When GUYS try hard too hard to impress WOMEN at the GYM!

You can do it man, come on. Just one more. You got this. You got this. Come on. Come on. Come on. What are you staring at? Come on you got this. Uh, One-Hundred! Damn, man, that was good. But last week you did 150! What’s going on? Yeah, it’s because I haven’t had breakfast yet. Ah, that makes sense. Makes sense. I’m fast. They’re looking. Did they buy it? Yeah, they’re looking at you. I hope so. Your foot needs like oil or something. I know. I thought after the surgery on my foot I’d be more like the terminator. You know, because the metal. but instead I’m more like the.. WOOH! I can’t believe the Olympics didn’t let you in because you’re too fast. I know, man. I got disqualified for breaking all the records. I kept making Usain Bolt cry. Come on! I remember. Are they looking?- Dude, I don’t know what’s going on. I used to be able to do these. How many are you at now? I think this is three. Alright, Two Hundred Ninety Nine! Three-Hundred! Perfect form, just like I taught you. Whoa, you guys really shouldn’t over exert yourselves. You can get hurt pretty badly. Oh, yeah. Maybe he was. Hey dude, you got some blood. No I wasn’t. I mean, it’s totally fine if you want to go ham. I would suggest having a protein shake after just to refuel your body. Pfft, what are you the protein shakes salesman. Well I’m actually the manager at the Movita Juice bar. It’s right accross the street. Please excuse my friend, he’s new to the gym life. I love Movita. Best smoothies in town. Really, thank you. That’s sweet of you to say. Well listen, I have to go because my shift starts soon. But next time you guys come in, I’ll hook you guys up. Nice of you, thanks Alright, well you guys take care, Bye. Bye. Bye Best smoothies in town? Really? To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve never been there. But if she’s making them, I don’t care what they taste like. We should go, it’s right accross the street. Alright, I’m down, dude. Let’s just change and shower. We smell live armpits and vegan farts. It smells like a brocolli farted. Dude, you were going way too ham. I know, but I just came back from the doctors and he’s like, Hey, Fatty. Hey, Lardy McFly. Hey, Fat Damon. Leonardo DeCap-A-Rolls. or if you don’t lose 20 pounds you’re gonna die before you’re Thirty. It’s exactly how he said it. Geeze, you’re doctor is messed up. Kinda reminds me of my doctor. He told me, ‘Hey, Skeleton boy! You have the body of a dying 78 year old woman. You better gain 20 pounds or you’re gonna be dead before your 35th birthday.’ Wow, that’s harsh. Messed up. What, we have the same doctor? No way bro? 1. 2. .. DR. MARTINEZ IN TIJUANA!!! What?! Dude! He’s direct, but he’s really good. Dude, he’s amazing. He took my tias diabeties into remission. I go with her everytime she goes for 2 for 1 tuesdays. Hey guys. I didn’t even know they had 2 for 1 tuesdays! Yeah, dude so cheap there. I think you might like this. Cool hat. Oh, thanks. This old thing? I got it from coming here so often. I actually know Mr. Movita. Hide the tag. I actually never seen you guys at the gym or here before. Oh, yeah. It’s because we just started going again. We used to go alot. but recently we were like Oh, let’s go back again. ..because we’re so good at it. Our doctor said if we don’t shape up, we’re gonna die. That’s pretty much why we’re there. Oof, that sounds like my doctor. What. Doctor Martinez? Wait, YES! That’s how I got these! No. 2 for 1 Tuesdays. Whoa! No Way! That’s a good doctor. Amazing doctor. Can I say? You look great. Your significant other must be like really happy. Yeah, he is, but I have this twin sister and she’s like super jelous. There is a god. Actually, you kind of remind me of her ex boyfriend. No way, let me see that. Oh my god, he looks just like me. Dude that means, I have a chance! Yeah. You think you can introduce her to me? I mean like I said she just got out of a serious relationship. I doubt she’s gonna want to hop back in.. So she’s gonna need time. Right. Well, yeah. That’s actually perfect for me. ..because I also need time to get in shape! ..and not hate myself. You GO girl! You know what, it was a pleasure meeting you future sister in law. and uh, I gotta go to the gym, you know. I gotta get ready for my future wife. See ya. He’s not like serious is he? He’s totally serious. Let me go get him before he has a heart attack. Thank you for the free stuff. I’m pretty sure you’re going to see us around more. Okay, cool. Take care. Bye. Bye! Can I just see that picture one more time. Captions by Extra Chile Media

15 thoughts on “When GUYS try hard too hard to impress WOMEN at the GYM!

  1. Like we say in Puerto Rico Esas primas estan duras. Love your vids and start to miss you on when your gone for a while.

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