What to Eat before & after a Run | Running

You want to go for a run, but you don’t want
to go for a run on an empty stomach. There are a couple snacks you can have about
an hour-two hours before your run, so you don’t have too much food in your stomach,
but you don’t have to start your run famished. A couple of hours before your run, maybe you
can have a couple of waffles with some peanut butter, maybe a yogurt. How about some carrots with some cheese or
maybe a banana with some peanut butter. But try have these solid foods about 60-90
minutes, two hours before your run, so you don’t have too much food in your system. That could also cause a cramp. During your run; if you’re running for about
45 minutes to an hour or longer; you do want to start take in calories so that you’re fueling
you run, so that you can go longer. There’s sport nutrition available today in
goo packets, maybe even chomps or gels. Visit your local running store and they can
help educate you on proper nutrition. After your run you want to make you’re getting
quality carbohydrates, and some lean protein to repair the damage that you’ve just done,
in the workout that you had. Maybe you can get some oatmeal with a little
bit of yogurt. Maybe you want to have some brown rice with
some lean fish, some tuna, some salmon. Maybe a bowl of cereal, a glass of chocolate
milk is a good option. But after your run, if you’ve had a long run,
you can have your big meal. But about two to three hours later, make sure
you’re going back to your daily intake. On the day of your long run make sure you
have a nice big meal, to replenish all the fuel that you just burned. But after that one meal, make sure you’re
going back to your regular-sized meal throughout the day, so that you’re not taking in more
calories than your body needs.

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  2. Wow..not bad for "HowCast.com". This is actually some very good advice. Usually they have amateurs giving some very bad advice on that site.

  3. I like to run 2 miles, eat a dozen krispy kreme's, then run 2 more miles. It gives me that extra pick-me-up to get me to the end.

  4. Just uploaded a nutrition video on my page. Been running for 6 years, just figured out my diet pretty well. Check it out!

  5. I could be wrong, but I would be unsure of the yogurt because the probiotics would make you have to poop.. Having to poop whilst running is not a fun experience. Everything else sounded pretty good

  6. so this is my school ever tuesday and thursday is P.E thursday is hockey and we have to run for idk how long but i always get a stch the first 2 minutes someone save me and help me understand WHY i am a fast runner and talker but when i run my breathing gets hard sometimes my friend drags me to lunch and i have to keep up csuse we have to run halfway around school to get to lunch whish tskes about 3 minutes but back to P.E can anyone help me with this i got no talent so maybe running is ma talent so i wanna find out also it will help me not come last in spirts day please someone help me.

  7. 2 to 3 shots of 40% liquor right before a run always helps me perform best. Irish Whiskey is preferable for bringing out the beast.

  8. I started running everyday about 4 weeks ago. About 2 hours prior to each run, i eat 1 Orange, 2 sandwishes with liverpatej (rich in iron) , a bowl of longmilk/sourmilk with fiberflakes and about 1 liter of water. Then i usually run 3-5 lapse which is around 6-11km. after running, or between lap 3-5 i eat a Banana, drink a Protein/carb drink and some water – keeps me going easily over 11km without increased breathing.
    The first 2 lapses are always the hardest, but after lap 3-4 i feel like i can run until i get bored pretty much.

  9. Chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie, its as good as a full meal for me and helps a ton

  10. do not eat anything before or after running if you are trying to decrease fat; either it will empty your glycogen storage or fuel your body from fat.

  11. I like to run before breakfast as I have carb loaded leading up to my long run. I then fuel as I am out there….

  12. hlw mam…can u please tell me what to eat before a morning run at 5a.m..?? i practise for 45 min ..

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