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hi everyone hope you’re doing fabulous I
thought this week I would do a week in what I’m wearing so we’re starting off
on Monday it’s just started to snow outside I’ve got my braces in so let’s
get used to this for the week and I’m going to the Trafford Centre for a
Charlotte Tilbury facial so I don’t really have much makeup on my face as you can see because they’re going to be taking it all off and I just wanted to wear
something super comfortable so I’ve started with these amazing trousers
these are from Loavies and really interloop fitting comfy pants at the
moment and I’ve just wasted them with a Topshop 3 a leather belt that was the
steal think about 20 pounds and I’ve literally been wearing it with
everything at the moment I’ve got on my feet my Nike Air Force One feel super
comfortable and they kind of sit the best with these trousers in terms of
trainers now underneath I just have on a black short sleeve t-shirt this is pro
misguided and they’re actually one of my favorite places to shop basics at the
moment and I’ve just got to talk to him because I do get a hand and arm massage
with my facial because I was gonna wear a jumper but that would just be easy
easy access for the ladies my bag I’ve gone gray with my YSL sunset bag
this is the large size for anybody who was wondering and like this video and
leave handbag collection if you want me to film a handbag collection separately
then I have an amazing new leather coat that’s kindly been gifted from Miss
Selfridge oversize I love it i’ve got a UK 10 and it fits me perfectly so I
didn’t have to size up to go back oversize look that makes sense but I
will leave everything linked in the description box below as well as I will
let you guys know any items I’ve been gifted in case I forget to tell you when
I’m running you through everything put my back down I’ve obviously got on my
acne studios toronty scarf which goes everywhere with me
absolutely love this and I thought I could maybe wrap it around my head while
I run in to the Trafford Centre if I can’t get an indoor spot and then on my
head I have my acne beanie that I purchased with my Christmas money to
match my scarf I know it’s pretty pricey for a beanie it’s like
100 pounds but guys my scarf I wear it loads I’ve had so much wear out of it
already and obviously I walk Brodie every day and it’s been pretty damn cold
at the moment so this is Monday’s outfit I have actually cleared space in this
little room here so I can film in the mirror because I like the light here so
we’ll probably see each of my outfits in this mirror every day so I’ll catch up
with you on Tuesday hi baby you say happy Tuesday everybody
missed a beat we are now on Tuesday and I am in the middle of doing some
last-minute date night outfits which will already be live so I’ll leave that
link to know what’s happened with my boys there but I have on a casual date
night look so say if you were just going to the pub for some drinks don’t know
why the lights a bit bummed it on that but I will show you my full look HTT
lighting is a little bit off so I shall pan down to show you the full look
properly but what I’ve gone for is a really nice soft kind of structured
sleep jumper from low B’s with a little bit of a gold chain going on that was
from a sauce I have my beloved Topshop leather belt on I’ve been wearing so
much like I said I think yesterday’s such a good buy and then these are a
pair of new skinny jeans from M&S they’ve brought out a new style called
The Ivy and these are so comfortable I have them in the size 8 so they’re true
to size I’m actually working with them on a paid campaign over on Instagram so
go check that out @charlottebuttrick it’s going to say my old name Lewis then
styling their new types of jeans we’ve got three new jeans styling them
different ways and that’s over on my feed affronts go check that out but I’ve
not had a decent pair of fitting skinny blue jeans for a long time I can stretch
my knees and everything in them they don’t strangle or suffocate my knees
which is a problem I’ve had in the past with skinny jeans if you will notice for
my channel I usually wear a lot of straight leg jeans because of that but
absolutely love these my new favorite to skinny jeans over the next skinny jeans
I used to love so to finish the look I have popped on a pair of shoes from
in us as well these are so damn comfortable they were 35 pound real
leather actually size down so I’d say size down if you’re interested in
getting these they have a lot of different colors
I’ve seen them featured in who what where is well I love like the shoe
affordable shoe of the season so this is pretty much where to go to the pub and
just do a little bit more glam than usual makeup and you can go and see the
other three looks I think it did three from casual it’s kind of glam
date night look so they don’t just have to be Valentine’s it could be any date
night you please book that is Tuesdays look it is Wednesday and but if
Wednesday motivation for I’m actually go into the gym for the first time in seven
months I haven’t been since I was in hospital and I rejoined my old gym last
night because the other gym I was at was a bit cheaper but smaller and I felt at
her I just didn’t really like going there so rejoined my other gym which has
a pool and a sauna and things like that and I’m gonna go for the first time in
seven months so wish me look I have put on a look including some gym sharp I
bought probably about seven months ago to try and motivate me to go back to the
gym and I didn’t so this is a gym shark top I’m not sure if it’ll still be
available but it’s cute cropped and we’ve got these a lot of mesh bits and
then the little hum detail that and underneath that I just have on a gym
sharp sports but they really are my favorite
sports wear my long ones leggings from Jim shocker in the washing my legs are a
bit hairy so I have this pair from Albeatis but I love them because they’re
so high waisted and also at the back they’ve got like this kind of hard bit
just under the bum so it purchasable a little bit although I feel like my ass
looks like a pancake at the moment but I really like them so they’re comfortable
they feel flexible at the top I prefer high waisted pants that you know come up
with any show a little bit of skin between your crop and then for my feet
this is pair of under the arm and under and on dorama and no on drama in the
room not with it this morning is a bit later than I would want it to be because
I’m not feeling well but I’m still going to make myself go and just thought I’d
show you my headphones which system Sony wireless ones what’s so easy with
wireless headphones to do weights and things in the gym and I’m actually going
to follow the gym shark app it’s got a 66 day free challenge so
anybody wants Fitness updates on my channel let me know in the description
box no don’t let me know in the comments below
really not with it so I’m gonna go okay guys I put the light on hers a little
bit dark today I’m about to head to London and my look is all black today I
did a little bit searching on Pinterest for some inspiration of how to wear like
high biker boots these are from Kurt Geiger London at sheer holux there are
the stick boots and they have been reduced they’re so comfy
first time we wearing them I paired them I’m not sure if I’ve made a mistake
we’re pairing them with thick black tax rather than slightly see-through ones
but I just thought it’d be warm because it is cold so I’ve got them paired with
my Zara pleather skirt underneath I have a Topshop t-shirt and then I’ve gone for
a belted oversized blazer over the top so this is my men’s mango blazer but
I’ll leave a similar weekday one that’s on Asus linked with my beloved Topshop
belt again I have a memory Eder necklace on with my a sauce chain and then the
bag I’m going to take because I can fit loads in and also wear it as a backpack
is my senreve MIDI maestra like I said I will have a review video coming on that
soon but this is today’s look if you can see it in this light to go for a lovely
little PR lunch for a new hair product with red can and I’ve also gotten some
earrings that I think Nyssa and other story so obviously I love my gold on
gold I’m just not sure about these black tax but they are very warm so I think I
shall keep them on for that reason and I’m also just gonna shove on my acne
scarf and hat rather than taking a coat because London and the tube and things
like that just gets me all hot and sweaty and I can’t be bothered having a
massive coat around with me so hopefully I will be warm enough but now this is
look for today and I will go because I’m rambling and also I’ve got taxi for me
happy Friday guys I am off to the gym again and then I’m going to be doing
some deep hopping from home so I’ll be in some comfy so I thought I were to
show you what got on for the gym I have the same leggings on as I had on on
Wednesday I am struggling to walk a little bit I need to go a little bit
hard on my first session I have this beautiful top from sport FX
I’m gonna actually worn it yeah and I’ve got the gym shark bra underneath Thor
would add a little pop of color and I’m cold so I wanted some long sleeves and
then I’ve got an African estudio scarf that I always wear and I’m gonna choke
on my favorite Topshop coat but that’s actually downstairs so just thought this
would be a little quick gym outfit again for you guys for today and I will have
actual outfits on Saturday and Sunday because I’m going out so I’ll catch up
with you though we are on Saturday I’m about to head out for drinks which is
mainly a bad idea because that over if it’ll show up on the screen but this is
the current weather and it’s literally fiddling it down and it’s taken me
forever to decide what to wear I’ve also decided just to tie my hair up because
it’s windy and rainy so it’s gonna get messy anyway but I do really love like a
pony low pony with chunky earrings on a switch around so although I hate tying
my hair up I’m quite a fan of like a low pony so it’s what got with a scrunchie
in gonna be able to see and then some big hoops so what I’m doing with my hair
just to get out of the way I always try and get a center parting there in my
hair just it’s really funny so we do hate having my hair up but we must my
watch is my Versace watch for my necklaces I have on – maroon X’s so I
have a horseshoe and a round disc and then the earrings are the understories
ones I think again for the outfit we have a white t-shirt from about June
which is so soft it’s got this lovely v-neck detail my Topshop belt again with
Miss Selfridge new leather jacket I’m not sure if I’ve shown you this yet it’s
slightly oversized without needing to size up if that makes sense
so it’s just a 10 which I would normally get and I love the fit and feel of it
it’s quite biker chic which is why I’ve been gone for on the bottom mic mocks
and Spencer slim like jeans from the collaboration I mentioned which I’ll
leave my instagram linked and then some old tilts and boots so I don’t wear
enough I quite like the heel on them and I always think that they look a little
bit high-end maybe a little bit like the row and then
I have a wire sale bag which I’m sure you’ve all seen before and I’m feeling a
little bit flustered for some reason and then
a massive umbrella because it’s absolutely banging outside onto the
final day of what I wore in a week so it’s now Sunday about head to Manchester
to go for food and drinks with friends at a restaurant called six buying Nico
I’ll quickly run through my outfit so I have on these faux leather leggings from
apricot clothing they’re so stretchy so they’re really good when you go and eat
they’re a size eight and true to size but they’re just nice and comfortable
with stretch in I’ve got a Topshop rib knit tee shirt on but it’s fitted it was
quite good with a push-up bra I think it’s only about ten pounds and over the
top I have this blazer which is a mango men’s pinstripe blazer and I’ve done the
trick of popping hair bubbles in the arms to keep this like sleeves ruched
and upwards I have a pair of duo boots over the knee
suede boots with a heel that are really comfortable and normally my kind of like
night out pair boots I was going to wear skirt but storm Dennis means it’s very
windy and really cold and then I also have on my wife’s I’ll bag again and all
the same bits of jewelry like yesterday I have the understories hoops on I have
my maru blade necklaces on and they have my Versace what as well so that is the
full look also did I mention yes the Blazer Mungo men’s but I think under the
stories do a similar one I’ll leave it linked and I got my wild bag as well so
that has been my week in outfits if you’d like to see more videos like this
of my outfits for in a week obviously then like this video do subscribe and
let me know in the comments below and I will see you in my next video

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