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– What’s up elite THENX
athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another
video of Official THENX. Today we’re gonna show you why you need to train with wrist wraps
and how to use them. Let’s get started. (slow tempo house music) All right. So let’s get started. Today I’m going to show you why you need to train with wrist wraps
and how to use them. Wrist wraps are used
for extra wrist support. Extra wrist support is going
to increase your ability to support more wrist pressure. That’s gonna mean more reps,
longer holds, heavier lifts, increased stability, and
of course healthier joints. Having this wrist wrap
here to support your wrists is gonna keep your wrist
really, really straight. When your wrist is really straight, really supported like this,
it’s tight and braced. It’s gonna allow you
to do more repetitions. Normally, when you’re working
out you’re joints tend to give out before your muscles do. So having these is gonna
allow you to focus more on the repetitions allowing
you to get more reps in there. Normally, when doing stabilizing exercises such as handstands you
work a lot of that wrist and it takes a lot of wrist
stability and pressure to be able to get a nice clean handstand. These wrist wraps are gonna
keep your wrist super straight, so even if you feel like
wobbling a little bit, it’s gonna give that extra support. It’s gonna feel a lot easier to balance in your handstand or any
other stabilization exercises. It’s also gonna allow you to
lift heavier because it has a brace around your wrist,
a support around your wrist. Kind of like when you see power
lifters using a weight belt to help lift heavier weights,
this is the same thing. It’s like a mini weight
belt for your wrists so it’s gonna allow you
to have more pressure on your wrists, heavier lifts,
longer holds, and more reps. And of course it’s a lot
healthier on your joints. When doing exercises involving joints and tendons, you want to make sure that you’re also always
protecting your joints. Having healthy joints,
you’re gonna be able to progress a lot safer, a lot easier, you’re not gonna hit that
plateau because you’re injured. So wearing these is gonna
support your wrists. It’s gonna prevent injury by
keeping your wrists straight, no matter what, and not allowing to bend your wrist passed
where it’s supposed to. All right, so now we’re
gonna do a whole-body workout that incorporates all the
topics we just covered. We’re gonna show you how to apply them with different exercises. So the first exercise is
gonna be handstand hold. Then, we’re gonna go
into 90 degree pushups. After, we’re gonna go
for explosive muscle-ups. Then, we’re gonna go into deadlifts. Next, we have one arm pullups. After, we have explosive pushups. And then we’re gonna finish
off with single arm L-sit hold. So you guys ready? Let’s go for it. The first one, we have handstand hold. We’re gonna warmup, so
when doing this move with the wrist wraps you want to make sure to just loosen them a
little bit, and the way that you can loosen them is
just take a nice little grip, and then just twist them the opposite way to where you feel loose. See, so we’re gonna loosen
them up a little bit. And the reason why is because
when we’re putting our palms down on the ground you want
to give enough mobility in your wrists to be
able to be just like this and not have it like
squeezing your wrist, okay. So we’re gonna give it a little
bit of space so we can move. Let’s go for this handstand hold. (slow instrumental hip-hop music) (breathes deeply) All right. That was a nice little warmup. Now, we get the workout started. So next, we’re gonna go
into 90 degree pushups. Now, this is an advanced move. We’re not gonna show you
guys how to do this move. If you want to learn all the
other moves go onto thenx.com and become a member to learn all these. Right now we’re gonna go
into 90 degree pushups. So now here we’re holding onto a bar. Now you want to tighten
this so hold it a little bit and just go like that,
you’ll feel it tighten up. So now that it’s tighter, you’ll be able to have a
more solid, more stable grip. Now, if you try to put your
hand back down on the floor, you’re gonna feel a lot
of pressure right here. So if you’re gonna do more
open-hand floor style moves, you want to then loosen
it back up a little bit. But we’re gonna keep it nice and tight. (breathes deeply) Let’s
go into 90 degree pushups. (slow instrumental hip-hop music) Oh yeah, all right. Oh my gosh. That was intense. Let’s move on to the next exercise. (breathes deeply) So now we have explosive muscle-ups. So a lot of times when
you’re doing bar movements, explosive bar movements,
just having that grip, that’s where you first give out, you know. And then it’s the muscle, right? But just even hanging feels hard. Having these wraps on is gonna allow you to keep a stronger grip, it’s
gonna be more comfortable. It’s gonna have support for your wrists, you’re gonna be able to
hang like it’s nothing. All right, so now we’re
gonna put these wrist wraps and grip strength to the
test with this next exercise. Make sure you loosen a little bit, so you can have some
mobility in that wrist. Let’s go for some explosive muscle-ups. (heavy instrumental hip-hop music) (exhales deeply) Yep. I think they work,
that’s enough jumping around. Let’s move on to the next exercise. Next, we have deadlifts. All right let’s go for this. So like I said, having this wrist support is gonna help you lift more, it’s gonna be more comfortable
when you lift especially. Of course, this is gonna
make you do more reps. You’ll be able to lift longer
and everything like that. You’re gonna get addicted
to having them on. So don’t forget that when
you make those new gains, take them off and try to adjust
them to your natural wrist because you want to make sure that you’re strengthening your wrists too. So if you’re doing
something like deadlift, you start to lift
heavier more consistently and you’re adding more reps as well, take them off and try
to do the same thing. Once you’ve mastered it with
it off, put it back on again and keep making those gains,
making those progress. So now we’re gonna go for some deadlifts. Now, to build more strength you want to go for three to five reps, so we’re gonna go for a
three to five rep range. (uptempo house music) (weight crashes)
(breathes deeply) Okay. (breathes deeply) We’re almost to the end,
next we have one arm pullups. Let’s go for it. (uptempo house music) (uptempo house music)
(moves into heavy house music) One more each. (heavy house music) Oh yeah. All right, now we have explosive pushups. (breathes heavily) Let’s go for it. So normally, this is
another move right here, people do this or they don’t like to do it because they feel like that explosiveness is too much pressure in their wrists. So this is definitely gonna help a lot. Make sure now, you loosen it a little bit so you have more wrist
mobility, you can put your hand down flat comfortably. All right explosive pushups, here we go. (heavy house music) All right. (breathes heavily) See, the best part about that is I can focus on doing more reps. I don’t have to worry
about that wrist pain because this keeps my wrists straight. All right. We’re gonna
go for the last move. Single arm L-sit hold. You ready for this? Let’s go for it. (heavy instrumental hip-hop music) (breathes deeply) All right, so there you have it. That’s the end of the routine. If you can do this routine
three rounds you’re a beast. But this is how you use the wrist wraps. This is why you need to
train with the wrist wraps. It’s gonna be a lot easier
to make gains, to progress. And you’re gonna not find
yourself plateau so often. It’s gonna keep you on the next level. So thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video don’t forget to like, share, comment,
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Sunday 8 PM, like always. Love you guys. Peace. (instrumental hip-hop music) – [Chris] Elite THENX athletes,
thank you guys so much. We just reached 500,000 subscribers and we couldn’t have done it without each and every single one of you guys. Thank you for watching
every Sunday at 8 PM, and see you next Sunday. (slow tempo house music)

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