind of sitting on top of this, just so you guys can kinda
see what I’m talking about. This here is jelly, can you see this? Can I get some zoom action please? Look at that. I could actually eat this, I could actually eat it as jelly because that is that fiber,
that is that konjac fiber going to work right there
and effectively forming a little bit of a fat loss jelly. So let me firstly say,
blendable is required (pounding and shattering) for this here X50 Showtime. Even more importantly,
you have to drink it fast. So mix the shit up, don’t let it sit, don’t sip on this shit because it’s gonna form
that gel down the bottom and you’re gonna end up
(beep) eating your fat burner, not sipping on it. Mix it up in a blendable, in
a Team Massive Joes elite, in a TMJ elite shaker, mix that shit up, blendable is required. And then drink that shit fast to prevent it forming that
jelly down the bottom. Back to the flavors, this is
the taste test by the way, I don’t know if you guys are keeping up. It’s interesting with this X50 Showtime because the initial flavors across all three flavors
is really, really good. The sour gummy, really nice,
pineapple mango, great, strawberry kiwi, great. And then the aftertaste
hits you, and it’s like… It’s like drinking dirt. (laughs) To be honest, there’s no
other way I can kinda put, I’m just trying to be
honest with you guys, it’s really earthy. It tastes like drinking dirt. The aftertaste is really, really harsh, and you don’t expect it
when you take the first sip. The first sip is like,
oh, this is the shit, and then woo, God damn,
what just happened? The flavor profile is really interesting because it comes on so
hard and so pleasantly and then it just (beep) crashes, and it’s a real earthy active
ingredient dirt-tasting aftertaste that you guys have to be aware of because if you’re not, it’s gonna hit you like
a fucking freight train. That being said, if I
had to rank the flavors, for me personally, I
think the pineapple mango is definitely a cut above
the rest and almost kinda, I think the sour gummy definitely has the biggest aftertaste come through. The pineapple mango kinda hides it, the strawberry kiwi kinda masks it, the sour gummy, there’s no masking it. It’s like sour gummy, dirt. (laughs) That, pretty much that quickly as well. So if I had to rank the flavors, me personally, I’d go pineapple mango, strawberry kiwi, sour gummy. Just keep in mind that
the flavors are pleasant, but you are gonna get this real earthy active ingredient dirty
aftertaste coming through once that initial flavor has worn off. In terms of the effects, ’cause that’s what you’re
taking this shit for, this thermogenic fat
burner, this X50 Showtime, first and foremost, as I
mentioned with all Raw Reviews on all fat loss supplements, you must be in a caloric deficit. If you are not in a caloric deficit, do not waste your time, effort, or money on a fat loss supplement because it ain’t gonna do jack shit for you guys. If you are in caloric deficit, and you’re looking at this X50 Showtime to push you further into caloric deficit and accelerate your fat loss efforts, it is going to do that very, very well. Couple of things that I’m gonna point out, the energy that you get
off this X50 Showtime is really quite a nice experience. It’s not stupidly high in caffeine, like a lot of fat loss supplements
on the market today are, 300, 350, 400 milligrams. That’s really good to see, but the energy, because
it’s not just caffeine, it’s caffeine combined with
higenamine and synephrine, you’ve got this multiple
matrix of different stimulants, is the energy does comes on quite fast and it is quite potent but
it’s a very nice feeling of energy, it’s not a
rough feeling at all. It’s very clean, it’s
very long lasting as well. You don’t get a crash an hour,
two hours after taking it, like you can with fat loss
formulas that are just jam packed with way too
much fucking caffeine. So from an energy perspective, it is a real nice thermogenic to use. The appetite suppression
is surprisingly probably one of the best that I’ve
experienced on the market. I mean, if the biggest problem you have when you’re dieting is your appetite’s just out of control,
this X50 is just gonna, just put an end to that, straight up. I don’t know if it’s the, there’s just not a lot of that fiber, I don’t know how potent it is, but it’s gotta be the combination of the fiber with the green coffee bean, I’m not really, I can’t pinpoint it, to be honest with you
guys, but I’m gonna say that it does have something
to do with that fiber because this is the
first fat loss supplement I’ve seen it used in, and
I think in my opinion, this is one of the strongest
appetite suppressing fat loss formulas that
I’ve personally ever tried. So that is an effect
that is far pronounced in this X50 Showtime compared to other fat loss supplements on the market. The thermogenic effect
unfortunately is not really there, even though you do have
the grains of paradise, the synephrine, even caffeine, you get a little bit of a
thermogenic effect from it. It’s definitely not as pronounced as other fat loss
supplements that are using full clinical doses of
CapsiAtra or Capsimax or grains of paradise
in a full clinical dose. So the thermogenic effect, I
mean, it’s kind of beneficial, I guess, if you’re the sort
of person that doesn’t wanna be sweating buckets on
your fat loss formula. You’re not gonna sweat
buckets on this X50 Showtime. Generally speaking, a very
comprehensive fat loss formula, especially considering the price, which I’m gonna get to in a second. Before I go to that, I just
wanna mention side effects. Even though it’s not high in caffeine, it is still a very strong
thermogenic fat loss formula, so if you are sensitive to stimulants or you do struggle with stimulants, definitely start with half a
scoop and work your way up. Stackability definitely can
be stacked with the gaps that it’s missing, so
something to induce lipolysis, the CLA or a hydroxycitric acid, something to further
increase thermogenesis, the Capsimax, the CapsiAtra,
as I’ve mentioned to you guys. It’s gonna stack real well with those. You could even also stack it with a little bit more acetyl-L-carnitine, just to bump up the fat
metabolizing effect. The one thing I wouldn’t stack it with would be something that’s
got more stimulants in it. I’d definitely stack it with
non-stimulant thermogenic or a non-stimulant lipolysis supplement or a non-stimulant fat loss supplement that’s gonna kinda fill in the gaps of what this X50 Showtime is missing. The final thing, as I
mentioned to you guys, the price and value for
money, and this is really where you kinda weigh this formula up and you go (beep) this
is quite impressive. In the Australian market, your 60 serve tub retails for 69.95. It is a true one scoop per serve, 60 serves in this tub at 69.95, which makes it $1.17 per serve. I mean, I think, if not one of the best, it would have to be the
best value for money, considering how much it
costs and the quality of the formula and the
dosages used in the formula, and the fact that they actually
tell you the fucking dosages in the formula, which a lot of
popular fat loss supplements don’t, I think it’s gotta
be, if not the best, definitely one of the best value for money fat loss supplements on the market today. And guys, if you’re in the
market for an amazing value for money fat loss supplement
that is gonna get you some real nice energy, gonna
tick a lot of the boxes when it comes to thermogenic
fat loss supplements, gonna completely crush your appetite, and doesn’t taste that
bad, let’s be honest, you gotta get yourself some of
this THS X50 Showtime, guys. Hit the subscribe button,
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  2. I wonder, how does the body deal with this jelly? I assume when this is consumed similar will happen inside the body?

  3. I've been taking oxyshred for the last few years and have been a religious advocate. I've started taking x50 showtime and can say that I'm not disappointed in the switch over. Its giving me the same effects and also tastes great. I have the pineapple mango flavour 🙂

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