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Here we are. At the gym. Being cool, yet sweaty? Pumpin Iron and getting BUFF. Listening to the gym’s Guitar Hero 1 & 2
playlists on loop. (My fingers still move correctly over invisible
frets?!) I’ll admit, not my natural habitat, but
hey, gotta be healthy to make things, yeah? So, disclaimer right off the bat, lest you
think I am some sort of social guru: I don’t “meet” people at the gym. Heck, I don’t talk to anyone if I can avoid
it. I can usually grumble a “hey, soooo… uh…
how many more sets do you have on this?” as I manically try to avert my eyes from every
soul in the sweatbox. I’m using “meet” here in the loosest
sense possible. I don’t “meet” – I “observe” while
trying to be as invisible as possible. OK even “observe” is wrong – I’m trying
not to see anyone but my fellow gym-goers are moving and loud and they are… everywhere. I just wanna use this torture device, man! There are some things you can’t help but
pick up in your periphery though. Unfortunately. Now for the good stuff. Based on my (super scientific) findings, I
have found that the humans at the gym fall into 6 main classes, although some can have
multiple classes and sub-classes. Those can be the LETHAL ones. Be on your guard and ready to pounce on the
arm-wingy machine before they do… otherwise you never will. I will qualify my research by saying that
I go to the gym at vampire hours. I’m a night owl, so the interesting crowd
is also out when I’m out? Anyway, Let’s pull out the pokedex and see
what we’ve found! Without further ado, let’s get serious. Up first: the type that catches me off-guard
EVERY TIME. The one that makes me jump outta my teeth. THE GRUNTER. I’m not talking about the person who is
lifting 50 times their body weight and needs to let it all out with the strain. I get that. You go! I’m talking about the person who, of course,
without fail, sets up right next to me on the little arm machines and YELLS AFTER EVERY
ARE BLEEDING. Etcetera ad nauseum. Suffice to say, I CANNOT concentrate with
this ruckus going on next door to my machine. I lose count. I cringe. Also, I wear my heart on my face, so it’s
probably REALLY JUDGMENTALLY TWISTED and my eyes are 1000% rolling all around their sockets. I try to look anywhere but at someone, and
I’m trying my darndest to suppress those insidious nervous giggles. WOBETIDE to any fellow gym goer how makes
eye contact with me during these tenuous minutes – my illusion of sanity would be shattered! Up next, we have the person who, Every. Single. Time. parks it at the ONE MACHINE I need to do before
leaving the gym. (The one that helps keep the pesky migraines
at bay, so… pretty important!). Friends, meet the MOB BOSS. They sit down, do 3 arm thingys, and then
EVERY PERSON IN THE GYM comes up to talk to them. ONE AT A TIME. (Oh, they are also most certainly a GRUNTER
too. Must signal that they are available for chatting.) It seems like they know everybody, and the
gym is their HQ. Hence, THE MOB BOSS. They know everyone’s business. They talk about sports cars. Probably favors and hits too. They sit on my one-and-only machine and then
DON’T USE IT. It’s not like socializing is making you
buff! “PLEASE MOVE! MOVE IT OR LOOSE IT!” I scream internally. It shows on my face, because, of course it
does. They don’t move. It’s infuriating. I try asking politely when they’ll be done,
but the answer is “after two more sets.” PSha. THAT MEANS NOTHING. You haven’t even done one! You can’t hog the machine for 45 minutes! Also, STOP MAKING A SHOW OF DISINFECTING THE
WAS PATIENT ZERO. Soooo… I am developing a device for coping with this
socialite. It’s not perfect, and my execution is…
less than subtle. Basically, when I see them at the gym, I BEE
LINE for the machine that is their office. EVEN if they are heading to it themselves. (see, subtly is lacking. Whatever. This lady needs to move her arms!) Yep, they scowl. They BURN. (I’m still not making eye contact, remember,
but what I see through squinted eyes is one huffy spirit.) They SCOFF! Can you believe it? Karma, baby. Carp, I’m totally on a hit list now, aren’t
I? If I’m not back here in three weeks you
know something went down. Most lethal of all is when the Mob Boss is
also combined with … THE SNAPGRAMMER. don’t think I need to say more? But I totally will! The Snapgrammer also sits (on the last machine
I need) for time interminate while they check the Snap gram. I think they post pictures too? I’m trying not to look (because human eye
contact, remember), and I for sure have my face turned away, because I WANT NO PART IN
THAT SELFIE. Out of the corner of my eye, I will see a
head tilt, a serious grumpy duck face, a contemplative focus as the perfect caption is formulated
. I don’t understand. They gym is closing in 5 minutes, but yes,
MUST insta snap. Also, I NEED THAT MACHINE. PLEASE. (this is a common theme? heh) (Side note: it’s totally cool to be
proud of your hard work, progress, and physique! I’m talking about the exxxttttrrreeemme
here.) Enough of all this crazy, there are also some
pretty sweet role models at the ole sweat box as well! Like the GOLD STANDARD. This human seems humble and nice and has a
routine and sticks to it the entire time! They are pretty strong and can run forever. I can tell this even though I’m trying to
melt into a wall. When they are there, they mean to work out! Usually, they ask to use a machine if they
think you may need it in the near future. So kind! So courteous! So focused! EVEN WITHOUT MUSIC. Sheesh. That’s the big leagues. My favorite fellow gym goer: The CIRCUS. These beautiful sweaty folks usually take
up the odd spaces. They Dance. They kick the heck out of a punching bag. They meditate. They Hula Hoop. They Contort. Their music choice is A-Plus. I want to join them. Finally, the last entry in our night-time
gym-goer Pokedex: The (OTHER) QUIET ONE. Pretty self-explanatory. I look across the room, accidentally make
eye contact with them when the GRUNTER is in rare form, and we both just KNOW. They don’t snapgram, don’t hog machines,
and are probably really nice. (If I ever talked to them.) They jog at the same speed as me, so I never
have to pass them on the track. (That can be really awkward! Like: “move over, slowpoke, I’ve got places
to go!” But then you are really just running in a
circle and not going anywhere, and you have to pass them again, but you’re getting tired
and may not have it in you, but you’ve set this pace, so dang it you’ve gotta commit,
because if you only passed them that one time and then slowed down, it’s like a weird
slap in the face or something? GYM ETIQUETTE! Help!) They are like a secret best friend at the
gym. That’s a thing, right? Like a beacon of normal? (err, not that I would say I’m ‘normal’). But yeah. The Other Quiet One. The Secret Best Friend who you never talk
to and never will. So, yeah! These are the people I get to “meet” and
“hang out with” at the gym. As eclectic as this bunch is (and how impossible
it is to get the machines you want) it does make going to the ole sweatbox a bit less
boring. Drama! Fake, imaginary Drama! Keeps me coming back? Na, not really. But it does make counting to 20 millions of
times a lot less monotonous. Except for Grunter. [(GRUNT! GROAN!)] Ahh! Can’t count to 2 with them around. Oh dang, I’m winded after this sweat-acular
video, but I wanted to end with a PSA of sorts! I don’t usually go to the gym to get buff
(although that’d be FREAKING SWEET), but to make sure my body works for what I need
it to. Lift to prevent migraines! Run to get my head on straight! Stretch to forestall carpal tunnel! Official PSA, all artists (and computer users):
TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY so it can take care of you! No one wants to be hunched over a computer
because their chest muscles have shrunk! Been there! Don’t want to be in crippling pain everytime
you pick up your stylus? CONTORT THOSE ARMS on the regular, FRIEND!Being
able to keep making things is totally worth all the nonsense this interesting cross-section
of humanity displays at the gym. Ok. Mamma rant over. Anyway, hope you enjoyed meeting all my “friends”
at the gym? Maybe one day I’ll meet them too! So, do you have any crazy gym stories? Are the people who work at your gym also kinda
nuts? Do the parking lot lights flicker suspiciously
at exactly 10:56 pm during the new moon? Have you ever summoned another-planer entity
by running in loops on the track? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! Thanks for sweating this one out with me. How are you? Hope everything is going well! What are you up to? What are you working on? Can I uhhh… sneak a few arm rep thingys
in on this torture device really quickly? Thanks. Catch ya next time! Bye!

59 thoughts on “Weirdos You Meet at the Gym! (Animation) | abitfrank

  1. oh my god, i have a snap grammer in my contacts, she constantly posts videos of herself working out with emojis to her what's app status.
    i still am at least a LITTLE proud of her, she seems very motivated and happy to do something for her bodyweight, she was the biggest girl in my class

  2. Ooh, I spy a few familiar faces in here. ^_^
    I've never actually been to the gym. I feel like I would be so nervous there, I wouldn't get anything done, so any exercise I get is occasional home exercise. I may go for 1 walk per week, a couple miles each time, then just some stretching and other little things as I feel like. Yeah, not like having an allocated time to exercise like the gym, but I would probably feel the same kind of out-of-place anxiety about walking into a gym as I would walking into a lingerie store.

  3. Im new to your videos and i really like them, i really enjoy your art style, it gives of this sort of creepy vibe, keep it up.

  4. I would usually work out at home, now i am both terrified and absolutely intrigued to go to the gym myself!

  5. For the gym is dark and full of terrors…

    The loiterer sounds annoying! I'd be tempted to come back to "I need to do two more sets" with a "So you're done in 10 minutes yeah?"

    Such a selfish way to behave!

  6. You forgot the guy who only works arms… which is fine when they're not using the leg muscle machines to do it in a way thatr the machine isn't ecen designed for.

    Bad enough that they're already mistreating the equiptment but they don't even care that it's noisily moving the machine itself which is loud, and also, they are almost certaintly a grunter.

  7. My brother got me into working out, it took a while for me to like, it but it happened. It has now become a part of my routine and I hate going a day working out, especially after realizing how sedentary my days are (I am a cartoonist). I stick to my routine, no socializing unless I ask if someone is done with a station, and pretty much everyone keeps to themselves. No outstanding gym douche or nothing, I love it.

  8. I'm normally the quiet one at the gym although I do do some classes on a Sunday morning (since that's the only time I can actually get to a class; most are during my working hours).

  9. Me nope-roping away from the gym

    luckily I ont have a gym in my town! closes one is like…. 20 mins away. Aint got shit for that.

  10. Why isn't your channel bigger? I found it and I was like yep this channel will probably be getting 10k or 12k likes but no? I need to get you there to correct nature!

  11. I have a friend who's home is one of those mid fifties modernist homes. It's cool home with a big open living room, natural stone fireplace, and big window everywhere. When you go to there home, they have work out equipment right in their living room. The equipment is okay, because there is much room. There living room kind of looks like the set from "Forbidden Planet". There is plenty of room for people to sit, and the equipment too. I said once to my friends, "It must be nice, except you don't get out." Both of my friends said, "NO. We don't have to meet the Weirdos."

  12. I don’t gym typically, though am considering it in future! I mostly just… mermaid swim on the weekly, and try to keep up using the Wii fit and yoga stuff at home. Which often gets forgotten…

  13. #7. The creepy guy who follows you around to work out next to you and makes gross comments at you the whole time :')

  14. There are a few others to note
    1: the fat sweaty guy that never wipes the machine
    2: the weight hog the guy who’s on a machine and keeps the dumbbells with him at all times

  15. I'm way too shy and nervous to go to the gym by myself, which probably wouldn't be weird if I weren't a guy, and I'm to shy to ask someone I know to go with me, so I'm kinda just stuck in my own trap. Also "meeting" a bunch of new people would be pretty stressful, like what if a person is using a machine that I need to use but when I ask them if I can use it they get offended or all worked up about it. I don't know, I'll probably just do a few push up or something and be fine, right?

  16. “Anyway I hope you enjoyed meeting all my… friends at the gym. Maybe one day I’ll meet them too.” You are excellent. 👍

  17. When I lived in SoCal, I was approached by a guy who clearly loved Jesus…and offered me steroids. The gym I go to now here in Oregon is great. Quiet, and I never have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for any equipment.

  18. being a guy in a gym is defo easy mode… especially when your face makes them shiver because maybe you're the psycho that will murder them, better not risk it. Also I don't know why but in general quiet people are viewed as creepy

  19. I some times when doing deadlifts and go for heavy whights I'm paranoid about the fact I'm not doing much so I try to hold my shout and it feels like my through is being torn out by sub zero XD

  20. I will preface this by saying that if someone is new and doesn't know gym etiquette, I am happy to help. Always. Because I believe in kindness first. However, if someone is a regular and should know better but prefers to act as a db, then I treat them as such.

    If they are a grunter or slammer, I tell them, "There's no need," or "if you can't put it down, don't pick it up."

    If someone is hogging a machine, I either tell them 1) "I am working in", or 2) "you're done. Get off." 😀 I'm totally serious. It's not their gym; they need to learn to share. I am more than happy to give them that lesson.

    If they are just snapping pics instead of working out, I tell them "move. You're done." And I proceed to set the machine up for my use.

    And God help the soul who decides to leave their sweat on equipment I was planning to use after them.

    Always speak up because if you don't want to speak up for yourself, you are speaking up for everyone who comes after you. <3

  21. I’ve never been the biggest fan of gyms, cause… A) it smells, B) it’s crowded as heck, and C) it is so loud. It is not great for someone who is very easily distracted by smells, sounds, things moving outta their peripherals… blehhhh.

  22. I went to the gym twice. First time I felt horribly out of place and had no fun on the torture machine. Second time was just me pushing myself to try one more time and I could not wait to get out. I guess I just hate sweaty places with lots of people and exercises that don't make me happy! But I agree on your advice, myself do Pilates at home, go for a 45 min brisk walk at 10pm every night (night owl also) and often stretch in front of my computer. More then enough for me.

  23. Like the creepy art style like I saw Coraline thought you were only doing your character for the theme (Coraline) but no I love it!

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