Weight Gain Supplements: 3 Supplements To Help You Get Jacked

Yo what’s going on, guys? Troy here with WeightGainNetwork.com.
I got three powerful weight gain supplements I want to discuss with you guys today; these
are three supplements that’ll help you guys get jacked, and these are three things that
I’ve been taking recently. I’ve experienced some pretty good side effects; there’s clinical
research behind all of them, and they’re each going to help you with a different facet of
your muscle-building. So let me get right into the list. First of
all, we got just plain dextrose powder. Now if you’re familiar with dextrose, this is
glucose powder. Dextrose, glucose – same thing. Now why in the world would pure sugar be on
a list of muscle building supplements? You have to understand how your body operates,
and that post-workout insulin spike is so anabolic. When you go in the gym and you’re
bench pressing a lot of weight, you’re squatting, you’re dead lifting, you’re putting a maximum
exertion on your muscles, you’re breaking down all these muscle fibers, it is highly
anabolic to follow this with dextrose powder because this is going to spike your insulin,
and then when you hit that post-workout anabolic window, you want that perfect, fast-digesting
source of carbohydrates and your fast-digesting proteins. What you want to do here is – I’ll show you.
This is my post-workout protein. This is a really fast-digesting protein source, and
post-workout, to get that insulin spike to shuttle all the amino acids and nutrients
into your system, to replenish that muscle glycogen and to increase a very important
anabolic hormone. Insulin is one of your four main anabolic hormones. We want to spike our
insulin along with our fast-digesting proteins. So you want to mix a 2:1 ratio of dextrose
powder with a fast-digesting protein source. For my body weight, I’ll do about 40 grams
of fast-digesting weight protein along with about between 60 and 80 grams of dextrose
powder. If I’m really trying to focus on losing body fat, I’ll cut it down to 50 or 60 grams
just so I have none of that spillover. But for you naturally skinny guys just looking
to bulk up, getting the optimal, model-y muscle mass, I recommend a 2:1 ratio. It’s been proven;
it’s in the book Nutrient Timing. They recommend a 2:1 ratio of fast-digesting carbs to fast-digesting
proteins. Remember, you don’t want any fat with that mixture; that’s going to slow down
the absorption. Another thing you could do other than dextrose
powder – one thing I’ve been doing recently is actually I’ve just been eating gummy bears.
I have all these gummy bears that I’ll do post-workout. This is pretty much just corn
syrup and dextrose; this is super fast-digesting carbs, so if you want to kind of get in a
cheap meal along with your protein shake instead of the dextrose powder, you could just eat
gummy bears and drink a protein shake and have a pretty similar effect. Fast-digesting
simple sugar is a great body-building supplement when taken post-workout. Next up we have D-Aspartic Acid. Now this
is another anabolic hormone booster, and this is actually one of the few, natural testosterone
boosters that actually has clinical research associated with its results. I believe here
they have the clinical research on the back of this bottle here. They said, “Recent
clinical research using oral doses of 3.12 grams of D-Aspartic Acid dramatically increase
testosterone by 42% in just 12 days.” I’ve noticed a slight difference in my strength
after about two weeks of taking this, so I do believe that it does increase your testosterone.
They have clinical research studies associated with it. I haven’t actually got the bloodwork
done; that’s kind of my next step is to cycle off it for maybe two – a month or two just
to fully get it out of my system and then incorporate it back at 3 grams/day and get
that bloodwork done. I’ll have an update to tell you if the bloodwork actually matches
the clinical research, but it’s one of the only proven natural testosterone boosters.
I find it a lot more powerful than a Tribulus or just like taking zinc and other things
like this. It doesn’t hurt buying the plain powder; this was only I think $15. Stay away
from the all-natural test-boosters that have those proprietary blends; just try good old-fashioned
D-Aspartic Acid and mix it with your protein shake, add about 3 grams/day and you guys
should notice some slight increases in strength and some slight increases in natural testosterone
production. And then last but not least, we have one of
my favorite amino acids to take for a multitude of reasons is L-Citrulline. One thing that
it does – I actually just found out about it – actually it talks about it on the back
of this, is L-Citrulline helps your body rid itself of ammonia, which is a negative byproduct
of intense exercise. Remember, we want to reduce our inflammation; we want to feel really
optimal. We don’t want our health to be – it’s optimal level. We don’t want to have free
radicals in our body; we don’t want to feel like our muscles are sore and our joints are
breaking down, so L-Citrulline helps rid the body of ammonia, which is a negative byproduct
of these really intense workouts that you’re going through. And also, it’s a really powerful
pre-workout substance. It’s going to actually be converted into nitric oxide in your body.
So I recommend taking between 2 and 3 grams of L-Citrulline before you work out, and it’s
going to boost your nitric oxide levels, so you’re going to be able to – you’re going
to have increased blood flow, you’re going to increased nutrient absorption, and this
is going to help you tremendously with your muscle pumps. This is going to help your body
absorb more amino acids and protein, and then even after you take it, or after you work
out, I recommend taking another 2-3 grams for ridding your body of ammonia, increasing
that blood flow, getting all those nutrients into the cells. So L-Citrulline is a fantastic
supplement to take pre-workout and post-workout. So those are three kind of outside-the-box
supplements. One’s going to help you with your post-workout insulin spike; one’s going
to help you with your natural testosterone; the other one’s going to help you with your
nitric oxide levels and blood flow. Stay away from the proprietary blends; just buy the
whole amino acid, the whole sugar, the whole D-Aspartic Acid form and you guys will save
a lot of money on supplements down the road. You guys also will have a lot better results.
So anyways, that’s it for today guys.

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    Weight Gain Supplements: 3 Supplements To Help You Get Jacked

  2. He is way too young to feel any effects from DAA.  Its for when your post 35 yrs old like me.  Im going to try it and alphajym.

  3. I'm skinny and i weight 81 lbs and im 13 years old i been eating a lot ans been drinking whwy protein with a meal after I'm done with the gym. I eat high carbs before i go to the gym. And i wat 1,600 calories a day and 750 grams of carbs and 200 grams of protein and eat 6 meals a day. I'm weak to i only could bench 75 lbs. I need help i haven't seen no gains at all. I work out 3 days a week i been listening to your edivce but seen no gains plz help and i eat right like a real bodybuilder but no success.

  4. Yeah dude you lost me at bench pressing the max at the gym just looking for a good calorie boosting shake for weight gain.

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