Why You Should Use a Pre Workout [AVOID This 1 Common Ingredient]

– Hey, what’s up guys? Ben here, with bsl nutrition. Today we’re going to be talking about whether or not you should
be taking a pre-workout. Short answer is ‘yes’, and I’m going to cover three reasons why you should be taking a pre-workout and one major ingredient that I strongly suggest you avoid
in your pre-workout drink. Now before we get into exactly why you should be taking a pre-workout, I think it’s important to talk about exactly what a pre-workout is. Now, obviously as the name implies, a pre-workout is something
that we would take before we exercise. And typically when we
think about pre-workout, we’re thinking about some
sort of supplemental powder, or capsule that you take
in the pre-workout window, so in typically 30 minutes
before you work out. Now the reasons that a
pre-workout is beneficial is a few things. One is, assuming the right ingredients, a pre-workout can help improve blood flow, not only to the muscles,
but also to the brain. The reason the blood flow is important is because we need enhanced
blood flow to drive raw materials or drive more
nutrition into the cells for the working muscles and
for the brain to function. It also helps improve
nervous system function so helps get us more switched on and ready to complete more
work during our exercise. And then, it also helps
us improve our energy in and around our workouts. Obviously enhanced energy
during your workout is going to carry over to more work output so meaning, we could
potentially do more work in a shorter amount of time,
feel better, have more energy, have more cognitive function
during that exercise bout, and therefore, lead to greater results. And then, as I touched upon, is improved work capacity and
decreased muscle soreness. Ideally the ingredients in a pre-workout are going to help us do
more work, like I said, going to help us minimize
the amount of rest that we have to take
between our exercise sets and also help carry over significantly to reducing muscle soreness, during as well as after the workout, which is a big thing as to
the benefits of a pre-workout. Now the reasons that a pre-workout can be so beneficial for most people is because one, so many people
exercise in a fasted state. Right, we go all night without eating, we sleep, we wake up, and a lot of people have to exercise first
thing in the morning because of their day-to-day job, life, whatever responsibilities they have that the morning is the best
possible time for them to be exercising. That’s totally cool, but it’s important for
you to have some nutrition in your system to be able to facilitate the best workout possible, and kind of focus on the previous reasons of taking a pre-workout
that I talked about, improved energy, improved work capacity, improved blood flow and
reduced muscle soreness. And so, for those people that can’t necessarily stomach a real food meal in that pre-workout window
right upon waking up, then taking a supplemental nutrition drink that’s considered as a pre-workout would be extremely beneficial for them to give them more energy, to get them through their workout and get them the best workout possible. Now the second reason to
be taking a pre-workout is, plain and simple, most
of our nutrition isn’t where it needs to be and it can be very
difficult for people to eat the right foods in the rights amounts in that pre-workout window, to say nothing of how readily
digestible those foods are. And so, very simply, to make
things as simple as possible, taking a pre-workout drink
can provide the nutrients necessary to be able to facilitate
the best workout possible without having to worry
about eating the right foods in the right combinations
at the right time in that pre-workout window, which ideally food is always going
to be the best solution to fat loss, to long-term energy, to long-term health, of course, but this is an area where
our supplemental nutrition and our pre-workout nutrition specifically can be very beneficial. And the third reason why
it can be so beneficial, is again, to optimize that intra workout, energy and recovery. Why not take something that’s
scientifically formulated to provide all of the
nutrients that you need including essential amino acids, including electrolytes,
including ingredients that are going to help switch on the brain and allow you to be
more focused and engaged in your workout, in the, again, like I said in
the scientific ratios as opposed to trying to figure
it out with your nutrition. And so those are all the reasons why you should be taking a pre-workout. Now, like I said, by all means, if you can figure it
out with your nutrition, then that should be the
first line of action, and it should be done concurrently with a pre-workout nutritional source. As I mentioned, there’s one
thing that I strongly encourage you avoid in a pre-workout shake, or pre-workout drink,
and that is caffeine. Now, I’m not generally opposed to caffeine in the pre-workout window. In fact, there’s actually
a lot of research that suggests the benefits of caffeine. However, the thing that I am opposed to is the amounts of caffeine
in most pre-workout products and how everyone individually responds to caffeine specifically. Now, we all have different
genetic metabolisms to caffeine. We all metabolize it differently,
some people very quickly, and can handle high doses of caffeine, some people very slowly
and get very jittery and uncomfortable when they’re consuming high doses of caffeine. And second to that, is
most products on the market are putting in far too much caffeine than what people actually need, to say nothing of the amount of caffeine people are consuming on a daily basis and how that contributes
to their long-term health. So when you’re looking
for a pre-workout product, I strongly encourage you to
avoid pre-workout supplements that include caffeine, and
most of them are including caffeine in very high doses. The ingredients that I would
encourage you to look for are the ingredients that we include in the Complete Essentials,
which you can find out more about at bslnutritionshop.com. And very quickly, those are
the essential amino acids that I touched on, the electrolyte, sodium,
magnesium, potassium, and then other ingredients
that are going to help improve brain function and blood flow
and reduce muscle soreness, like citrulline, like L-carnitine, like B vitamins and vitamin C. You can find more about
our Complete Essentials at bslnutritionshop.com, or just click the link below.

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  1. Great advice! Thanks Ben for delivering science backed nutrition and fitness education. Love your Smart Nutrition Made Simple blog – everyone should check it out!

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