have you ever wonder ways to eat pre and
post-workout stay tuned for the answer what’s up everybody Brian Felix here
your source mesomorph body better routines and tips and today I’m bringing
guys another video another banger I’m answer you guys questions right so
most of you guys asked me Brian what can I eat pre and post-workout right and the
answers are that simple you know I always say things are so because they
are to me but they’re not mine they might not be to you guys so I need to
understand that anyways pre-workout right what are you looking to go to the
gym you want to eat one to two hours before you go to the gym right and this
is what you want to get your carbs in you could choose to eat some protein you
know whatever it is that you wanted to eat but what I recommend you with what I
recommend you guys do is that you eat some high glycemic carbs right what that
essentially is is just foods with a high glycemic right you can look this up on
Google and find out what foods that you like you know I’ll lift it right here
high glycemic and you can just look up the foods the carbs that benefit you
that you like you know so you wanna make sure that you’re enjoying it so some
example of high glycemic carbs are simply like pretzels french fries are
bagels which is what I recommend you know I always eat a bagel before I go to
the gym one to two hours before and what else can I say potato potatoes mashed
potatoes baked potatoes there’s a ton there’s tons and tons of foods you know
I don’t know all of them from the top of my head but I know a few and that did
just mention them so if you guys are like what is high glycemic what foods
aren’t high glycemic you know well to answer your question high glycemic means
basically that if you take a high glycemic um carb along with a free form
of amino acids which is essentially like glutamine creatine something that’s free
form you know free form of amino acids it’s beneficial to you because you’re
optimized and it’s proven by science you know it’s proven my son
not my brand Felice it’s pulled by science that you are most likely going
to make more games and build more muscle if you do this right if you take a high
glycemic carbs like a bagel Cheerios mashed potatoes baked potatoes french
fries anything like that before you work out one two hours before your workout
you are proven by scientists I’m telling us by scientists not about Brian Felix
scientists have proven that you are most likely to build more muscle in the gym
right so this is why I recommend you eat a high glycemic carbs you know don’t
just look at cars just because their carbs right there’s different types of
carbs right so high glycemic is way should be in which it was what you
should be looking to eat before your workout and not like I mentioned one to
twelve before your workout you know don’t take it 30 minutes before take it
one to two hours before so your body digests it and you are most likely going
to build more muscle right so this is an example of a pre-workout meal that I
would take so it would look like stiff it would look something like this
so I’ll take a bagel right a plain bagel you could you couldn’t be fancy with it
who gives a damn you know it’s a bagel but a plain bagel I usually ask
sometimes some kind of cheese some kind of cheese on it whether it’s cream
cheese cottage cheese whatever it is just some type of flavor to it you know
I don’t want to just eat a plenty of bagel because that’s no fun you know
so are you – bagel boom eat a bagel and then I’ll take a free form of amino
acids right which is essentially like a glutamine right and I think I have a
glutamine here let me show you guys think I have a glutamine here that I can
show you guys so you can either choose to take a glutamine which is this right
here glutamine right here or you can choose
to take a creatine right along with your pre-workout bill so you could choose to
eat your pre-workout meal with either creatine or a grooming I’ll have those
two products linked down below if you do want to check them up because they’re
fairly cheap really cheap they’re on the like 25 20 bucks there under that so if
you can’t afford that then you’re not saying but you’re not serious
about your games you know I need an investor yourself but that’s what I
recommend for a pre-workout you know that’s my pre-workout meal bagel along
with some blue meters of creatine one to twelve to four and then thirty minutes
before or maybe even like 45 days before my workout I’ll go ahead and take my
pre-workout so that’s what I take as my pre-workout meal so now we’re gonna go
into the post-workout meal right alright so post-workout meal right it’s as
simple as the pre-workout meal right except by this time you already sweating
you’re anything like got out the gym you’re feeling good you got a good pump
you got a good arm pump you know and by this time you should be eating some kind
of carbs right you want to feed your body carbs and also feed you some
protein right so what I recommend you do is simply just take a protein shake
hours to two hours after the workout don’t take it immediately because I
don’t know this there’s no anabolic wouldn’t know like that people say there
there is you know like there’s proven or sign whatever you know or just pruning
you know people saying that you need to take your pre-workout I mean your poke
your protein shake thirty minutes to an hour after and that doesn’t really you
know apply you know that doesn’t apply the real honesty answer is that you can
have 48 hours right three hours to be able to consume your protein your carbs
so you’re good you’re good don’t stress it out because I used to be that way I
used to run all the way home like I need to go home and they get my protein in
and that doesn’t matter and I learned that over time so some things you keep
post-workout would be like eggs lean beef avocados and what I always do is I
just eat some rice with some beans and some chicken and thanks to my art cuz
she cooks that for me but that’s what I always eat some chicken rice beans and
you could have acardo’s eggs lean beef you know whatever it is that you like
you know do your research study a little bit and you’ll make gains you know have
a protein shake post-workout meal whatever it is that you like I have a
list down below I put a list ebook or not an e-book a PDF down below
where you can download like my meal plan and some list of foods and some list of
snacks they can download it’s totally free just to give you guys some insight
some some more examples you know I have a link down below so if you want to
check that out so this is gonna conclude the video I
hope you guys found some value found some knowledge in this hope I taught you
something today cuz that’s the ultimate goal so thank you guys for watching this
video I do appreciate it see you guys in the next video ohhh
100,000 oh my head is disrespect so offended that I had to double check

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