Why you should exercise consistently

– Good day, this is David
from Health Remodel. I hope this video finds you well. Now as you may know if you’ve
seen my previous videos, I’ve been doing this a long time. A lot longer than most people. I will just tell you, I will brag quickly, I hope you don’t mind. The average length of time a personal trainer stays in
business is about six months. I am into my thirteenth year, thirteenth year that’s a brag, I hope you don’t mind. Now I want to talk today about why you should work out consistently when you start and when you finish all the time in fact, why you should be
working out consistently. So, I have a lot of people
come to my sessions, and they love the sessions, and they’re keen, and they’re motivated, and everything’s going well, and then it will come to
the end of the session and they will have the
time table in their hand and they will say, “Right, I
can’t do this, I can’t do that, I can’t do that, I can’t do that. I can only exercise once a
week. I’m busy with kids, I’m busy with social life, work”. Now, that’s fine. I understand that I’m busy as well. But, something is better
than nothing obviously but you need to be
working out consistently. And here’s why. Do you know that 72 hours after a workout your body is nearly back to where it was before you done that work out. Do you get what I mean. Physically you’re almost back to the level that you started at after 72 hours. So this is how it happens. You do a workout, you do shoulders. You might do some triceps. You might do some pecs. You do some legs. And while you’re working out you’re breaking down muscle
fibers in the muscle, you’re breaking them down. And when you finish, in that
72 hours they grow back, and they grow back stronger,
and they say to you, I want to work out again. I’m a bit stronger now. I can go a bit harder. I can lift a bit of a heavier weight. And I want to go again in that 72 hours. That’s why you’re sore the
next day, you’re repairing. Muscle fibers are getting
knitted back together. Then again if you work
out in that 72 hours, so you’ve exercised and
you’ve gone up a level, and then you’ve plateaued. And in that 72 hours
you’ve started to go down, and then if you hit those
muscles again in that 72 hours, you go up, I’ve got to do that, you go up, to the next level. And then you finish your workout and you start plateauing, plateauing. And then you hit the
muscles again and you go up. So all the time your
fitness levels going up because you’re working out consistently and you’re muscles are getting stronger. Cardiovascular wise
you’re getting stronger, you’re getting better, your
hearts getting stronger, it’s pumping more blood. But if you only exercise once a week, your going up to a certain level, and then you’re coming back down, and you’re coming back down. And here where you should
be exercising again, you’re gonna miss that session because you’re only doing once a week and you’re gonna go down, and you’re gonna go down. And you’re gonna go down to
back to where you started again and then you’re gonna exercise
next week and you’re gonna go and then once a week you’re gonna go down, you’re gonna go down,
you’re gonna go down. So this is why you should
work out consistently, not because I want more money off you, although I do like money. It’s because for you to get in to a habit and for you to achieve results, you need to be exercising consistently. So you can get stronger and your cardiovascular can get better, your heart can pump more blood. You need to continually improve it, you need to continually hit three or four
exercise sessions a week. And that’s why I’m not
saying I want to see you three times a week for fun. I’m saying it because if you want results that’s what you’re gonna have to do. But if you do once a week
you’re never really progressing because you’re just going up and down, up and down, up and down, and so what happens then of course is you give it three or four months and you say this exercise
plans not working for me, why is it not working. You know, you set off
with the best intentions but you also set off not giving yourself the chance to achieve
because you didn’t hit the required amount of
sessions to achieve results. So next time you start an exercise plan, whether it’s with me, whether it’s a gym, give yourself the best chance of results, and exercise consistently. We’re always looking for
progress over perfection. I hope you liked the video. If you did let me know. If you didn’t let me know. If you would like to book a
consultation, call with me, and I can show you how
we can achieve results. I’d love to speak to you. Just get in touch and my
next video will be soon and I will see you then.

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