“Work hard for your dreams” – Dirk Nowitzki Interview with SNIPES

Hi guys, good to have you, I am Silja We are here today at the Nike Basketball Festival in Berlin with the motto “All dreams are crazy until you make them true.” And the host today is the legendary Dirk Nowitzki. And we will talk to him now… Hi, Dirk. How are you doing today? Hello. Good, how are you? I am fine, too. Thank you very much. Dirk, you are the role model for many, many kids that are here today. Who has been an important role model for you back in time? So, I think for the German basketball, Detlef Schrempf has obviously been the one, who has kind of opened the doors for me. Afterwards, I have obviously been a huge fan of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen – there have been many… Larry Bird – I was observing many, because I have been a huge NBA fan at the age of 13/14 and knew almost every player from each single team. Of course, I have also been dreaming back then, “Hey, maybe it will become something for me.” That it all happened to me like it did now, I obviously could not have known before, but it certainly is simply amazing. Did you also have any embarrassing role models for which you feel ashamed of now? A poster of Modern Talking in your room or something like that? Modern Talking – no, nothing like that. Actually, I can´t think of anything right now. Which have been your biggest mistakes in life? Apart from your long hair in 2008 or 2009? I think everyone is doing mistakes, no matter if it’s on or off court. And you have to learn from your mistakes, you have to get something out of them and I think, you can make that best with experience. This makes you more grown-up and smarter. But the mistakes don’t need to be discussed right now, but it definitely happened a lot, also off court. But I think you cannot say “I would have rather not made them” because they turn you into the person you are truly becoming. As I said, going through such times, through such a rough phase, makes you extremely mature. Okay… and true to the motto that I’ve already mentioned – “Crazy Dreams” – Which is your advice for young people who want to realize their dream? Well you have to finish what you have started. So obviously, if you are already trying it, you have to give everything, and you have to work hard for it. It’s either all or nothing. All or nothing. It’s not working halfway. For me it has been important back then to finish school, because, as I said, no matter which school, you’ll never know what emerges, I also didn’t know how it all would turn out for me. One injury on your knee at the age of 16/17/18 and your entire dream is over. This is why I think you can say that you need an education to refer to (in any case). And then if this is the case, you just need to give everything, and try everything in order to realize your dream, work hard, work with the right people, create yourself the right environment, where you are able to work and improve, and I think this is important, and not to forget the fun, I mean: If you cannot enjoy it anymore, I don’t think that it will be good for you, you’ll have to like the hard work, too. Amazing, and very briefly: You are a role model for many, many people. Is there still someone, a person in your life or someone you know that you would like to change with? And if so, then why? Difficult question… I have always been a huge fan of tennis. That’s why I would probably like to be Roger Federer for one day. Ok, cool. I am obviously a huge fan, I have already met him a couple of times. Cool. I am still playing a bit of tennis myself and I am watching almost every tournament and I am a huge fan, so he is definitely – What he does for such a long, long time – he now has almost won Wimbledon at the age of 37, so the level he has been on for such a long time is pretty amazing. Super! Then, thank you very much Dirk. To all of you: Please subscribe to our channel for more cool content: Subscribe, like the video. Dirk has been talking so much about his dreams, leave us a comment and tell us about your biggest dreams.

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  1. Cooles Interview! Die Moderatorin ist locker und stellt gute Fragen. Nowitzki, lässig und menschlich wie immer! Top

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