Welcome to Your Senior Center

First, when we initially found out that we were going to do it, we contacted all the people that were known to be in the Senior Center — service providers, rentals — the things that we wanted to make sure that people were coming for, that we honored those commitments and we made sure that, because they had people coming to their SAIL classes — like behind us — that we were honoring those. Since we’ve opened we have continued to understand how the space is used and then started to grow, and recognizing things that we are lacking and trying to draw in people to either provide speakers, or classes, or space for groups to meet. We are making sure that everybody feels welcomed. That it’s not a membership or a club. We have people sign in, just based on tracking and making sure that we have enough to serve the people that are coming in. Our fitness classes are growing immensely. We almost don’t have enough space to provide the classes for them. And our Activity Nights on Wednesdays are growing, between the movies, additional card and board games, and our driftwood class. The part that I think is a secondary that we didn’t program, is just to have people come and meet here, and that this is the place that they need to talk, or meet to have lunch on Tuesdays or Fridays, and that’s a beautiful thing to me — to have this be their place that they come. Something that I think is really positive is, we have Coffee Talk with Katie. And it’s an open forum for people to come speak. Not all the things that we are talking about are positive about what we are doing, but it’s a positive response from giving them the opportunity to be heard. Get some different things happening down here — if it’s music, which I would love to bring more things, more music to our lunches, more music in this building, if it’s seniors playing music if, it’s seniors being played to by other people, I think that would be great. We have some fantastic people who have fantastic stories, and I’d love for the seniors to be able to tell kids and that’s what my project is right now, is to bring high schoolers here to hear about history from someone who was making that history. And I feel like that would just be a gift to everybody. It’s hard sometimes to pull up and see in the future and then come back down. Especially being a transition team, I think really what we get to do is start the ball moving in the right direction, and that is a really important piece. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of that team. We still have a long ways to go!

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