Week 5 Day 1 // Upper Body Strength Workout: Chest + Shoulders

hey guys what’s up welcome to today’s
upper body strength workout we’re gonna be focusing today on the chest and the
shoulders so if you’re following this workout today as part of my free workout
plan here on YouTube then today marks the start of phase two of the program
that’s crazy guys that means we’ve been sweating together for four whole weeks
already nice work I’m really excited to dive into the second phase of this
program now if you’re new here follow the link in the description box below
where you can learn all about this free twelve-week plan as well as download
your free program guide so today we are focusing on the shoulders and the chest
because we’re moving into the strength portion of our program or format’s gonna
change up a little bit instead of timing each exercise we’re actually going to be
counting our reps in today’s workout we’re aiming for 12 reps of each
exercise and we’re doing each one three times now the goal is to follow along
and keep up with me but of course listen to your body and
work at your own pace take extra rest if needed we have two circuits to get
through today you’ll notice that at the end of each circuit is a cardio
intensive move so during that forty seconds I want you working as hard as
you possibly can getting that heart rate up
and sneaking in that cardio alright guys I can’t wait to dive into week number
five if you are pumped give me a thumbs up go grab your equipment and get ready
we’re starting right now start go rest up and enjoy the rest of
your day we’re gonna be picking things up tomorrow with a full-body hiit workout
I’ll see you guys then

76 thoughts on “Week 5 Day 1 // Upper Body Strength Workout: Chest + Shoulders

  1. Done ! Thank you H. I’m avoiding bulking my arms so I used light weights but still felt that muscle hustle 😫

  2. Loving these workouts! Quick question though. For phase 2 would you suggest adding cardio sessions throughout the week?

  3. That first circuit killed my shoulders.. I did it with 2.5 kgs burned so bad… 2nd circuit was doable.. I basically hate cardio but after this shoulder burn I was waiting to reach to the weighted jacks 😂

  4. Heather has to say, in all the training I really liked the exercises with the ball !!

    I didn't know that so many exercises could be done with a ball.

    Have a good day and already waiting for tomorrow's workout !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. W5D1…done! Shoulders and chest, oh my fatigue! Thanks for another great start…week start, day start, session start! See you tomorrow morning!

  6. Amazing these weeks to keep up and to build more strength and condition too.
    Every round a variet of excercises that I like even they are powerful.
    Thank you Heather.👍🤗❤


    Kudos to those who did all 12 reps of those pushups. I tapped out somewhere around 8. 'Twas harrrd.

  8. What was that?? Omg 😱 my arms are on fire 🔥. I need help. I love it. Please do follow my blog
    http://princessanyasodor.com/2020/02/03/judging-others%f0%9f%8e%a4%f0%9f%8e%a4/ thank you

  9. Hello Heather, good morning!

    I just want to say that you are an amazing person! I'm doing the 12 week program and I'm doing each video twice! I can say with absolutely sure that your videos help me lose 30Kg since I diced to become more fitness and discovery your chanel.

    I thank you so much for all the work that you do for us!

    And to everyone here in Brazil who ask me what I do, I just indicate your chanel, because it's really awesome. Thank you ♥

  10. Definitely felt the burn – combined it with your low impact 40 min cardio/leg workout – loving this programme – especially looking forward to phase 2 strength. Thanks Heather, your very inspiring

  11. I hope this week will be better for me.. Last week I was struggling with workouts. I love them and that they are intense but maybe it was just me and completing workouts first thing in the morning (changed from afternoon). I will smash this workout today!!! Already mentally prepared for that!!!

  12. Wk5 day1 done! My arms are like 'HELLO!!' So happy to be back in the game..only completed 3 days of wk 4 because of a killer cold..I was so bummed..but I'm back baby! Thanks as always Heather! ❤

  13. Shoo! My shoulders are on 🔥. Wk5d1 done✔️. What a way to start the week off. can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  14. Day 21 is complete. Shoulders feel so strong! The toddler didn't want to let me workout today but somehow I got it in!!!🦾

  15. Week one Started Strong! I will say I woke up excited to see what was coming. I saw that it was upperbody and thought it would be a breeze! Not At ALL! That was tough. By third round my arms was sooo week! Not looking forward to leg day tomorrow!

  16. terrific w/o! I did one of your upper body w/wts Saturday so I felt a little weak today BUT I made it…Off to abs now. Question: How often should I be doing ab w/o per week? TIA

  17. Wow what a, great start to day 1 of week 5, I totally loved this one Heather, especially using the stability ball for the weight workouts, could so feel it in my chest and shoulders I couldn't believe it when it finished as my shoulders where on fire 🔥 after 3 sets on each round
    So looking forward to day 2 tomorrow,
    See you tomorrow Heather for day 2 💪

  18. Great way to start Phase 2… If I don't feel this tomorrow… something is wrong with my muscles!!!! Thanks Heather.

  19. I cannot do those pushups like you do, insane but I gave it my best, 6 solid good ones before my form gave on me… you’re an inspiration 💪

  20. i tried my best to follow along but… not perfectly… so i am disappointed with myself. Specially with pushup, i cannot do a single push up, so i just did the girly version.

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