Why Exercise Improves Productivity

Hello and welcome to another episode of
my Productivity Mastery series. My name is Carl Pullein, and this week I want to
talk to you about the benefits of exercise on your productivity. Now most
of you who follow this channel you saw my before and after images that I shared
on both my blog and my Instagram account. and actually in this series. That was
because my last decade, the decade between 2010 and 2019 was a decade
called health for me. And I really did focus on that. But one of the additional
benefits that I didn’t share with you that I discovered was that the boost to
my productivity once I started to get fit was incredible. I found that I was
able to to concentrate for longer, my my ability to stay on task was just
started to increase and I didn’t really understand where it was coming from. But
then I realised that as I was beginning to improve my fitness levels, as I was
exercising more regularly, what was happening was I was finding that my
stamina was going up and that’s the key here.
The stamina isn’t just a physical stamina that improves with your exercise.
What happens is as you exercise, blood and oxygen and nutrients and everything
is being pumped around your body at such a much better rate that you’re
getting more oxygen to your brain and that is what helps to improve your
creativity, your focus, your concentration And that’s where it really helps to
boost your productivity. Now before we go any further, I have a quick message from
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building good positive habits. Hello and welcome back to this episode. Now I want
to take you into something else that I learned about exercise and the effects
it has on productivity. The biggest one for me was the change in mood. Now what I
mean by that is, exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream and
endorphin, if you like, is the happy emotion. It’s what makes us feel happy.
It’s the pleasure… it’s the pleasure hormone. It just really
helps us to feel good about ourselves. And that’s what exercise releases. It
releases all these endorphins and though what happens then is your mood lifts.
When your mood lifts you’re in a happier state of course. And it’s much much
better to be doing work when you’re in a happy state. How much work do
you get done when you’re feeling gloomy and grumpy? Probably not very much. But
when you’re happy, when you’ve got all those endorphins pumping around your
bloodstream amazing things can happen to your productivity. You just have more
energy and that’s another part of reasons why you should be exercising. It
does give you more energy. Your whole cardiovascular system, that’s
your heart and lungs working together, starts to get stronger starts to become
more efficient. And that really does help to lift your energy levels throughout
the day. So how do you build exercise into your daily
life? Well one of the problems that I think a lot of people have is those of
you who resist exercising, those of you who say I hate exercise. A lot of that,
I’ve discovered, comes from experiences we had when we were at school. So we
start to think of exercise as going to the gym and having to climb a rope or go
into the gym and doing 50 push-ups or going to the gym and running around and
just feeling really exhausted. But no, that is not what exercise means. Exercise
could be something as simple as doing a 20 to 30 minute walk 5 to 6 times a week.
That’s it. Now, essentially exercise really means… to really get the benefit from exercise what you need to do is to lift your
heart rate a little and get yourself a little bit out of breath. If you can do
that, that is exercise. To me what exercise really means is movement. We are designed to move. If you look at the human body, our legs are very strong. Why? Because we were designed to move. We were never designed to sit at a desk all day,
or to sit on a sofa. So the key to exercise is movement. It doesn’t have to
mean that you go out and run for an hour every night, you know? If you’re not into
running then don’t do running. There are a multitude of different types of exercise
you can do. The best one to start with is walking and just get out there. But just
lift your heart rate, go find a hill that you can walk up. Really get that
heart rate lifted so that you’re building your stamina and building your
strength. And then you very quickly will start to find that your productivity
starts to increase, massively. One quick tip before we do finish this week and
that is if you can, if you do work in an office and you are sat at a desk all day,
one of the best things you could do for your own energy levels is after you’ve
had your lunch, just go out for a 20 minute walk. Get some movement and get
outside. Enjoy some sunshine. Get some of that vitamin D into your system. It
really will boost your productivity in the afternoon.
The reason for boosting your productivity is that when your
productivity goes up, you don’t have to take work home with you. So when you
finish work you finish work. You can then go home and enjoy the rest of the day. Okay, well thank you very much for watching this episode. I’d also like to
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  1. Don't forget to join Skillshare for two months FREE premium membership. Just think about the amount of learning you could do in two months. You list link today: https://skl.sh/carlpullein2

  2. So true CP. Now into my second year of retirement. At first slowing down was great and welcomed. Now I'm noticing health going into a negative direction. Need to get going again.

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