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hey guys we are in beautiful costa rice right now in puerto viejo which is the Caribbean side of costa rica and were living in a tree house and we wanted to talk to you about something thats been highly requested so this is our what we eat in a day blog were in costa rica so being vegans and travelling it actually becomes a little more exciting cause you have to really figure out what is available and whats also still nourishing we want to stay healthy while we travel and eat good nutritious food ok so breakfast so juliana always finds oatmeal its my favourite way to start the day its a great hot cereal i love cooking it with water or a little bit of almond milk and i love topping it with some bananas i love topping with some bananas and other fruits as well barries papayas mangos that are around costa rica i love to finish my oatmeal with maple syrup or agave syurp or a little bot coconut oil to give that little bit of sweeteness and then mark who surfs a lot likes to start with something a little more haveir whole grain sprouted bread the healthiest bread you should be eating toast it up and its real simple take an avocado mash the crap out of it add some almond milk soy milk even some olive oil wold work a little bit of lime then i dice up this tomato put it on top i love to add a little bit of balsamic vininger just the tiniest little bit to give it that extra kick dash of taste to start your day thats breakfast alright so for snacks I’m the person that likes to snack through out my whole day i snack on fruit ill snack on hummus crackers now tropical fruits oooh coconut tropical fruit is awesome especially in costa rice it is quite high in sugar so sometimes i like to you know keep a moderation with the amount that i eat and eat a little bit more berries so i usually go surfing in the morning and when i get back my body is just dying and starving we bring out magic bullet we actually did a blog about it a long time ago about how this is out staple travel necessity it is a piece of crap we’ve gone through 3 of them but at least it fits in our suitcase just find a travel blender something that can fit into your suitcase and its perfect cause anywhere u go you can bring one of these this is a vega one protein powder something that mark and i actually really love, vega one is amazing amazing brand of plant based proteins and protein bars this is really good to hit your body mid day with like lets see 30 g of protein and this is vanilla flavoured which is wicked because then you take the almond milk some ice banana a little bit of coffee add this wicked flavour vanilla type of protein so its almost like you’re having a really healthy version of a frappucino for snacks amazing and it kind of gives you that kick right before lunch keep your energy up so theres our snack its really good actually alright so one of our favourite things to cook for lunch in costa rica are tacos or fajitas and at home but today we were really stocked when we went to the little super we found TVP which is amazing ingredient its not the best for you its just like fake meat products those products are very yummy very tasty but in moderation you don’t want to eat it every single day fake meat was actually something that helped me tremedosly because it tastes like meat and feels like meat so when you first start to cut it out your body is like omg how am i gonna eat we are a culture that since we were like able to chew they just keep shoving meat down our throats so of course were so used to it and we can’t imagine life without it when you’re thinking about vegetarian or veganism thats how i did to when i first when vegetarian i started implementing more tofus more fake meats it kind of helped me transition at home theres like yves and theres like tofurky natures first but then the next thing is then you can start winding them out and all of a sudden you get a really healthy green plant based diet but tvp is great because literally you just add water to it this little dry stuff expands will expand and actually taste and feels like ground beef you put a little bit of cumin in it i put a little bit of cayenne pepper usually about for a cup of this stuff…half a jar of salda and it basically turns it into exactly what you buy in those el paso packages so that gives you your protein for it so with olive oil ill strifry some mushrooms peppers zuchinni tomato and then i mash my avocado that was from breakfast and it makes nice little avocado slices or guacamole and then if you have it you add refried beans but you can also do black beans you don’t have to have them refried you can add any other ingredient of plant based ingredients that you love to eat cause lagumes ar every good for you theres high in protein some thing that we actually like to include every single meal that e eat as it is a plant based protein and its wicked to experiment with different ones especially in tacos cause honestly tacos you can throw anything in there so the last thing is after we make the strifry all of that goodness we like to use these whole what wraps to make our fajitas or tacos now i for myself usually sometimes omg mark loves it cause it says bimbo on the pack he can’t stop making jokes about it for me for example if I’m doing a big shoot and i don’t want to eat too much bread i like to switch the whole wheat wraps for a lettuce wrap so ill take a bit leaf of lettuce ill put all the ingredients in there wrap it up and eat it just like a burrito don’t be afraid of bread not bread is not something we should all be afraid of white bread white bleached flour all of that is not good for you its just empty calories all you need to know is less ingredients is better bread was like a friend of mine was telling me that originally bread was made with 3 ingridients and now its like all this crap and it sprocessed some really good documentaries on netflix i hear about that but if you were to eat bread whole wheat sprouted grain is awesome everything in moderation its ok to eat a fajita a snadwich bread with your dinner once in a while but of course don’t eat it every single day thats lunch so dinner time one of our most favourite things to eat is a rice bowl with stir fried veggies and beans now we like to use brown rice brown rice is amazing wild rice is great as well then we stirfry locally grown green beans beans are amazing we found some corn whole black beans another plant based protein and some garbanzos which is chickpeas again i don’t like to add too much of cans use either black beans or chicpeas and with that honestly be creative i love adding as many veggies as possible i love cooking with onions zuchinni carrots chopping up garlic sometimes even some cabbage in there is good cabbage fries really well again i can’t tell you what to add because i want you guys to be creative with any veggies that are out there if theres one thing we learned when we went vegan together was that its really exciting to cook we cook a lot together and then as the longer you do it you’ll start to love those kinds of food because your taste pallet changes over time and you start to crave nutritious healthy food so if you guys just give it a try try experimenting with your foods try cutting down less meat and adding the fake meat if you’re in that stage of your life its a good transition or start adding plant based proteins like chickpeas, beans, lentils which we havens found actually here yet we still havents found lentils but anyways any of those ingredients are awesome and have fun with it i will include a lot of the recipes below in the descriptions read down there cooking instructions for what we cooked and a couple of brands that I would like you guys to try of example top i found you can buy it on amazong which is pretty awesome so ill include the link where u guys can order ship it why don’t you give us some suggestions as well what doe eat vegan when you are travelling cause we would love to try some new things as well lets have fun with this and lets experiment with it lets all contribute to a healthy way of living and saving the planet all of this food is making me so hungry and with that were out bye guys

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  1. Peace, guys. What's wrong with tvp, though? It's zero sodium, zero fat. NutritionFacts says no more than 5 servings of soy per day is safe.

  2. this is great! love how simple these recipes are and allow creativity 🙂 but on a side note here, i live in the states and REALLY loved the addage at 4:33 😹 — your humor is super appreciated 👏👏👏

  3. Seriously no non-vegetarian food? What about eggs, chicken, fish? I couldn't survive…..But the two of you…way to go.

  4. i live on a farm and the meat we eat is humane, chemical free, and we love the animals. we are human. i love plant based. everything in moderation. i do not support American meat industry.

  5. It's too bad you heat/cook the nutrients right out of the food you eat. You seem to be about moderate, moderate gets you moderate results. you use a lot of canned, and packaged/processed food. Monsanto loves you…

  6. hi there!!I really love you style of life…and your channel of course!!you bouth are an inspiration for people like me!I also I wanted to say,whay don't you tray and buy veggies without package(like cans)it will be much healthier for you…and for the environment!!!with love and respect!

  7. question you live in a street house. do you ever thing of snakes or poison snake coming into your house or at night were you guys sleep?

  8. If you guys liked this video we have a recipe book with vegan nutrition info and advice on our web store. Its available on its own or as part of our 10 day Yoga/Fitness/Meditation program.. Thank you all for being here with us on this journey!
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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  9. Thank you guys for everything! I'm following you since not very long but you have already inspired me so much. I send you a lot of kisses and a big hug from Madrid! Take care and keep doing like that.

  10. I eat like 800 calories a day and i've only lost like 6-8 pounds in 3 months… (and its healthy food, but i do have a cheat day once a week)
    Idk if i should increase my calories or not because I remember trying 1200 and I gained weight.
    I used to eat 1600 and gained weight despite not growing (which is why I started my diet)
    I seriously don't know what to do.

  11. Hey Boho Beautiful! I was wondering if you only use yoga to workout? I am struggling with losing weight and I workout six days a week and I am trying to find balance.

  12. love u so much guys , ur tips , advises and the vibes coming from ur journey its AMAZING , thanks for sharing with us, xoxo

  13. Costa Rica looks beautiful, definitely on our list now!
    We first tried open faced sandwiches in Copenhagen and i think they are great.
    Being a vegan traveller myself this was really useful as I'm always trying to find new foods to enjoy.
    Very inspiring video and such a beautiful home!
    I look forward to seeing more of your content!

  14. You guys seem like smart Vegan people, and I need an alternative to pork, I could just Google it but you guys are more experienced and I really need an alternative

  15. Thank you for being awesome! you guys are really an inspiration to me. your videos encourage me to keep on trying harder to stay meat free. I managed not to eat meat for a month now and it's getting easier.but some days are still tough. but I think I can do it. please keep doing what you do. you're making this world a better place ❤

  16. ok, honest question: how do you live vegan and still have those beautiful breasts? Every vegan girl I know has lost those… oh wait, natural? prob not

  17. Thank you so much for this video ! I am slowly transitioning with fake meat and TVP. BTW, I live in Florida ( although I'm Canadian 😉 ) , and found TVP at Nutrition Smart ! You both are a true inspiration. I love everything you do. Keep it up xx

  18. Could you post a link to this tree house? I would love to rent this for a time! Also….I love this video and all of the recipes!

  19. Hi guys… thank you for your amazing inspirational videos … My husband and I have been being vegan for over a year, and we went to Singapur and couldn't find any healthy/vegan place to had our breakfast, so he had to buy a papaya but we didn't have a knife, so we ended up in mc donald's buying a black coffee and asking for a knife and literally eat our papaya on their tables, hahahaha was the best we could do… everything is about being creative….

  20. You are both so beautiful. I am loving your engaging energy & vids. Great editing and flow. Of course, the content is awesome. I travel with my magic bullet too 🙂 I love creating vegan hot choc with cayenne, turmeric, green cardamom and nutmeg on any cooler evening, wherever I am :-))) Also, if you like mushrooms….just discovered how amazing and 'meaty' & quick and easy to make, sliced oyster mushrooms in avocado oil, with a little soy sauce and chopped garlic simmered in are xx Love from here to there.

  21. I’m kind of like a mix of vegan and vegetarian, like I don’t eat any kind of meat, sea food, milk and very little eggs and a cheese

  22. These recipes look really good but I'm a little surprised that you guys eat so much stuff from cans and don't make your own nut milk. Coconut and rice are so easy and cheap. You don't even need to cook the (brown) rice.

  23. Thank you for the videos. I 'm looking into change my diet and so lucky to find you guys. I'm going to try your meals. Thank you so much I love it!!!

  24. I love watching your guys videos.You both are a huge inspiration. I am also from Toronto myself, but even worse than that Oshawa. But I am trying to create a beautiful life for myself and hopefully on my way to veganism. Thank you for your wonderful videos <3 You guys are beautiful

  25. I was wondering… How many calories you recon you eat in a day, on average? The portions you showed here look quite small. You think you're normally under 1200cal a day?

  26. You guys are so cool and seem really down to earth 🙂 Thanks for sharing some great, simple to make meal ideas <3

  27. For tacos you can make your 'meat' with walnuts. Look up raw vegan recipes fr taco meat. Better than the soy in that textured vegetable. Soy is bad fr thyroid. Not to mention most soy is genetically modified these days. But maybe not in Costa Rica. Be blessed!.

  28. About to go to Costa Rica… did you guys take the protein powder on the plan or get it shipped there? I use Vega one daily, and magic bullet…was so bummed to leave it at home!Thanks for your video!

  29. I have been obsessed with your videos since I first found you two. Follow your Pilates workout videos everyday

  30. Did you really just say fruit is… high in sugar???? Fruit????
    Please don't get natural sugars and refined sugars mixed up. Fruit is what Mother Earth provides for us, it's not bad for us.

  31. Wonderful video! My husband and I are vegan. One of our favorite things is stir fry using our own veggie stock made from our morning smoothie veggie clippings or any cooking clippings. Onion skins and all. We collect them in the freezer and then —In the crock pot, very easy. Then we freeze the stock. (Good for 3 months) Buttttt when we go camping! (Festivals) The frozen blocks of stock work as ice and making cooking over fire tasty and expansive! Soup and stir fry while camping?? Yes please . Xoxoxo 💚💚

  32. Love your blog and all your videos 🙂 Can you help me out with finding TVP in Belgium? Or site that you can ship to Europe? xxx

  33. Great video! I loved that you include a protein source with each meal & that you wrote out the recipes below 🙂

  34. So true..i 'unveganisez' because my bf is a meat eater..now I have to switch back for my health because it is true when you eat animal product you crave: salt, fat sugar all kinds of nasty foods. Never had these when i was plant based, craved broccoli and such!! Now i have to turn the bf at least vegetarian lol 😉

  35. I love watching you guys, so simple and you guys are so cute and very in sync❤️
    I really want to become vegetarian and then vegan 🌱
    Love you guys 😍❤️😘

  36. omg, that's a lot of fast food there..have you ever bought fresh raw cheekpeas, beans, green beans, lentils and cook it yourself or making your own pancake and wraps..the freshness and taste does not compare..everything appears from dreadful single use plastic bags or cans in your food…and those synthetic veggie protein shit that you substitute meat with, totaly against that kind of stuff…might as well eat some really lean meat then. seems like we eat so much better where I come from 🙂 vegan, vegetarian or not, you name it.

  37. those tahini rolls took me forever. lol yall are so good at it! i love the smoothie by the way, my favorite!

  38. I was there in January 2005 and also visited Puerto Viejo, but it was pretty rainy. It looks a lot like the place I stayed at. i liked the Pacific side and the Interior forest area more. I want to go back.

  39. You guys are amazing as couple as well as human being with healthy mind and soul. I am so proud that I was able to find someone like you. Videos are excellent, all the suggestions what to avoid or to be careful with. You are the perfect example. Thank you!

  40. i have another recipe for the "fake meat" .
    Add spices (cumin indeed 🙂 paprika and lots of pepper ),
    then put the whole thingin the water ,add tamari sauce (it is a kind of soy sauce ) . Let them soften.

    Cut a LOOOOT of oignon, make them fried until they get golden, then add the fake meat with a lil bit of the water and let it cook for 10 min .
    The soy sauce, the oignon and the pepper really add a nice taste 🙂

  41. = 😮 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) = !

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