What Is the Best Protein Supplement? | Health Supplements

In terms of the best protein supplement, the
term ‘best’, I mean, right away you have to understand there’s no ‘best’. It’s designed for ‘what are you gonna be taking
it for’. Is it pre or post work out? I mean pre I like a whey protein. Post workout I like a whey protein. Before bed a casein would probably be better
because it’s slower digesting protein. ‘BV’, biological value is just how they rate
proteins because not all proteins are created equal. Egg protein is at a hundred. Whey is at a hundred and four. And there are things that are just, beef and
chicken, everything is lower where, the other vegetable proteins are even lower. They just, how they rank it is by the amino
acid profile. You just don’t want to buy the cheapest one
because you have to understand that I guarantee in your life that there’s nothing you buy
the cheapest of. Not even toilet paper, no one buys the cheapest
toilet paper.

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