Work Hard/Play Hard

>>Eli Richardson, student: Finding a healthy balance between extracurricular activities, coursework, and being able to attend sporting events
or other campus activities was easy here at Angelo State. Between being the
president of my fraternity, being actively involved with the Geo Club,
being actively involved with the society, Geologic Society of San Angelo,
and, you know, attending the games, attending other campus events, and being
able to tie that in all with my academics and my workload, it’s very
difficult for one to get that established in your first semester, but
the deal is is there are plenty of people here at Angelo State that even in
the UC, the Center for Student Involvement, the Math Lab, that the campus
offers that aids you in managing your time.>>Kaylena Dornes, student: Since I’ve been at ASU one of the departments that has assisted me with that is the Student Disability
Services of ASU, particularly the director miss Dallas Swafford. She
definitely provided me with the resources that I need to be able to
balance out finances, academic demands, ROTC, and and all of the other types of
student organizations that I’ve been in, by providing me with a planner and
understanding, you know, hey, this is how you, you know, develop the skills that you
need for time management. This is how you’re going to be able to excel, because
you need to hold yourself accountable for the different types of things that
you’re trying to do, especially your grades, because without good grades you
might not make it as far.>>Dr. James Ward, Assoc. Professor: What we provide people with is we facilitate a solid work ethic. You’re not going to make it through the Sciences here at Angelo State
University or through the Business College or anywhere else without
developing a solid work ethic, and so what we try to do with our students is
create a life/work balance but where we work hard and then we can play hard, I
guess afterwards. But when we’re working we’re working. I think if a student sees their
professors working hard like the faculty here at Angelo State University do
by leading by example, they tend to want to follow in our footsteps and then they’re
actually highly employable as a result of that.>>Kimberly Livengood, Assoc. Professor: Here at ASU they offer a lot of different opportunities that are both academic as well as more along the lines of the
balance from the student life. They look at the student as a whole person, and so, yes,
we have the academic opportunities, the enrichment opportunities, the ones that
go along with their classes, but they also have opportunities to do
leadership. They have opportunities to serve in the community. They have
opportunities to work with others, to collaborate on projects and things like
that so that they can further develop themselves as a whole person, not just learn a
skill or a trade or something along those lines.

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