Today I’m gonna be talking about what is
your weakest body part. Hello people and welcome to my channel if you are new to
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I’m gonna be doing a topic about what is your weakest body part right if you’re
like me and you’re into bodybuilding or fitness you probably have got one part
of your body that you hate and it’s a weakness or there’s not many people I
know or even the big pros and stars that they say that they are perfect if they
did the very vain and a very like naive because everybody has got a weak body
part even if they don’t think so somebody else can see off by a mile I’m
raising this topic book because obviously I’m going to be competing in
body power 2020 and next year and when I start cutting I’m gonna find out what is
my weakness and I’m this is going to be a tag so I’m going to name the tags at
the end of the video so please stay to the end because you might be you um
there’s two sorts of weakness what I’m talking about in this video
one is obviously visual and the other one is actually when you’re working out
when you just feel weak on that pipe when you feel weak on that point or you
feel like that body part is weak when you’re working out because you can’t
lift as much or except you’re in section so first of all I’m going to be talking
about the visual effect of body building because that
it’s really one of the main reasons that one many people work out it’s because
they want to look good alright they want to look in the mirror
or they’re want to lose weight and they want it go from one extreme to deal
there so their body confidence you know feel happy about though and you know
what that’s the best thing about fitness it seems to have disappeared about the
whole just wanted to look good and feeling good about itself but it seems
to be more about if you look look a certain image now that you basically are
not good enough which is wrong and I think everybody’s gonna look different
it doesn’t matter if you’re not as big as somebody you know you are much bigger
chest it’s not as big you know what as long as you’re good at what you can do
and if you’re happy with yourself it doesn’t matter what you look like and
that’s the main point well my weakness because I’m thinking
about boxing I’m going to body palette and going on compete on stage is what is
my weakness at the moment I don’t know what my weakness is because obviously
there’s a lot of me there’s a lot of fat on me you know when I did the cooked
last year which was like a mini court I wasn’t really down to stage you know so
you know right I wasn’t really down to that stage show quality you know a woman
on a stage on that because I you know I didn’t even see all the apps you know I
saw me they happens what I’ve got showing now but one weakness I did see
was my chest and I think when you’re looking at somebody I’m talking about as
a male the first things I look on a male what impress me is obviously arms arms
are always going to look good if you’ve got good arms they’re always a good I
think chest is another good one I mean if you
look at the example here of somebody whoo I think he’s got probably one of
the best bodies on YouTube and he’s not shredded you know because he’s always
about 15 bodies body percentage fat and he’s just meaty and it’s Mike first up
and he has got bigger breasts than some of my ex-girlfriends I mean if I could
get a chest like that it would be amazing you know but obviously you’ve
got to be realistic you know some people just will never ever get a chest like
that it takes years of working hard in the gym you know and obviously we don’t
know the backgrounds of these people you can be genetics it can be you know all
their helping hands but we don’t know some people are no they’re gonna tell
you the truth you know and that’s what you just gotta believe what they say and
but my weakness I he was chest last year and I’ve been working hard this year to
try and get that chest up I’ve been doing a lot of heavy compound movements
on my chest and it’s got stronger by far yeah it’s
the curvature at the bottom that I want most because I have been just watching a
local bodybuilding show obviously George Osborne which I’ve mentioned quite a lot
of times recently he’s just been competing in another show
yesterday and he came forth I was six and when you look at somebody when
they’re absolutely shredded you know there’s no there’s nothing to him
anymore you can see people’s weaknesses and
especially when you go to somebody Nexen he was obviously competing against the
person he came second to in last week’s show and George is amazing by far
shredded and really really you know conditioned well but when he’s competing
against all the people who are a bit bigger and got a bit more meat on him he
doesn’t look as good I don’t know if he’s in the wrong category to be fair
and that’s one thing I really want to make sure that I’m in the right category
you know I mean the weight category which I’m going to be like I have a
better chance I’m not going to be going somebody against bigger me and you can
see it on the pictures now of George and the person who came first and you can
see the difference it everybody can get conditioned well you know obviously you
can doesn’t matter how conditions you are I think sometimes I
think it’s more about size and obviously like Heiser said when I look at somebody
it’s arms chest and also back up see with their body building which I might
not go in he’s also legs because I don’t know yes more watch people like George
or that maybe more I might compete with the little panties
I don’t really want to go in with little panties but I am it’s growing on me so I
don’t know because I know my legs and not they’re good but they’re not good
enough to show off if you know I mean like that they’re more like athletes
legs you know like footballers legs mountain bikers legs because that’s what
I used to do and but I actually think my weakness still is chest because I don’t
know what I look like shredded it might all pop out hopefully
what my chest is now is basically kind of stained stained because I think well
I know my shoulders are gonna get shredded
I’ve got good I know I can see still see now like muscles and indentations and
you know the fibers come through when I’m working out I can see him my arms
you know when I have a little session on arms I you know the veins are popping
out and even people commenting on my arms as I
you know what you got some good arms on you my back is one of the places on I’m
also a bit worried about obviously it’s not the back itself I’ve got a good
middle part of the back I don’t know about the lower part because I’ll take
the lower part is one the last places will where all the fat goes off and it
would like it to be like really tape it you know like rubber the tape it down
maybe I’m judging myself on what I look like now because I feel like my lats are
small but also my waist is a 30 for the moment which I will probably hopefully
get down to a 30 that’s my goal to get down to the 30 race so then obviously my
lats will look a lot bigger it’s all visual you got to think about and but
probably my chest and my lats are my weakness I would say if I was going to
say and the other part I’m going to talk about like weakness is what part of my
body is weak in workouts every every part of my body want a workout on I feel
like it’s pretty pretty oh okay obviously you’ve got to think that some
muscles are smaller than others so you can all see no put on as much weight on
certain parts you buddy Orbis because they’re only little muscles so you’re
never gonna lift isn’t watching one part is another part they’re gonna fatigue a
lot quicker than other parts like but also some parts are so durable like abs
which are already little muscles but you can go and go and go and go and carry on
have short less and they will still carry on mmm but if I was going to say
weakness in body parts in work house I would say my shoulders fatigued quite
easy I don’t know if it’s because of my workouts because I’ll see do I do push
and laughter I’ve done my strong set our chests which I do a real
big chest accession I’m more tired so I’m going to do shoulders and then I go
back on me your shoulders and it’s it’s more lat
raises you know so doing that it fatigues me I’ve got a I’ve got a little
suit well a try set video coming out next week which if you are looking for
like a finishing move on your shoulders this truly is a killer he’s been on one
of my videos before but he’s really really good and it burns it makes your
shoulders kill and trust me I could him carry the bag after I put my shoulder
put my back on my shoulder and literally I was just like it’s one of them ones
where you can’t list yeah arms up after you know until your bodies recuperate um
so yeah I would say shoulders obviously my legs a week at the moment because my
ankle issue so I’m not doing legs as much and that’s probably why I’m
thinking of not doing like the bodybuilding like junior bodybuilding
where you a girl pants and stuff like that because my legs are really
underdeveloped compared to theirs and I don’t want to go to a show looking
stupid with chicken legs you know you know I’d rather become if I enjoy doing
the show next year maybe if I get my ankle sort out which I hopefully will
have looked at stuff which I’m going to start doing it tomorrow if like fixing
it there’s a little treatment I saw on YouTube from these like doctors I got
like 10 million viewers you know so they must be legit um and I’m going to try
that but I’m gonna finish it now with the people who I’m going to tag and I
want to know from these people because I know I’m going to type people that I
know watch my videos mainly all the way through and I want to
tag people who seriously are gonna tell the truth as well that’s why I’m taking
these people so the first one is Chris Homer think it’s Chris you always
comment on my videos and you’re always the first one I just I’m sure you just
live on YouTube you know but I want to hear from you and do a video of this on
yours which is quite interesting to do because obviously your workouts and in
your home jungle gym as I call it you know and you have you’ve eaten 5,000
calories and obviously you do not deadlifts at the moment and stuff like
that be quite interesting sis know how you what you feel about this topic
no boy I’ve got a dude gray wolf because great your con you’re going to be there
all the way with me you know I’m going to be your biggest fan on the day and
hopefully you’ll be my biggest fan and I want to know what your weakness is
especially because you’re going to be doing this show in is it is it is one
part of your body that you’re going to be like I’d really really need to get
the best out of before my show you know I know everybody needs the court in era
pinball is one part that you feel like you need to really really work on to the
best so you can look the best well body palette and the last person which I’m
going to do somebody who’s obviously mm-hmm not it going in a competition but
he lost his love he lost login’ he always answers questions if you tag lean
in and that’s Kevin um it was just challenges as well you know and he gives
his best and I want to see what he says as a person as obviously he’s a lot
older than me and I’ll glad to know like what is he what is his weakest weakest
part on his body when it works out you know
what he what what what part of him does he feel like he’s his weakest body part
yeah you know because all of us have weaknesses you know and it can be
anything you know it can be anything maybe it’s a I’ve got now a whole
selection of free people who are who once competing ones obviously doing a
home gym and obviously kevin has a bit o bit older bless him and obviously but
he’s he tells the truth and that’s why I picture all you free because you’ll give
honest answers you’ve got loyal phone fanbase who
people watch your stuff and relate to and that’s why I’ve tagged you free
because I know you all will do this and it’s interesting to find out what you
free say because you’ve all got different backgrounds obviously and it
makes other people who are thinking this like topic and thinking the same speak
about things that the that’s on the minds because obviously being body
conscious is a big part of life you know not just me
people who are older who just want to get it you know who who used to be
really agile fit but now that it’s all gone because they were older women who
look at magazines and want to have that figure and they get him you know get
surgery to look like that you know be I mean being body conscious
is probably one of the biggest topics I would say around and it’s been around
for a long time now and I don’t think it will go but I’m gonna leave it now and I
will see you tomorrow with another vlog of course and I’m pretty much enjoying
these in the moment I’m still going strong and hopefully I
will be getting some more tags in over the next week anyway I’ll see you again


  1. This is gonna be an interesting subject Jon don't you worry I'll be as honest as I can cause Sue won't let me be anything else haha MINT

  2. Hope you get your ankle issues worked out so you can hit those legs…For me my legs are my weakness…and dunlop desease (Spare tire around the middle)…LOL

  3. Definitely “other helping hands” with Mike. 100%. Good luck with the ankle. Then get some heavy squats in ya! Thanks for the tag.

  4. Awwwwww ok….Jon I got this on my Monday weigh-in video….very good tag by the way ! You know I'll be honest !!

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