What is Bulking? Will It Make You Gain Muscle?

So you want to get bigger and stronger and
you look online and find that everyone is recommending bulking to you. But what exactly
is bulking and how do you achieve it? The concept of bulking is pretty simple: just
eat more calories than you expend. Over time, given that the calories you’re consuming contains
sufficient protein and you’re training frequently, you’ll add on more muscle and consequently
add on more pounds. Let’s look at bulking as building a pyramid.
The pyramid will represent your muscle, and the builder will represents your training.
In order to have the builder build the pyramid, you’re going to have to give him bricks in
the form of protein. The more bricks you give him, the bigger he can build the pyramid.
Of course, you’re gonna have to pay him and also give him shelter, so you supply him with
enough incentives in the form of the macros carbs and fats. You can tell him to build
faster by training more frequently and intensely, but he’s going to only go so fast, so giving
him extra bricks doesn’t means he going to build you a pyramid any quicker. Of course,
pharaoh dude here doesn’t like the look of all these bricks lying around, so he ask other
dudes to take them away, break them down, and put them into storage. On top of this,
it’s also easier for the builder to place bricks at the beginning of the construction
and becomes increasingly harder the taller the pyramid becomes. Same goes for building
muscle, where it’s easier to put on muscle in the beginning but as you come closer to
your growth potential ceiling, the more difficult it is to put on new muscle.
So by the look of it, eating more will build you mass, but it’s only to a certain extent.
And that’s where a lot of bulkers make THE crucial mistake of not monitoring their calories.
They want to get as big as they can, but they overdo to a point where most of the food they
eat gets stored away as fat rather than used for building muscle. It’s widely believed
that perhaps your body only synthesizes about a quarter to at most a half a pound of muscle
per week, given you’re training effectively enough to illicit optimal muscle protein synthesis
and minus steroids. In caloric terms, you’re going to have to
eat above your maintenance calories, or TDEE, short for total daily energy expenditure.
At a half a pound of muscle per week, that’s roughly 250 calories above your TDEE per day.
Unfortunately, that’s not what many bulkers do. Heck, that number might be closer to 2500
rather than 250. And of course, that means fatty fatty.
So bulking does work, but it’s important to not overdo it. To be safe and give yourself
some cushion, consuming roughly 500 to 750 calories more than your TDEE should be just
about right to do the trick for bulking. And also make sure the “bulk” of the added calories
comes mainly from protein. This ensures that you are taking enough nutrients to reach maximal
muscle building potential as well as avoiding storing fat away.
But to be real, there’s still pretty much a guaranteed chance that you’ll store some
fat away, but it’s better than storing way too much fat away in a large, unmonitored
bulk. And on top of that, make sure you’re hitting the gym enough to justify the added
calories. Give it a shot and see how it goes! Ask more questions in the comments and don’t
forget to like and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

96 thoughts on “What is Bulking? Will It Make You Gain Muscle?

  1. Omg ? The way you put it is so amazing. I bulked all wrong, but still reached my goal of adding 20 lbs. I got tired of the gut and cut out carbs and now my stomach is flat. I want to do another 20 to be at 170, but I was thinking a lean bulk. Your pyramid thing was perfect ??

  2. What's best for muscle growth? Full-body workouts or isolation workouts and why? Is it just what you prefer or are there any science behind "the secret"?

  3. bulking will make you gain muscle if you lift while you bulk i've gone from 184 pounds scrawny around the end of october too 203.6 my last weigh in yesterday and i've gotten stronger and gained size on my chest; arms; thighs and calves as well as my waist lol i went from 41 inch chest; 16 inch arm; 22.5 inch mid thigh; 16.5 inch calf and 31.5 inch waist to 43 inch chest; 16.5 inch arm; 23.5 – 23.75 inch mid thigh; just under 17 inch calf (over 16.75 but not quite 17) and 33.5 – 33.75 inch waist and i've gained a bit of strength although mostly in my legs i usually gain upper body strength faster but i don't mind the change cause back in the day (4 to 6 years ago) legs where always my weakest point and i used to have chicken legs now there looking a bit thicker and it seems to transition too me making upper body gains easier and more often as well

  4. What you don't mention is that having a layer of fat while trying to gain muscle protects joints and articulations and enables you to lift bigger weights. This is the whole point of bulking after all.

  5. What would be the ideal macros ratio for bulking?

    Some says it would be 1-1.5g protein per BW pounds whereas some days 2

  6. Thank you for great information and great videos!! I added this video in my description box on my channel as one of the greatest examples on YouTube!!

  7. Guys help..I am really a skinny teen and i want to make a good looking body before summer starts…i am trying to eat more but i cant gain weight

  8. I have a question, say I'm starting a new plan whether it was a new diet or a workout plan. How long shall I wait before being able to judge the impact of my new plan?

  9. Very good analogy ☺️ although I don't agree that Protein should be the main macro for bulking, you just need a sufficient amount of around .8 to 1g / body lbs. for muscle recovery. Bulk of the macros should come from Carbs as this would be your main energy source for doing intense (heavy) training. Remember that training while bulking is more critical compared as to cutting. Compound movements while doing Progressive overloads with intensity should be prioritized to optimize muscle stress.

  10. Hey, I have a question. I'm 25, 178cm and 75kg. I'm not skinny and not muscular. I wanna look more bulky, but I'm afraid I might become overweight since I'm kind of at the threshold. What do you recommend?

  11. bulking is what I call when I eat a ton of shit like chocolates during some celebration but in the end I know I'm cheating lol

  12. I can't believe how good your videos are…seriously…these are some professional videos…my hat is off to you.

  13. Is there any studies that back up the 6 meals a day? Or how much water should a person drink to stay hydrated?

  14. I’m 15 got a good chest triceps and biceps but belly fat, I’m not so fat but I got muscles so I think I’m bulk too :)??

  15. I want to join football but it’s hard for me to gain weight , i don’t know how to track my calories to see if I’m going above or if I’m even close from passing the normal intake , do y’all got any tips ? Btw I got 3-4 months for season to start and I been stressing a little .

  16. Im 15 im very skinny like im just 45pounds should i take whey which has protein and fatts? Pleas answer

  17. I've only ever met one person that bulked successfully and didn't just become fat and he was damn near a physician. Other than that, everyone else I've known to bulk just became fat while thinking they are buff. 'You can't outrun a bad diet'.

  18. You know what, the calories you're counting are just a guide. Where u got the calories from; is really what matters. Eating enough and eating right is the key. Just because your typical bacon has a lot of protein, it doesn't make it a healthier choice. Leaner meat or even lesser meat. One should be knowledgeable of his health.

  19. This is the simplest and the shortest vid. to explain clean bulking and dirty bulking i already know this but i watched this vid. cuz i like to watch your videos

  20. at 0:20 you say that you have to eat more and at the pictures there's a whey protein. Isn't whey protein helping you for shreding because that's what I heard

  21. Since I'm not entering any body builder contests, I'll bulk properly but go at a moderate pace. This way, I can control what's going in my body. Hopefully it goes well by March.

  22. I'm recovering from being sick (before I knew I can't have gluten) and I had lost about 15lbs, and I was already vegetarian and on the lower end of normal weight. I noticed I was a lot weaker, but didn't know what to do. I went to see a doctor who helped my body heal itself from the attack of gluten, and showed me a recipe for how to make an all in one meal shake. Now that I'm in university, I don't have much time to make it, so I've been using a very good protein shake called The Doctor's Formua (since it has vitamins, probiotics, etc and tastes like chocolate milk) but I add some extra oil to make sure I meet my daily needs since I don't eat animal products. Personally, I love avocado oil since it's milder, and still has omega 3+6. It's been helping a lot, and I usually have one with breakfast, and one as a snack or lunch.

  23. I started healthy bulking, but i am scared i won't gain any muscle, but i will get fat again. I lost 15kg, so i want to build muscle now…

  24. 500-750??? thats way too much man, that will get you fatty fatty. like you said about .5 pound per week, standard wisdom is a 300 caloric surplus for a solid lean bulk, above that and the fat tends to pack on faster than you would like and you cant bulk for as long, before reaching an uncomfortable body fat %

  25. I ate 2400 for two weeks and did not see enough changes at the scale. Then I went to 2800, and now I gain .5 -.8 pounds a week.

  26. It depends on your body type and your lifestyle I'm 57 and will be competing next October when I leave the gym I'm not active because I'm retired so I've got my diet figured out to stand how to bulk up my body type is mesomorph has so I got it figured out pretty good I appreciate this article how it says to be careful not to store fat you have to be careful and what you listen to you have to know yourself in your lifestyle also

  27. I dont think i can "overdo" it and get fat, because im skinny as hell. 20 yo 54kg, i guess ill just start eating like some pig 3000kcal a day. I hate looking skinny lol

  28. I dont care about my look really i just want tp get big and strong i was bullied alot for being skinny i want to get big and strong.

  29. Its ok if i put a bit of fat while bulking? Can i get rid of it later and how does this affect my muscle gain?

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