What is gym kardashian? A look at the buff kim kardashian twitter meme

Hello Internet! And Welcome to behind the meme! Today we have a look at gym kardashian! Oh my god! If you aren’t keeping up with the kardashians
you are missing out, Let me tell you! I mean of course we have kylie who just gave
birth to a beautiful baby girl named stormy with her baby daddy Travis scott or is it
tyga’s? Who knows! And then there’s khloe She’s pregnant. I think…or she just ate a big breakfast
I really can’t tell, But either way. OMG! Of course we can’t forget about kendall
Which is this one? no… it’s this one. She was dating that one basketball player
and he ended up divorcing his wife because he fell in love with kendall. I mean can you blame him?But Like wow. Talk about high intensity drama! And then there’s caitlyn. Snip snap snip snap snip snap, what’s going
on down there? I have to know And of course it’s impossible
to talk about the kardashians without mentioning kim! her and her baby daddy kanye are so happy
and in love it is insane. It’s totally #relationshipgoals. It’s Making me so jelly! “stop, stop, stop, Please stop!” Of course if you’re not a girl with bad
taste in television you hopefully have not been keeping up with the kardashians. But even if you have that’s cool too, no
judgement here. But to truly keep up with the kardashians
you must know about gym kardashian! No! I didn’t say kim. I said gym. And when I said gym. I mean gym. Not j-i-m but g-y-m. So what exactly does the gym where you pump
iron with all your bros to get swol as hell to impress that starbucks barista have in
common with the kardashians? Well, aside from catching some type of sickness
after you handle the equipment. Nothing! That is until This past week Say hello to Gym kardahsian. A photo shopped image of kim. I know…it’s confusing! It’s giving me that same feeling I got when
I learned tinky winky was a guy. I mean facially, gym kardashian is very feminine
and girly. Cause…well kim kardashian is a woman. At least 50 percent woman. The other 50 is plastic surgery! Har Har Har. But as far as the body goes It starts to get
a bit manly because Muscles are for men! And this chick, No discrimination. Gym kardashian made her…or his? oh God I don’t wanna use the wrong pronoun
in today’s day and age. uhhhh…. Gym kardahian made their way to the internet
in February of 2018. When the twitter user @jaypaulgeorge uploaded
the photoshopped image of kim kardashian to twitter along with a caption that informed
people he was about to hit the gym. He followed up that tweet with another that
ended up getting a lot of attention And when I say a lot, I mean over 70,000 retweets and
250,000 likes! Da-ham. Damn Since those initial tweets others have had
fun on twitter with the photo shopped pictures of gym kardashian. Adding their own captions to create a meme
and twitter trend that has spread far and wide. kinda like your mom! just kidding. I’m sorry that was mean. I take it back. I felt bad as soon as I said it. I’m sorry. But if celebrities and photoshopped images
of them to look hilarious is your thing. It would be unforgivable if I didn’t mention
fattyonce. No! I didn’t say beyonce. I said fattyonce. There’s a whole instagram profile that is
dedicated to altered pictures of beyonce that make her look fat. So if big girls is your thing. This account may be right up your alley. Hey they need love too! it’s at this point that one must begin to
wonder. What body disorder will be next?! Only time will tell. So there you have it! What started off as kim kardashian got altered
online to become gym kardashian and has become a meme and trend on twitter in the process. But hey! That’s the internet for you and on the internet
memes are king! Thank you all so very much for watching! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my
next video and stay up to date on all your favorite memes and trends! Much love and appreciation! I’ll catch you beautiful people next time!

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  1. Honestly, it's sad that BTM comment section is more toxic than it needs to be. And it's over some god damn internet jokes. Seriously people, grow up

  2. I am Chinese and I 've been watching this channel for over a year now, although youtube and stuff are totally forbidden in my country. I watch this to stay in touch with the outside world. I really don't understand why people hate you so much and like pewdiepie commenting on memes instead. Aren't you just trying you best sharing your knowledge about memes in your own way? Is it that I will never comprehend what happens to the internet outside my country?

  3. I haven’t seen this yet, but let me make some predictions. He’s not gonna talk about where it came from until over 1 minute in, he’s gonna make a joke about how attractive she is, he’s gonna say “you know….” followed by something off topic. Let’s see..

  4. I FINALLY figured out why so many people hate including me. It's your monotone voice. There is no emotion behind it, it's like your reading the script and that's about it. It's not homework for the teacher dude, it's a video make it lite harted. Jokes are kinda nice but aren't landing because you don't put any emotion into them. God damn just listening to you talk like that is making me cringe. Please spice it up a bit.

  5. We are the Kardashians
    We'll always fuck the day
    And if you think we can't we'll always fuck it up
    That's why the lovers of this world love believe in,
    Kim, and the rest of the gang. Yayy

    Me: WHYYY

  6. I feel sorry for Behind the meme. At the beginning it was a meme education channel but then normies came and ruined it all. I actually respect Behind the meme. But normies, Reeeeeeeeeeeee get the fuck out of memeology you incompetent cheetopuffs.


  8. I've noticed that most people who hate on this channel keep coming over and over again do you idiots subscribe to behind the meme to pick on him? Like dude I see the same people all the time hating on this dude. I really don't think he "kills" memes he just tells us information about it! Do you people not wanna learn things?!!? The internet was first invented for people to learn information not to hate on people!

  9. Omg i love this meme, I can't help laughing 😂 you should do some videos on some older memes mostly so I can be in on the joke.

  10. I keep seeing channel images of a guy with black hair in sunglasses and half of his face shadowed; can you please explain that one?

  11. 🅱️oi , you tought Tinky Winky was a guy? I use to get confuse by Po being a girl or a boy

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