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In this video, I want to welcome you if
you are brand new to my social media platform. My Facebook page, my YouTube
channel, LinkedIn, Instagram, I want to welcome you. So many new men, a little bit
older, busy productive life, you found your home right here on this social
media platform. All I think about, I’m obsessed with helping you if you’re a
little bit older, you’ve got a busy productive life, you’re looking all over
the internet for fitness information, getting confused. And you just want
what’s most effective and efficient, that’s going to complement your busy,
productive life. Not take away from it. Right, fitness it’s a high priority. You
got to make it a higher priority here at this age. I always say we’ve got to live
with a sense of urgency. We’ve got more time behind us than we do in front of us and
our health and our fitness is such an important part of our life. So whether
you’re coming back to fitness after taking a break off, taking care of your
family or your business, or maybe this is the very first time in your life where you’re
focusing on your fitness. Well, you found your home. Like I said, I’m obsessed with
helping you prioritize the working out, exercise, nutrition and working it all
into a lifestyle that’s sustainable. Right, I know you’re
getting a lot of information all over the internet. Right, sometimes it’s from
the younger, passionate fitness experts that are willing to work out many hours in
the day, doing all these crazy routines and nutrition because it’s their
identity and love it! I know what that’s like. All right, from my background, too. But
it’s just not sustainable for you. All right, I’m gonna help you make it a big
part of your life, be effective and inefficient. That’s what Workouts For
Older Men Live is all about. All my continual broadcasts. So make sure
you’re on all my social media platforms. All my videos, all my blog posts and all of
my podcasts. All right, let me take a moment to introduce myself and in
this video, a lot of men they come to me. They find my skiplacour.com website and
then they start binge watching. I want to outline the
videos to be most effective and efficient with your time. Which videos
that you should watch in which order. Because I’ve got a library of videos,
could be a little bit overwhelming. All right, my name is Skip la Cour.
I’m a former 6-time National Champion drug-free bodybuilder. All right, I’ve been
working out for over thirty years. And that extreme dedication of that highest
level of competitive bodybuilding gave me the insight, the knowledge, the passion
right to come to you with this perspective. This information and inspiration.
Right, but I think what makes me unique not only, here I am at 57 years old
presenting this fitness information, doing it for 30 years, is that I’m 16
years removed from competitive bodybuilding and that extreme lifestyle.
All right, I incorporated things that I didn’t have to worry about before. I’ve
got family and business and doing a lot of other things now and I had to become
more efficient. Certainly not because I was lazy.
That’s the farthest thing that you’ll find out when you continue to watch my videos.
It’s not about being lazy. And I know that about you. It’s just that you’ve got
so many things going on. You have to have the most efficient strategies. That’s
what I’ve learned over my 16 years removed. Staying fit was a high priority.
But I just couldn’t do all those things. Stopping and eating six meals a day all
throughout the day. All the things that you may hear. It’s just not necessary to have
the body that you want. A lot of men who come to me, they’ve been working hard
maybe for a couple years or more and they just can’t lose that last 10 or 15
pounds of body fat no matter what they do. All right, they look better than most.
But most men their age aren’t working out at all. So finding the clues to get
to this, what I call this top 5% after you’ve made it easily to the top 20% of
men your age, you’ve got to think a little bit differently.
It’s the nuance. It’s the subtleties that are going to take you to that next level. And
if you’re just starting out, you know you just keep on keeping on with the basics
that really work, you’ll get there too. It won’t take that long when you know what
to do. And I want to help you do that with my experience. I’m a father. I’m a
husband. I’m an entrepreneur. I own and operate
Malformation Labs. I’m a writer. You’ll see everything on my skiplacour.com
website. I coach men just like you who want to take it to the next level with
their fitness and in all areas of life and I will talk about that in a moment
too. But like I said, I am obsessed with helping you. You found your home if
you’re a little bit older and you have a busy, productive life and you’re making fitness
a higher priority. So now that you found me, let me tell you what videos that
you can start on to get up-to-date, get current and get you right on a strong
foundation. All right, the first one that video I want you to watch is “How To
Build Muscle”. How to build muscle. I’ll post the link down below on all my
social media platforms. It’s over on skiplacour.com. The organizing
principles of what you need to do to build muscle at this age. You’ve got to be
smart and you’ve got to be elegant in your approach and not do a lot of excess
things that don’t matter. So watch that video, “How To Build Muscle”. And then
putting together a routine, “How Many Exercises Per Workout?” that you
need to do. I break that all down. I explain it to you. Simple and effective. I
don’t make it complicated. Right, how many exercises. Right, and then building upon
that, how many sets right per exercise. I talk about the mindset that you need to
make every set count. How many sets per exercise. And then the other video that I
want you to watch what it comes to training, is “How Much Muscle Can You
Expect To Gain?” at this age. I really break it down. Give you a realistic view.
An optimistic but realistic view of how much muscle you can expect to gain at
this age. Because if you don’t get this right, if you don’t get this right, you’re
going to have a real challenge no matter how hard you work. All right, so those
videos, I want you to watch those all when it comes to training. Now, the
biggest part, that’s undervalued, is nutrition. And I’ve got some videos I want you to
watch there too. The first one is “The Top 10 Diet Secrets
For Older Men.” Again, nutrition is a very important part of this entire process.
You can train, train, train in the gym, do everything right and you won’t see the
results if you don’t pay attention to your diet. So watch that video, “The Top 10
Diet Secrets For Older Men.” Now, a lot of us, again we
have that stubborn fat. It seems to collect around the middle, maybe in the
man boobs when we get a little bit older. Once you watch the video “How To Lose
Stubborn Fat.” How To Lose Stubborn Fat. I’ll break it down, what you have to do,
your nutrition, your training, the training techniques that WON’T help you
lose that stubborn fat. Right, it’s all in that video. And then, I want you to watch
“How To Get A 6-Pack Set Of ABS when you’re older.” If you’re really ambitious.
Right, and that will help you also lose the man boobs and the stubborn fat that we
get when we’re a little bit older. I know a lot of men, their arms look okay, their
legs look okay, it’s just that stubborn fat around the middle. And then again,
make sure you’re on all of my social media platforms. Join me live for my
continual connection. I go live all over the internet and that’s just to pace you.
To remind you of who you are, what you’re all about. Just to show up every single
day, so you show up too. Just go through this process as your virtual training
partner, as your coach and as your friend. If you have any questions, feel free to
text me at any time (925) 352-4366. (925) 352 4366. My Whatsapp is 1-925-352-4366 if you are outside of the United States and Canada.
You can always text me. You can always call me. Now or when you watch more of my
videos and you have questions. I really make myself available to my guys. And
once you’re my guy, you are always my guy I want you to remember that. All right,
when you sign up for my email updates, if you didn’t leave your phone number and
now you want to get involved in my continual texts, make sure you just text
me and introduce yourself. Again, you can do that now or when you watch more of my
videos over on skiplacour.com, on my Facebook channel, on YouTube, Instagram, whatever it is when you watch more videos and you have questions. Program
that number into your phone and feel free to call me or text me at any time. I
really make it a real priority is to connect with you. You give me the
inspiration to come to you more often and help me bring up the topics for all
my future videos blog posts and podcasts, whatever I have
for you. Now, here’s one thing too, a lot of men, they come to me, they’ve been looking
over the internet, they found their home. All right, someone their age who understands their
lifestyle and their situation when it comes to fitness, and they reach out to
me. I have one-on-one coaching. We can go on
a 12-week coaching journey where I talk to you for an hour. The calls are
recorded. I can take you from where you are right now to where you want to be. I
can create packages for you. It can be a couple sessions, 12 sessions, I even have a
12-week Fitness Transformation Journey if you want that in one-on-one attention
because you’re the type of man who does what it takes to get what he wants and
he wants to do that now. All right, so reach out to me. I’ll post a link so you
can read all about my one-on-one coaching services. All right, so again if
you are new, welcome. I really appreciate you being here.
You found your home. Look forward to my updates, my texts, my continual connection
through live broadcasts and visit skiplacour.com often. So have a great day.
Have an outstanding day. Have an awesome day. Think big. And think BIGGER than
getting bigger.

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