What Supplements Do I Take ??

whats up youtube so you guys asked me for a while to do this video about the supplements that i take and i’m going to include in this video the supplements that i recommend you guys to take for building muscle the first supplement is multivitamins alright so you probably know what a multivitamin is every time that I go to the gym and people tell me that they take this and this to build their muscle but they do not take multi-vitamin multivitamin is essential for your health and it can give you a lot of benefits it will help you digest and all that good stuff so I recommend everybody to take a multivitamin even to beginners take this for the rest of your life with your meals so yeah I just take 3 pills of optimum nutrition “Opti-Men” rearly good company it’s been up for a lot of years and I recommend you guys to take it so i recommend got to take it with supplements number two AKA fish oil AKA omega 3 we don’t really get a lot of it because it found in fish but we do get a lot of omega-6 and omega-6 is basically comes from oil or olive oil and all that stuff so we need that the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 will be equal but most people the ratio is 1:20 in every gram of omega-3 you have in your body you get 20 grams of omega 6 and its not good we need it to be equal so that’s why we take this supplement this supplement have a lot of benefits I don’t really know them all but I do know one benefit is really good that it’s lubricates your joints and prevent injuries but it has a lot of good benefits so take it with your multivitamin everyday and even for beginners yeah again this and this is for is for beginners also and for everybody basically for everybody everybody should take them every day with your meal so next supplement is vitamin d3 all right so this vitamin is come from the Sun the Sun is producing this vitamin but me personally don’t get to be the Sun a lot so I take this when I’m not in the Sun but when Im in the sun like 20 minutes in the sun I do not need to take it so yeah now with is the Summer I’m not gonna take it almost all summer so all right so supplements number four right so now the fun part is beginning all right so what is creatine? creatine is supplement that is naturally produced in our body and there is creatine in red meat I recommend you guys to take creatine not for beginners for a little bit more advanced to start taking creatine after like five six months into training this is a really good supplement it will help you lift more weight in the gym and from that it will help you get more muscle but it’s not going to help you gain muscle it’s not steroids it’s just going to help you lift a little bit more heavy in the gym and from that you can build more muscle because you’ll lift more heavy so yeah I do recommend this supplement this is one of the only supplements that I think that actually work worth the money because I saw results from it and i recommend it how do you take it just take 5g grams of it after your workout for the rest of you life 5 grams every day and on a rest day just take it whenever you want doesn’t matter in the morning, in the evening it doesn’t matter so you just open it take take one scoop of it which is five grams just put it in your mouth put a little bit of water shake it swallow it you don’t think about it just do it every day for the rest of your life and yes that’s really good so now you guys supplements number five which is pre workout so this is what you guys been waiting for this is the pre-workout so you guys probably know that i really like pre workouts but i do not recommend you guys to take pre workout if you’re beginner or if your workouts are really good with energy. let me tell you a little bit of story about how I started to take pre workout so I came home from school and I was all tired didn’t have energy to do anything so I went to the gym all tired without energy to lift weights just wanted that the workout will end and i had low energy i didn’t have power to lift my normal weights so I just wanted to finish my workout as soon as possible so one day I’ve been on the internet and i read about this pre workout that is really popular you guys been probably know it the pre workout is c4 wait just a sec maybe i have that yeah so here it is so I took it and it gave me a little bit of more energy but it wasn’t wasn’t enough for me I wanted to have like crazy amount of energy so I watched a little bit of bit of YouTube videos and I stumbled across this Pre workout and this is one of my favorite I highly highly recommend this pre workout for you if you’re looking into pre workouts um by the way I’m not sponsored I’m not getting paid to say it i just really like this pre workout um so i bought it i really liked it and i took one scoop of it and it was like crazy workout was so good all the music that I listened to was really insanely good and just I lift a lot of weight and my workout just was amazing so I didn’t want to go out of the gym I just wanted to continue working out and I really like this pre workout this is my favorite flavor which is blue raspberry I really like this flavor so how do i take it ? if I want my work out to be a little bit intense like with good energy and the music will sounds good and all that I just take one small scoop of ESP pre-workout and if I want to get a new PR like if I have LEG day or i want to hit a new PR i just take two scoops 2 small scoops I’ll never ever took three scoops or the big one the big scoop I i will try one day I don’t I don’t know when but I kinda afraid because it’s probably going to give me a heart attack or something but yeah so again I do not recommend this to people that have a good workout and and for beginners especially for beginners if youre a beginner don’t take it just wait don’t take any supplements except those two and maybe this one all right don’t take protein don’t take creatine don’t take anything. protein alright so protein what is whey protein so the first thing that people that go to the gym they think about buying a tub of whey protein because everybody do that they think that if they will take it they will turn into mr. olympia the day after which is not true because it will not build your muscles its NOT steroids it just helping you reach to the amount of protein that you need per day so why do I take whey protein um so basically why i take it and why I recommend it is because it’s convenient and you can take it anywhere you want shake it and drink it you don’t need to take like chicken breast or can of tuna and just eat it it smells its not convenient you just take a scoop of this and it’s the same just shake it and drink it it tastes good me personally I like this brand Gold standard by optimum nutrition I really like this company and Muscle Pharm combat protein powder the flavor of this protein is cookies and cream really good flavor really highly recommend this protein and this is strawberry banana I don’t like this flavor maybe you guys like it how do you take your protein I don’t see I don’t really see protein as a as a supplement to see it as a powdered food because for me it’s like a can of tuna or 100 grams of chicken breast which is approximately the same amount of protein which is 25 grams so I see it as a powdered food I just take it after right after my workout shake it with the creatine I take it with my creatine and yeah I take it almost every day so yeah thats basically it and the last one but not least almost forgot it ZMA alright so what in ZMA you’re asking this os actually vitamin b6 and zinc this is a really really good supplement because you take it before your sleep 30 minutes before you go to sleep and it will help you sleep better and it will help recover faster from your workout so highly recommend this and again not for beginners its for people that after like 4-5 months into their training and serious about it but you don’t actually need those supplements to build muscle if you don’t sleep, eat and train right all this supplements won’t going to help you so you need to sleep at least eight hours train really good really smart and stick to your diet after that you start to think about getting supplements that’s the only way that they will help you so yeah thank you guys for watching I know there’s a lot of people that are new to this channel and watching this youtube video right now and probably don’t know me but I really appreciate it if you can just click the subscribe button you won’t miss my videos and yeah so thank you guys for watching and catch you in the next video

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  1. I'm thinking about trying Creatine myself. I hate, that all these Supplements are kind of expensive though 🙁

  2. 1 first supplement 0:13
    2 second supplement 0:54
    3 third supplement 1:55
    4 fourth supplement 2:22
    5 fifth supplement 3:57
    6 sixth supplement 7:13
    7 seventh supplement 9:08

  3. As a Powerlifter, This was a awesome video for you to show and tell to all beginner's lifers out there to take Keep it up Brah

  4. bro you're putting out high quality and entertaining videos hope you get a lot more subs, much deserved. Keep up the good work

  5. You should informe people about the loading phases if you take creatin, also the best way is to take creatin for 3 months then paus for 1 month and do 3 months again due to the creatine effect wares of a bit if you take it all the time. Also remember that if you are on a cut you can choose to take creatin or not because it makes you look bloated. And last thing drink a lot of water if you are in a phase of creatin

  6. God damn this is actually you, we were fucking with Dylan on Noelles stream if you remember, broski u got a sub ??

  7. i dont really underatand… those guys always do transformation videos with NATURAL body titles and something like this. Bro its not really natural when you take 5-6 supplements or types of protein. Natural means just healthy food, not any types of other drugs or shits… :/

  8. אחלה ערוץ אחי!הבנתי שאתה מישראל,רציתי לשאול מאיפה אתה קונה את הesp?

  9. hello, i stumbled upon your channel and it happens to be that i love your content i think what your doing is really good. i have started a youtube channel and my first video will be up soon i would love you to end up watching it and giving me a feed back your amazing great work !!!

  10. gonna join the gym after 10 days bro ur videos give me motivation but I only use whey will it help me grow muscle and gain height?

  11. hey man, you really got potential but you need to improve allot of things if you really want to make this shit work man.things like ; presentation, overall knowledge, your english and your hairstyle. its kinda gay :/  . good luck

  12. man u need to take caffeine tablets, they ar the best before workout supplement youll get instant energy, take them before your workout and you'll have plenty of energy for your workout.

  13. u really shouldn't be taking all of that every day or even take that much in a week especially cause u r not even 18 yet even then it's still risky

  14. How many capsules of fish oil and opti men should I take, I'm not an athlete. Just a regular gym goer

  15. Hey man I had a quick question since I feel like you have a little more experience! So basically I weigh 179 lbs I'm trying to drop at least those 9 pounds and lose the last layer of belly fat I have to finally have my abs pop ! My micros are looking like 170-180 g protein, 170-200g of carbs and 70-90 g fats depending I switch around on fats and carbs ! Since I'm trying to lose weight i lean towards less carbs! But i wanted your suggestion do you think i should intake more carbs or keep it the way it is to see better results ??

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