What are the Vestiges of Divergence? – Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount D&D

– We’ve also got some very,
very powerful magical artifacts which you’ve talked about before. What are these, and how do
they play into this campaign? – So the Vestiges of Divergence
are a powerful artifacts that were constructed
during the battles leading into the Calamity, which was
the end of the Age of Arcanum, the age before the one
that currently happens in the Campaign Guide. This is a time where the gods walked on the Prime Material plane. Great cities of majocracies plotted against each other and divinity. This was a time of extremely
high-end magic power and conflict and warfare
that tore across the surface of Exandria, and when this
war was finally finished and the Betrayer Gods were
banished to the distant realms, there was the realization from the divine that our presence here is a
threat to all of our creation. And so they actually
abstained from being part of the world of man and
all mortals around them, and that was called the divergence where they separated from the world they had helped bring life to. The vestiges are the
artifacts of their champions and powerful warriors
of these final battles that were just lost to time, and these artifacts embodied an element of the divinity that
created them or the mages who had forged them to
fight for their interests. And as they were lost to time, they began to lose their power
and eventually go dormant. A dormant vestige is a
decent magical artifact in its own right. The idea is as the person who wields it who is carrying this
object with them begins to grow as an adventurer, as
they begin to find themself, as they begin to be
inspired by the passions or the vengeance they carry, they watch this item grow with them, and the item can awaken
in three different stages. There’s the dormant
stage, the awakened stage, and there’s the exalted stage, and each time, the item
gets more powerful benefits, gains additional properties
and essentially becomes an object that the character
can carry with them throughout their adventure and becomes one of kind of their defining characteristics. This object, this magical
item becomes a character in its own right as part
of their overall persona. The thing about the vestiges
is not all of them are made by good gods, and in fact, in this book, a lot of the focus is more on what the Betrayer God
creations were, as well. So a lotta these artifacts
sit in the realm of Asmodeus and sit in the realm of Gruumsh and other darker deities out there. Previously in other
things in “Critical Role”, we’ve seen the more player
friendly positive ones. Here you get to possibly
introduce things either for villains to use or for
players to wrestle with and see if they can bend to their will. – I just wanna play one. – Well, there’s that, too. (both laughing) – Let’s make it playable race. – (laughing) Hey, fine! – I’m sure everyone
will be fine with that. – Yeah, we’ll make a change real fast. It’s already in print. We’ll make it work. – [Todd] Yeah, I mean, well. – (laughing) Down the road. – A leaflet that can fit in the book. – [Matthew] There you go, perfect! – Yeah, last minute change. – [Announcer] Pre-order now
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35 thoughts on “What are the Vestiges of Divergence? – Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount D&D

  1. What kinds of Vestiges are you hoping to see in the book? Do you think any will appear in Campaign 2 of Critical Role?

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  2. "Let's make it a playable race" gosh now I'm thinking of an ancient warforged created during the age of arcanum that has reactivated and was once a powerful weapon but has lain dormant for so long and just slowly is relearned its passed abilities and maybe memories.

  3. Seeing as how Awakened and Exalted are the unlockable stages for the Vestiges, I'm choosing to believe that Matt chose those names because of the Exalted Falchion weapon that appears in Fire Emblem Awakening, a game in which he voiced one of the main characters, Chrom. No one can convince me otherwise. My mind is set

  4. i have been using this "Vestiges of Divergence" concept in my campaign for 1 year and it really awesome to see the PC growth but also the artifact growth with them, really nice thing.

  5. I still wonder what Ioun's vestige is, I'm hoping it's a book or staff. It would be pretty badass to see Caleb wield a tome that acts as a focus and maybe slowly allows the ability to unlock the secrets of the universe and magic as a whole, or maybe Beau wielding a staff that can reveal more info about a target and use it against them (ie weak against a type of damage, so it deals that.), or it gives the user minor magic spells.

  6. So… are the ones in the Tal’Dorei book getting brought into the main game? As much as I would understand if it were to happen, I’d be a little disappointed if all of them had to be reprinted in this book.

  7. I thought that these would be a Warlock Pact, where the patrons were powerful remnants of lost timelines, either trying to be manifested back into the main timeline or protect it from other, more predatory remnants.

  8. I use similar concepts myself in my games. I love it and I am glad to see it go into some official format. I am very eager to see how their concept scales compared to my own creations.

  9. I love the fact that we finally officially have evolving magic items in 5e. It's not a new concept, but having it official is great

  10. Now I want an evil campaign in wild-mount. You must reclaim the beacon's for the Dynasty or become spys for the empire.

  11. Seeing more magic items that level up will be amazing. I want to experiment with cursed items so items that change are nice. I like the ones from the first season of CR, and plan on letting players be cursed to awaken or exalt an item, and do a mini quest to remove the curses. If there is more 5e material with growing weapons lemme know

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