Weezy Wednesdays | Episode 1: Lil Wayne’s Krib

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  2. Jus came from 19 yr old weezy showing his crib in 2002, growth everywhere πŸ’†πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  3. πŸ˜€@liltunechi good god the passenger πŸ‘‹seat is not a woman πŸ‘£there is a stick of πŸ˜€things we can do together πŸ‘‹like she use you for πŸ‘£their good for your skin;

  4. β€œThat’s because I don’t use degree and I don’t even know who put that there” that was funny πŸ˜„

  5. Facebook just blocked me again for another 30 days but this time they about to with the devils they did it for their self see I already had gave people's a copy of one of my books as they share it around with the devils don't forget about the cops that took me 2 a crazy house also they already know what's going on 2 years ago and they ain't about nothing so my Brother Tupac and Brother Nipsey Hussle say it's time They Don't Care About Us also YouTube taking my post down that I commented on my video's and other also they about to go with the Devil's you know I put in a lot of work and I don't give a fuk the one from my past no more everyone I grew up with f*** if they not with us now,,,,,,,, like I said the devil cops used to come get me when I was a little boy as they told me to be the best rapper I had to be the best as they put me and my brothers on the Block as we all was in Big Brother program as I wanted them to have but anyway before I became the Candy Man in elementary sixth grade I didn't have to work the blocks no more I would just be the Candyman in school as I give the females free candy the teaches used to let me share with the class as I will re-up with all my mamas around Suffolk and on the switch I had to give a couple thousands dollars to my candy lady mama's so they can re-up with no problem but the devil's didn't want me around my candy ladies mamas no more as the devil's wanted to and had did wrong to my good people's the devils switch them or killed them or put them in jail but like I said when I was younger I had a speech problem so I would say I will be the best scrapper so that's what it as I spoke it again I'm a Scrapper I'm different than a rapper I scrap y'all m********** devil niggars up with ease these devil niggars haven't walked in "MY SHOES" what Uncle murder said & but anyway I'm "HAPPY TO BE HERE" to bring back and accomplish what's mine in this new time I got the "BANK NOW" oh yeah guess who want to Vibe with me could it be again https://youtu.be/4246Jx67Tg0 see our team got it together I was there to get them out as he had hurted their feelings he tried hard so we just let it be as he married my,,,,,,,,, but like I said I will be back you know to get some "MO" oh yeah sister Brandon you know I was always there for you and mama and the family you played Cinderella and all you know Mama Whitney Houston always there for us and bro had hurted my feelings when he had turned against me with the devils as he was also laughing with them as they was in my face it was before and around 1999 just say the dinner and the dinners the basketball player his wife that's on my channel Basketball Wives don't forget,,, Huh! Mama Mary Jane says all families that I went to that became Mamas got this also do y'all see me on the other side of the fence oh yeah I have a another Brother one of my partners Jeffrey from White Marsh Road he got smooth with the females when we was little boy https://youtu.be/EGIIt99PpfA oh yeah the first post that's good people as I was everyone even my big boy Suge Knight you will see him a few times in the video as I was also every tall one as I was also Lil Boosie as they was walking with me y'all will also tell as the scene come in as I have the Jersey on with the number four I got was dressed just like Brother Lil Boosie also and much more everyone supposed to be with me we supposed to been had money but the devils always wanting the Richer to stay richer as the poor stay poor as they use the higher up as they use my plan to make celebrities with them as they taken my money just like the police as make more dirty cops more crews of them to run but now I'M HERE and what did I say I'm the undercover KING that has return with my Undercover felonies that the devils had gave us as we take over the streets for the good so the cops that mean FBI IBA whatever the f*** y'all devils call y'all self oh whatever we don't give a fuk set down and shut the f**** don't say nothing if y'all have anything in mind do y'all self a favor and laid the fuk down or my families from heaven will be here and y'all definitely don't want that but check out Brothers from Virginia in this video as the mission just begun https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2306083429428041&id=100000792192948 https://youtu.be/givz9WM8iW4 All of these jealous motherfuking I grew up in every families the devils had sent me to as I traveled from celebrities all way back home when I was young y'all didn't know who I was huh y'all still don't know we just have to show all of y'all devils oh yeah something I wanted to put in Brother V don't your wife look good she can have things also if she with us she's also one of my star's from early days as I had put her in the video you her husband I want y'all to get under married everyone got to get unmarried but check this out this also for Big Brother Jay Z and Sis you know everyone oh yeah y'all look at me dancing also look how I moving my hands real fast. ://youtu.be/NZlX7thtEBk the thing is I want all sisters to fuc with me https://youtu.be/l_lblj8Cq0o the devils n*** Ain't about s*** they too sweet https://youtu.be/mt2zvsvkKKo "RED DOWN" oh yeah I have sisters I used to walk to their class in Nansemond River high school as they knew I was doing poems as they liked them as they were living in pughsville by the apartments and some my sister's over there by Suffolk station Apartments and all but anyway y'all know who I be also look at the charm on the necklace as it's a name what does it say also look at all my chain and charms do y'all see that big H the brass knuckles Plus C ME and all yeah oh yeah we had to put PAC and BOOPAC that BOO we see y'all because my FAMILYS STILL HERE Y'ALL TRIPPIN https://youtu.be/s8QSTerhk8E so all y'all females I'll be ready after the mission completed so y'all can https://youtu.be/jelJaaWjas4 oh yeah something else brand new f*** a job everyone stop working if you with us when family's see families that know me let them know stop Working its a change in the game stand up for us with us oh yeah I appreciate one of my white sister's for stepping in saying congratulations https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2186737698029282&id=100000792192948 as we put her name with Casino and Hotel I also have a another sister with the same name as they come together for us with us also https://youtu.be/_ci7qXw_Btk the devils had sent me to prison crazy house and all https://youtu.be/ICTrCDkV8vM coming with it https://youtu.be/Q1RWluZR3rA what could it be https://youtu.be/Uwxph_UcePU I'ma let y'all know on that bike it was set up to be sister Hustle Brother Nipsey Hussle ready for you to make that move and come do for us also but anyway like I said it's something else with this this one also as I had post this on one of the videos. going to" YEA WITH THE YEA" Tupac just said it's that time for all the personals that I got my medication from since I was growing up to get a way to send my medication to me ASAP free of charge he said he's also timing or,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that's all he told me to let y'all know oh it was one more thing Tupac told me to let y'all know to tell y'all he's the one saying it this time oh yeah guess who want to put me in the mood again https://youtu.be/z8iBV7on1os. But anyway that's why she had to do this also https://youtu.be/x6hB8fHsens oh yeah you just made a rainbow in the sky it's Landing in Virginia right now can y'all see Tuesday August 20th now it's time we landed and we it's time to do for us RIGHT MOTHERFUKING NOW. https://youtu.be/dzgUaxvivvc oh yeah I put Brother Travis Jenkins in this video y'all see him dancing getting low and Brother Ron Ski more as I had told him to put down get it get it because we had to get it get it as we brothers was making music but anyway I also have a whole lot of female artists new ones and could be new upcoming the Devils didn't want to show also. They have their music out with videos as I wanted to show them all but they should understand and they know anyway the KING tired of explaining now back to other work. https://youtu.be/Vov2ozkpqLM ,,,, https://youtu.be/wASFCad7aPQ https://youtu.be/uAJPYtPus1E https://youtu.be/Wji4b2jjYOk ,,,, https://youtu.be/2_KrEFaZ_Pk ,,,,, https://youtu.be/x5c2iRHlAHA ,,,,,, https://youtu.be/6BlWUh_iOKk ,,,,, see like I said I have a lot of sisters https://youtu.be/cCiZYcLjQFs ,,,,,, https://youtu.be/nIbg9ZEjpyE ,,,, oh yeah we all remember the outlet the Timberlands sale that's what I had put out also but anyway this just some now oh yeah I had to come back to this Suffolk Virginia do y'all know my sisters in this video from around Suffolk one of them from The Manor she in the brown the devil's used to use her for bachelor parties and more my sister y'all would but it's another sister in the black from Hollywood as we was in Nansemond River High School as she wanted me to come spend time back over as she also introduced me and had remind me back to all families from around there again but I never had spent time with my sisters after the devil's had got involved as they was doing wrong to all my sisters and Brothers oh yeah y'all see Brother Lorenzo Barnes in the vehicle in the video he also know I changed looks I had did it one time in front of him in the manor after I had completed a mission as I looking different he said damn I almost didn't know who you was I said yeah it's me but anyway I also have my Daddy Cavin in this video also he have the Bull hat on with his chain around his neck I used to ride with him over Hollywood also but he had that red vehicle when I rode in it https://youtu.be/FrIiFNr82ps it's time to get back to other work

  6. You are kingg πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™‚

  7. He get caught seducing the statute soon as he rub that titty!! Once he realized it then it was (come on)🀫🀣🀣🀣

  8. This is my love of my life in my music world😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  10. this was legendary when it came out lol dude your hair was looking fresh on that american eagle advice on dating video stay fresh weezy

  11. andy lets play halo reach on acid and shrooms then get on sum marvel vs Capcom or whatsthe one game Or lets play resident evil four on arcade

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