Why is my Baracuda cleaner not moving?

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to the Poolside Chat presented by inyopools.com. I’m Rob.
I’m Matthew. This week’s poolside chat question
comes from our forum. The question goes as such, “My Baracuda vacuum is not vibrating. The pool pressure is fine
and the suction at the vacuum is great, it’s just not moving. Looked at the diaphragm
and it looks good. Replace the foot at the beginning
of the summer, what do I do now?” Rob? The first thing I would do
is check that diaphragm again. Just the smallest hole or tear
will prevent the cleaner from moving. Really examine that thing closely. You mentioned the foot,
the reason why you might want to replace the foot is
because there are grooves at the bottom. When those grooves get worn down,
the cleaner can get stuck to the bottom so it’s good
that you replaced the foot. Next you’d want to check
all the hoses for any holes. While the cleaner is running,
just lift the hoses out of the water and listen for any air. If you have any holes in those hoses,
replace those hoses and then it’ll correct the problem. If you still have the gauge
that came with the cleaner, it’s a good idea to put that
on the last hose before the cleaner to see if you have enough suction. Don’t use the hand method. Yes, the hand test isn’t accurate. Yes, pool owners will use
the palms per square inch, situation never really works out. Not an accurate measurement. No. If you don’t have the gauge,
then look for air leaks in your equipment like anything
on the suction side of the system. Maybe the pump lid o-ring, maybe
the valves in front of the pump. Or any T’s, elbows. Any T’s, anything,
any of those places. If you notice air
in your pump strainer, you want to get that fixed,
and that should correct the problem with the cleaner moving. Also a dirty filter will prevent
the cleaner from moving. Even if you clean the filter,
a test you can do is if you have a sand or DE filter, you can put the valve on recirculate
and run the system. if the cleaner moves,
you know it’s the filter. Same scenario
with the cartridge filter, you can take the cartridge out,
put the top back on, run the system. If it starts,
cleaner starts moving around, you know it’s the cartridge. Those are some of the things
you can check to get the cleaner up running. If you have any questions
about how to get your cleaner up and running,
leave the questions down below. If you like this video
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16 thoughts on “Why is my Baracuda cleaner not moving?

  1. Great tips! After checking everything after watching this video know this: A known defect in the G3 and the retired G4 was the plastic threads inside the W70326 Cassette Outer Extension Pipe Assembly wear down and no longer will thread into the cleaner body. If you tighten the nut on top and notice it is loose again the next day chances are that is the issue. The W70326 replacement part is pretty expensive at $120 so I would suggest investing in a new cleaner – from INYOPools.com, of course! 😃👍

  2. I have a relatively new Zodiac G3, which is pulsating fine but not traveling around the pool, Skirt and diaphragm are both fine – no tears at all and nothing stuck in the cleaner. While pulsing, the cleaner seems to sit in a cantilevered position, which as soon as I apply pressure to the built-in counter weight on the front using the pool brush pole, the skirt reseals to the bottom and it starts it moving around again, until it climbs a wall, falls back on itself and sits their pulsing again. Even tried adjusting the hose weight, but to no avail. Help

  3. My barracuda works for short spasms and then stops. I have checked the diaphragm and hoses and doesn't seem to be any holes or tears. am confused as to what do next? Will follow your directions and hope I can fix it

  4. I have a zodiac T-5 and I have replaced the feet, both flappers, tried 3 diaphragms, checked the suction using the gauge (3-3.5) and it still  the vacuum just sits on the bottom.  What else can I do?

  5. Hi
    my barracuda keeps unscrewing itself. I changed the diaphragm, and after I put it back together the problem started. It works fine for a while, then it works itself apart. Reattached all the parts again and it worked itself apart once again. Any thoughts????


  6. my zodiac works fine for two or three minutes then stops. I backwash and start again – same response – works fine for two or three minutes. I have both a basket filter (which is stuck in) and an in-pool leaf extractor thingy. I pressure cleaned the stuck filter and that seemed to do the trick for longer. Any other thoughts?

  7. My Baracuda is not climbing up an incline like it used to. The diaphragm was just replaced, no leaks from hoses and suction seems good. I replaced two long pieces in it with no improvement and skirt looks OK. Could it be the foot flange? The unit is about 8 years old and pretty much everything else has been replaced. Thanks

  8. We have a new zodiac barracuda G3 cleaner. It works for a bit when we first put it in and then stops. Checked and no debris is lodged inside. We are think it’s not getting enough suction pressure. We have two filter baskets. Do we need to close the filter we don’t have the cleaner on? Maybe this is a dumb question… I’m definitely ignorant when it comes to pool care.

  9. We did all your tests and troubleshooting and still no movement on the vacuum…any other suggestions? Thank you for the video though, was very helpful

  10. Never mind. I think the diaphragm wasnt set all the way in. So thank you!!! Your video helped immensely

  11. The problem with mine was the part that goes into the skimmer. The flap wasn’t staying shut. So I took off the spring mechanism and just used jb weld to close the flap permanently

  12. Or if, as in our case, the pool cleaner would hardly move because the bladder was stretched out (no holes or tears) from a crawfish who got in the pool the night before after a big rain, requires replacing the bladder

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