Wonder Core 2 Workout: An Exercise To Build Cool Muscles

You know you want flat sizzling hot sexy abs like these but sit-ups hurts your neck and back There’s a lot of pain and so little gain. Well if you can lie back on a recliner now You can work your abs in a whole new way Introduce your wonder core the new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core and to get you the strong sexy six-pack ABS You’ve always wanted. It really really isolates your abs It’s going to give you the definition and tone that you’re looking for I’m in my late 40s And I’ve got great results with regular crunches most of the effort is focused on the way up But with wonder courts dual resistance design your muscles are firing throughout the entire range of motion With the reverse crunch against resistance as you lie back and a regular crunches You come up and unlike ab machines in the gym that work through a limited range of motion wondercore can go beyond 180 degrees with an extended range of motion to target your core like never before But wonder core does so much more it even has a built-in twisting seat So you can target your obliques then blast away your waistline by adding a tuck to work the lower abs Or do a lower a press to really tighten that pooch Then when you’re done lay back for a soothing upper body stretch that makes the Wonder core an incredible six in one machine Delivering an efficient and effective total core workout in just minutes a day so get ready to transform your entire midsection Faster than you ever dreamed possible because wonder core comes with an entire system designed to deliver Maximum results you’re the best shape of my life my Pudge is gone. I feel fantastic Like this before world Cagefighting Champion james Brasco who loved the wonder core? Using the Wonder core that definitely big part of my training It really gives me a workout if you want to get to the highest level of your sport the one of course definite a new way to go best of all you’re in an ultra comfortable seated position with deck rollers that give you a Revitalizing massage up and down your spine as you tighten your core Plus wonder core comes with three levels of resistance that it just easily so everyone can do it wonder core is gonna Keep you in the safest position to do the perfect rep every single time It’s going to keep your neck and back fully supportive to the full range of motion, and that’s what gets results

13 thoughts on “Wonder Core 2 Workout: An Exercise To Build Cool Muscles

  1. Would this help me to strengthen my lower back? I have major problems with sciatica. I'm not a fatty, but I want to keep fit so I don't become a fatty in the future.

  2. Wow, this is exactly what I need… my love handles are beginning to look embarrassing. I like the fact that you are not limited to one motion! I've tried the traditional machines at the gym, but this one seems way better. How much does it cost to own it?

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