what’s going on YouTube is here man your
brother mulo motivation today I want to talk about why your aren’t making
progress in the gym so as this push and pull upper body workout this plane just
short little stuff I’m gonna talk about my main points as to why you can’t or
aren’t seeing progress okay so the first one right it’s your to focus on
profession your to focus on get everything oh my god Brad excuse me
your to focus on getting everything right your to focus on getting the right
supplements to focus on getting the right gym clothes is to focus again go
on to the right game going on the right time in heaven and about windows and all
that listen listen the best thing you can do if you begin for example
especially if you’re a beginner is get started get started right you can even
start at home you can start doing push-ups every day do ten push-ups the
first day or the first week the second week to 20 the third week to 30 the
fourth will do 40 some of you guys are way to focus on profession and that
profession is stopping you from actually starting it stopped you from actually
doing the little things on a consistent basis to get the results you want so
number one your way to a focus on profession your way to focus and get
everything right but really the one thing you can get right is by starting
okay the second thing every fitness person does including myself is
comparison all the pictures of the supermodels you see an IG just do it all
the things you see on TV with the person the commercials the right angles right
taking the photos one good lighting here things like that
you shouldn’t compare yourself to another person why because I’m not a
person is different that’s why it’s called another
they’re different and you compare yourself and want to be like I’m another
person really neglects you right you’re you’re different you meant to be
different and you have to embrace that right you have to find a way to work for
what you have work for what you have when you’re at peace with that you will
help you start and keep going the third one it’s a lot of this is not
emphasized enough in Fitness but self belief you have to believe you can do it
you have to believe it can be done why because if another person can do it you
can do it too what makes that other person special
what makes them presuppose to get that anybody can get in shape anybody can be
better than were yesterday anybody can bench a bit more than
anybody can squat more anybody can jump higher anybody can do whatever it takes
to progress and be a little bit better than the one last time so what’s
stopping you from doing it self belief right here’s how I’m gonna put it if
another person did it you can do it too if it’s been done before you can do it
too if it hasn’t been done before you can’t do it if it’s been done before you
can do it that’s how you gotta look at it
right you gotta believe in yourself and the final thing she’s a dog so the final
thing is what is the one that began to suffer with the most and even even
people that get past a certain point this one’s patience right I had a bunch
of younger people on the platform called tick tock if you guys don’t know what
take talk is it’s a new platform that’s been around for two years now and it was
really getting popular now so I asked me I’m sixteen fifteen I just started a gym
for three months and I’m not seeing that in progress what should that do after
that each envelope with metabolism my number
one advice to him was saying I said this make sure you go to gym 45 times a week
right make sure you eat home-cooked meals make sure to drink a lot of water
get a lot of sleep and have patience patience is the biggest factor in all
these things I talked about even more than self belief trust me on that
you have to be patient you have patience and self belief can corner you have to
believe is gonna come right with that you have to be patient right what gets a
lot of people to start these drugs steroids and anabolics hormone
testosterone boosters listen brother there’s no way you’re natural if it’s
someone young you should never use the structured boosters okay unless you’re a
professional bodybuilder whatever you can do whatever you want to do you
should not need these things right the reason wanna make the gains fastest
because you’re impatient be patient the gains are gonna come and when they come
they’re not gonna leave you they’re gonna be there your muscles are gonna be
more mature to handle the weight you’re gonna be handling your muscles look more
defined right you have to be patient you have to be patient right it goes a long
way but at the same time this is something everybody in the fitness
industry suffers form you don’t want to get results faster everything is about
fast fast fast short cut ass short cut to this there is
no short cut there is no short cut find a way to be
patient find a way to take it one day at a time right one day at a time for whole
yeah 365 days that’s a lot of gains made if you’re consistent on your diet and
your training be patient you’re gonna see the results they’re gonna come trust
me on that trust me on that you just have to be
patient because the risk of you be impatient will cause you to do stuff
like take steroids do the destruction bosses all this stuff do
extra shit just to get results that you can get if you took your time if you
were patient right so these four things right here to me and my eyes are the
most important things you need keep in mind and these four things right here
you probably not following if you’re not seeing any progress okay so I really
hope you took something from this video make sure to LIKE share and subscribe to
my channel I’ll see you guys later peace you


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