World’s STRONGEST (best) Pre Workout Supplements 2019

[Music] what’s up bitches ed here from muscle plays in New Jersey and today is going to be an amazing exciting videos do you know why I have seen people do videos here on YouTube for the top three pre workouts top five pre workouts you know what I said fuck that I’m going to do the top ten pre workouts Oh in the world oh you want to see what happens when you take too much free workout check out mr. snuffleupagus whose awful I guess you ought to sleep with that chance all right that shirt condom use that is what alright so today’s video is going to be again like I said nobody’s ever done it before top ten pre workouts in the world oh yeah but before we go through with these top ten three workouts in the world we are gonna go first Chris what do we say do we do baby this shit’s not [Music] laughs again [Music] [Applause] no way bring some of that cream I needed to rise to the top oh yeah let’s get ready with these top 10 three workouts in the world Chris you ready bitch life in that shit all right I am ready Chris get the board let’s get the fucking action here forward bitches ready to give you the top ten pre-workout the noodle and of course let me first say this hold on one second cause I have to tell these children go right ahead first I have to tell you all this is my opinions this is from my testing my body his body everybody’s body that I’ve tested on this channel these pre-workout so we have gone from one two and it figured out the top ten clear burgers in the world now again my opinions legal disclaimer is this is what I fucking think on the top ten proposal it’s not written in stone you all can have your own best if you want but this is what I feel are the best in the world not oh we got that shit notarized no Robin your first purchase ever comes you ready we’re right number 10 on that motherfucker right now Bing that’s that’s a girl I don’t know bring that board in front of this camera away sit backwards on them no I come on it oh oh that’s another goal I have to make this video in under 15 minutes all right let me get my Erik Estrada on trips may be ready I’m ready put the board up you got a hold [Music] oh you tell me when to take it away I’m gonna have number 10 pre-workout to be revealed at this moment take white board now bitch hey metal effects by underground formulations this motherfucker right now you could still find a good luck bitches underground formulas about the effects was a DMAA a federal product when you took this this motherfucker was the shit this is the only DMA a pre-workout that I’ve ever had that gave me the happy folks but it seems have some crazy-ass motherfucking aggression to do squats most of my DMA products never got me like that this one has to be one of the top ones I’ve ever tried you want to screen shot that bitch screen shot that bitch right now one two three that’s all you get nope alright so this is gonna be number ten all right underground formulations like I said if you can find it you can find it really it was given to me as a gift and I gotta say goddamn it was really good what pretty good switch number nine one two three real bad motherfuckers killer laughs executioner and again good luck I’m fighting this one too but like I said these are my opinions and like I said I will reveal at the end certain things about all these pre workouts and you probably gonna all get pissed off but guess what I’m still revealing top ten pretty workouts in the world you’re gonna fucking like it either way alright so to be pissed off than pissed on I always show you that my green eyes sort of thing which is cool I’m kinky pee on me alright so no it’s just a joke all right so look seriously executioner was made by killer labs and this was a DMA a product that they had which was an awesome pre work on you took this manual you were in the gym like hey what’s up yup and amazing pumps amazing focus amazing happy feelings okay so this is gonna be number nine kill their lives now let’s go to number freaking eight bitch oh yeah right late number eight which is probably every mother effin stim junkies favorite pre-workout in the world but not mine but still I had to throw it in here with the mix motherfuckin labs all right now psychotic is a special pre-workout right Chris yes it is warning do not take more than half a scoop on your first try motherfuckers be taking full scoop like I did I thought the say another give me the full scoop right Chris we did that shit one and say it Chris what happen to you what’s the famous line all right slow down there buddy sound it out well you said something one time about psychotic you feel like you’re about to jump out of your skin yeah this is this is an instant hit okay let me sort of this pre-workout is perfect for power lifters people just gotta lift heavy shit and just get angry as fuck this right here is the shit for you okay so anybody that was this has no DMA no DM a chain on the neck sure this has what is ampere Barre and some other good shit but I’m warning this is not for the faint heart this is for people or hardcore stim junkies I liked it because it’s dude it it’s like an Indian workout it’s an awesome workout instant but what I don’t like is the crash the crash on this product for me I’m saying just for me I don’t know what everyone else was a weird anxiety I don’t feel good nauseous feeling but the work I was gonna but once it wore off bats were kicked in after and I had tested it three times just to be sure and each time is the same shit so I’m gonna be honest not my gig but a lot of people love it and I get positive feedback from like people who just love that are sin drugs I love this shit so what number was this one number right alright so now we’re gonna go in with the motherfucking number seven bitches by apollon nutrition bitches if you’re a power lifter if you’re all good anybody that gotta lift heavy shit this is the motherfucker right here okay hooligan meet Kristen 3/4 scoops we were flying around the fucking gym going fucking bananas on his bitch and when he kicked in it kicked in in a matter of less than a minute I couldn’t stop laughing cuz it was so amazing how fast it worked and I was just cracking up like a crazy motherfucker but what’s gonna he didn’t like it well I did like he liked it but it was no you know what it was you went through the same thing I went through it’s like psychotic we switch roles it’s know where you took in the beginning you started feeling wow was working then at the end you were like whoa what the fuck’s happening but for me and I don’t like official free workouts what capitulo means is no DNA no am citrate no DMH ain’t none of that shit just a regular here go to hide pills of your caffeine screenshot that shit bitches well it’s kind of fuzzy so at the fuck it look it up on google so hooligan like I said perfect for big dudes that got a lift heavy shit I’m talking about like guys are in the gym that are over like 220 pounds it’s got power lift shit your I don’t know fucking heating system because that happens while I’m filming in the dungeon alright so like I said this is not for the weak only the strong will survive on the whole ok ok not on this one so me Chris took 3/4 and I was up for 24 hours on his big went straight to work never went to bed and just hours asleep that was it but like I said it’s an instant hit if you are a stim junkie like I said the psychotic I didn’t like because of the crash effect of the the weirdness and that anxiety shit this one kicked in fast I didn’t get sick um what else and when it wore off I didn’t get the anxiety when I wish I just said in bed all night thinking about what I was gonna build and then went straight to work alright so whenever was this 7 7 bitches we are going now on to the number 6 hole yes please number 6 in the mother effin house hold it hold it crackin one of everybody’s favorites and like I said this is just like in my opinion the sour gummy flavor was an but the performance is amazing for focus if you like that focus energy this is the motherfucker for you alright and you like these two pumps go for some motherfucking cracking all right now it worked for me one two three times but then you know some people say it works in them every time but my body does I fuck you it is not gonna work every time so but I’m gonna be honest really decent pre-workout if you are someone who doesn’t like high caffeine but likes more that energy high focus this has a low dose of caffeine which is like probably like 200 milligrams per serving which that way if you like that then that’s perfect for you and you want that focus hi and this is the motherfucker for you right here Sparta nutrition’s crackin like I said it’s that happy focus high happy feeling and like I said doesn’t last very long it likes the decent for me about me about a decent high focus three to four hours and then after that it just wore off but I like the pre workers that carry me high they keep going for hours like the dma ad made H a feeling so I want to get home i still get shit done and not crash I hate that fucking pre worker that kicks in then I crash and got to go to sleep because it fucking wore me down for no reason alright so crack if I sparked a nutrition is one number you can forget it I am old fuck alright 50 yeah what how he brought youtuber 50 years old Sonia pre-work of none exactly and I’m down on trt wish I was alright so there’s that one like I said and then on the review older sources where you can all to get all this good shit alright source is that number five in the house Centurion last motherfuckas which ones this this is the God of War read this is gonna be number five why again good mother effer pre-workout it’s got that happy by batter all feeling make you feel awake all I want to get shit done so this is gonna be number five reason why it’s man it’s like I said what let me first say this too I know it’s a lot of people have issues with this motherfucking at yohimbe out for your hand be some people cannot handle it so if you can’t handle alpha your heavy do not get this if you’re a person who can handle off all your him be and you don’t mind the fucking that sweating effect that cold feeling inside then this is for you but if if not that if you’re one of people are allergic to yohimbe like some people can’t handle it then don’t get it I’m being honest but this is that mother ever pre work on that when you take it oh you feel amazing and the workout is just ah you’re just so happy now this one if you want to screenshot it should come up clear come on look at that shit screen shot that bitch mother focus all right so I’m not gonna reveal what’s in this this pre-workout the reason why I want to keep it on the market but it stills by Centralia labs it has to be one of the best ones I know they have all the ones with DNA and all that other shit but this is a special blend this is this don’t handle DMAA or DMH a it has something else in it that I love very very much and I’m not gonna review like you have to go and screenshot that bitch and figure it out for yourself right Chris yes okay so got a war rights cheering labs don’t forget what number four five five five five yeah by this is all the rest you’re getting for Klimt as I get older hold on whoa back up dunh dunh at the top at the doctor reigning champion in the number-4 position in this corner is bad hey motherfuckers Ct Fletcher’s sidewalk cracker my love this fucking pre-workout screenshot this bitch if you want come on man try to get this damn video done in under 15 minutes at Chris it doesn’t look like it all right you’re one you could screenshot this bitch right here Bam Bam Bam that’s all you get all right sidewalk cracker Chris right we take this motherfucker what happens you never want to stop you never want to stop Ct Fletcher they’re happy and you’re a happiest fuck and this is the type of pre-workout that when you take sidewalk cracker you get done doing upper body then you look at your boy in the gym and she brought yo you want to do legs and he’s like yeah fuck that shows go do some legs oh yeah and you never want to leave this will keep warning you now folks if you’re gonna test this one I’ll take it in the afternoon because if you take it late at night you ain’t going to sleep motherfuckers okay so on water you know this is a pre-workout blue motherfucking blue raspberry guess what tastes like shit but works like rocket fuel I’m gonna be honest but made it into the number four position all right in the world all right CT love your brother collie bitch we’re gonna make some videos together an iron Attucks you know I can do what you come on bitch so very good pre-workout you take it’s instant within 5 minutes you make shit happen in the gym try okay it should happen your whole workout I’m telling amazing pre-workout like I said we were trick because like I said tastes like shit I’m sorry CT I love you bro but man you have to work on the flavor that tech runs killing the fucking player in this program but it is amazing alright we’re gonna go with number three great number three in the world think of a good theme song for this one – pills supplements amped as fuck all right now listen this is a very special pre-roll not meant for children or win I’m joking but look warning start would have scooped and this motherfucking line I cannot believe this pre-workout is super SuperDuper amazing and if you can find it because this like extinct this but it has to be one of the most amazing career because I have ever used it kicks in man you are like it’s adderall tenfold man this thing just gets you so amped up and focused man that you were Terry chef in the gym you want a strange mother’s bitch no I’m not gonna let you because that has stuff in it that I want nobody to know but though I’ll be honest check out steel settlements ant this buck but like I said this is my opinion things could change pre-workouts could get reformulating so this you know this videos gonna be up for years and you people come up with I’ll loop it up don’t even got it anymore oh fuck your Adrienne another like y’all bitches I sent on my video remember it’s not gonna stay like this forever because she’s happening right now Jared wheats fighting for us for DMAA ok let’s see if not even fuckin stays around buddy number 3 steel supplements man wolf pup you never tried it right I don’t think so I gave this to Chris forget it might be up like five days fuckin just going insane in the house because it’s amazing love you ok we’re gonna go with number two cover that I don’t know what to think but that’s a 2 or 6 block that I want nobody seeing not locking block the camera oh well nobody see oh bring it in there we go blockhead yeah every go that’s a horrible – doesn’t raise at sign hold it wait there’s number 2 yeah number 2 in this motherfucking house for the day is going to shock you all remain tell farmers are raspberry yeah you shade alright now this is a special pre-workout numb it for little men or little children or little girlie men okay this one machine any better screen I don’t you screenshot that some small as lettering good luck with that one BAM no focus alright so a res white is man another one you take this boy you are focus you are flying it kicks in dude I gave this the stim junkies in every stim junkie who’s never felt anything before like psychotic or they’re like oh I took psych I didn’t feel shit or I took this I don’t feel nothing this is the stim junkies dream buddy say um wet dream yes wet dream reason why when if the drug is kind of an IDI I can’t feel it didn’t one like bitch go get yourself some motherfucking red white and they like Edie oh my god I’m like yes I warned you this motherfucker strong so I res is wow it has mmm I I can’t describe the power let’s just put it this way steam jog you don’t feel nothing guaranteed to make your ass get back into feeling something this is the only one I’ve ever seen that makes me I know boys a girl listen but we work out no fuck around very good all right no but Oh or else it wouldn’t be another tool position but like I said let’s go with all its good focus on energy kicks and instantly arm doesn’t shut off warning you again you take this this bad boy be prepared to not sleep it is that 2:00 p.m. same thing the number 1 I’m gonna show you and it’s just wow it lasted forever forever or it’s just an endurance pre-workout with a lot of focus man you’re just fuckin amped it actually blows out that Ct Fletcher sidewalk cracker forget about it it really blows that out of the war with the the instantly that’s how strong this bitch is even a half a scoop you can take this rework on and turn it into weight it says 30 servings you could turn this bitch into 60 servings that’s how strong it is alright so I’m warning you all down storm but only I’ll have a screw balls here mind a thought alright so don’t say it for most players in a warned you yeah yeah shame again all right arrays white number two we’re rolling with the fuckin bitches bad motherfuckers Olympus lands motherfucking rain bitches I know you’re like oh no why why cuz the motherfucker works crazy as fuck right let me explain something rain is number one the reason why it has a more slower effect and then most of these programs where the the the high kicks it but it’s like a progessive hi it kicks in nice and slow starts working its way up and you think you’re not feeling nothing then it tricks the fuck out of you then it BAM fuck you Sam so I’ll kick your ass and there would go what’s up I’ll fuck you up bitch so Chris I’d never given this to because I was afraid I was afraid what might happen but one day you do have to try scoop all right people who have tried rain knows it’s the motherfucker and the reason why I put rain number one before arrest I’m gonna be honest all right this was tough this was a tie but rain dominates on pumps oh my god the pumps are effing freakin insane all right I’m talking to the point that likes to pump it hurt like a motherfucker like you can’t even put your arms and everything hurts I gotta give this to one day man I put it on video okay this is like I said this is focus amazing same problem you take this bitch you’re coasting for hours baby you’re just like going all night and what happens is you’re just it’s a creative pre-workout it’s an that at all feeling it’s that oh my god the same sure you don’t wanna get nothing done but what makes this number one again is when you see it a lot of guys go out and buy well pump products we’ve tried them before I pump product this product they mix this it makes that you don’t need a dog shit with rain motherfucking rain got it all but just rain is the motherfucker that cream of the crop cream of the crop that’s right baby wait all right crane right here the top it’s always rising in the rain bitches so remember this is why it’s number one the pump all right so so look the tonal vision focus is there crazy and said energy like I said in the beginning you’re gonna take it there’s what happens people in the beginning like I don’t feel nothing I said give it time and they’re like nicely then they’re like fucking act like 15 20 like oh my God look what’s wrong I feel the power and I’m like that’s right motherfuckers I’m warned about right now again here’s a tip I’ve learned now I’m not just saying all right now listen here is fucking awesome tip you will learn from master number one pre walk out son of a review channel on YouTube here’s the tip smells like roses are red violets are blue living up bitches alright this how it’s gonna work I’m gonna give you a tip I have tried let’s say for instance rain okay what this one whatever uh can you read that can’t see with these glasses this is ring noble doses play about what does it say the area 51 that’s it anyways let me explain to you alright wait let’s do this alright this is strawberry Kiwi alright I don’t know why this happens maybe it’s just me but I’m being honest this is my feedback I have people that told me all I tried that pre background it didn’t work for me like never I didn’t feel shit I’m like alright listen I’ve tested pre-workouts you look at my background think I’m fucking around over this shit hey fucking around put the best in my house baby and upstairs even more alright so I’m the number one stim junkie in the world now listen up bitches alright what happens is I could tell you right now I’ve tried let’s say one brain this flavour then or like let’s say okay we’ll do this this is true I know fuck man I’m so sorry but it’s gonna be on the dirty hahahaha bitch alright so listen what happens is I’ve seen this happen before it it’s alright just what happens alright I just a prerunner rat and you have to test up to find out works on your body because we all respond differently to these motherfucker so what happens is I have taken a pre-work elicits a like psychotic right and I take it today and it’s the apple flavor right works amazing right let’s say go get the grape flavor now the grape doesn’t work for me and I’m like what the fuck so I’m warning you all now there are certain flavors I don’t know why this happened to companies on production lines I don’t know perfect I don’t know if it’s because the winning the manufacturing process because of the flavor it changes the way the formula works and they don’t test I don’t know what but I you want me to show you that what should have been number one what should have been number one instead of brain I’m gonna be honest but you can’t get it it was bad so the motherfuckers right here alright this one right here this was it has been one of my top favorite pre-work enough for the longest time you know I always show this but it’s gone it’s not available anymore and it’s it’s just they took it off the market for certain issues and you know like I said DNA doesn’t matter yeah coming off the market and yeah I know and so it’s so sad but you ready for this the first time I tried this I got sick threw into the drawers like fuck that I ain’t never taking that shit again kid call me was again you must have done something wrong here that you know you didn’t do it right that shit is the bomb and I was like and all right I’ll try it again tried it again and ever since then I’ve been in love with this bitch got me like ten of these motherfuckers hiding my house may hide them to see because like I said they don’t make mine it was on my favor because after I’d listened to what he said I never realized that there are times when they’re gonna work and there’s days when they’re not gonna work just like you know when you’re on a pre work at the same one for two olam is your money and that’s it I don’t fucking work north so I’m letting you all now this can happen with your pre-workout flavors could be different and work differently and like I said this is my opinion these all I ain’t gonna work for everybody the way they’re supposed to so you have to testify to war see this is what’s so far from my chess results from muscle players on my channel crazy motherfuckers I came on my channel shades over here and we test that ever we test things out to see what happens but this is just my feedback legal disclaimer no I’m gonna put it in the fine print this is all my opinions and if you don’t like it fuck you and do what you got to do and if you don’t like it then try another pre-workout and another one and another one that’s right dude look look look at all that shit you know why I gotta find out what works me and I found out we’ll work to me like this was it I got like these are my favorite now I mean yeah I got me some red I got me rain these are all my favorites now you know what my older resident is I mix them up and that’s nothing makes up your primer girls I’m taking the team same fucking priori oh you better get used to it so just reach and I’m like one will you take a DMH a the next one maybe DMA and then the next week maybe one without any of that shit in it like a muscle tic like he likes the paper yes I do it I take two free workouts every week so yeah at work I’ll have whatever pre-workout I like just keep there that works for me like you probably is usually the muscle yeah and then usually Saturdays or Sundays and we go to the gym I try something different my body’s never really adapted adapt right all right so that’s tip for all you out there to realize that shit can happen all right so now listen up this video went about 15 minutes I suck all right we’re gonna end this video this is like I said the top ten and like the top 10 pre workers in the world but here’s the catch are they still available good luck finding them and if you do it kudos kudos to you but like I said I’m not getting involved in this whole and I tried finding this when it isn’t unavailable but hey that’s not my problem I sure did my favorite ten in the world and you have a choice you can either go find him or not and if they’re not available to work guess what the reason why is a lot of DMAA and DM h8 products are now being taken off the more so be prepared if it’s still if you can find it online stock up now right well he doesn’t really care for them that much Mohammadi maad mhm 8:11 motherfucker alright so that’s it for today that’s my top 10 pre workouts for the world ok Samsung bitch alright so thumbs up this motherfucking video for being extra extra extra short is it no half short yeah and don’t forget to comment below what’s your favorite pre-workout and if I get the chance I’ll add that bitch to my list I mean Chris will review it right y’all sorry don’t do that shit on my taco our favorite comment below if you lobster taco comment below with any of your fucking feedback on your favorite pre workouts and don’t forget to thumbs up this video yeah tip in your face and don’t forget subscribe or us I smack you don’t forget you hit the subscribe button then you’ll hit the little button that look like his head ding dong and you only notified when I upload video here I’m also players ok fucker alright so me and Chris are gonna head the fuck home we have to make another video on my other channel so we’re gonna get that notebook we are out of here comment below and like I said get yourself some other fucking reigns hold on hold on wait let me show you this whole DS Chris hold that hold that all this wait wait all right we got cracking got a war red sidewalk cracker oh thank Holly arez rain psychotic you want any of these motherfuckers right here I know where you can get them at a discount go to Roo Wes cocom I’m gonna pop that side up right here down below hop it like it’s hot pop it like it’s hot in your face bitches and I’m gonna give you a discount code Eddy 10 it’s gonna pop up right here so go to real Wes cocom if you want to just any of these motherfuckers they can get them before they’re gone listeners because they will be sooner or later alright so any hear from us blazing Jersey and Chris from muscle players that’s right motherfuckers peace out bitches mwah love you all oh wait oh forgot my so play us one word hit me I want the motherfucking is together Facebook bitches peace out love y’all this is the dawning of a new age this is muscle burgers you

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  1. Something I've notice from trying different preworkouts – I hate Beta Alanine. I hate that burning, itchy tingle. Some are so bad it hurts. Find me a high stim, DMAA/DMHA, Amp-C, Beta Alanine-free pwo – it doesn't exist…

  2. hahahaha!!! shnuffles!! On point with the reviews! Definitely gonna be buying a few of these on this video! Thank you brother, great stuff!!!

  3. I tried to watch this video but you guys are fucking corny it's just obnoxious maybe if I was a 16 year old kid on adderal I might find this entertaining but I don't never watching one of your videos again so thank you for wasting 10 minutes of my life

  4. All this was was a way to market shity products by talking about stuff you can no longer get at the beginning mixed in with a few that you can in the middle followed by the same crap at the end you might as well just go spend $10 at Walmart and get a pre-workout don't buy any of the trash that these two swindlers are pedaling cuz everything's sponsored and they're getting paid to Pedal this crap all the good shit you can't get me more or the stuff you can get that has dmaa in it is modified so the chemicals are different and it just doesn't hit you the same so it's all trash

  5. Accidentally deleted my comment that you responded to. Really? He didn't feel the power of Arez? Da fuq?!?!? Is he even human?

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