Warm-up Stretches and Drills for Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Warmup Drills: Shell Drill

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. What we want to work
on right now is our man-to-man defense. And what we’re really concentrating on is working
on our help-side defense. This drill is called the “shell drill”. And what we do here is,
normally we’ll have a defensive player assigned to each of these positions. But for todays
practice purposes, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to use one defender and show
you how you use each position. What we’re working on right now is, if the ball were
in a game setting and the ball would go to the corner, this defensive man’s main assignment
is the ball right now. So the first thing he’s going to do in the shell drill is he’s
going to play up the ball. Now one important thing, too, on defense, is that you talk through
the defense. So right now he’s saying, “Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!”, because he’s on
the ball, ok? So the first thing is we got man on man, because he’s on the ball. Now
as the pass is made, one pass away, Hunter then is going to go into a defensive mode
to deflect the pass away from the wing. So he’s going to be in “deny” right now. He’s
going to be yelling, “Deny, deny, deny!” Now as the ball moves to the top, he’s no longer
concerned about his man, or that his man is getting the one pass back. Now what he’s going
to do is, he’s going to drop on to help side. One important thing he’s got to make sure
and do is, he’s got to be able to see the basketball and his man, so that his man, if
he’s concentrating on the basketball, his man can go behind him on a back door cut.
So he’s got to be concerned with the ball. Now as the ball continues to move, then Hunter’s
going to drop farther over. It’s ok if our defensive guy gets all the way over to the
middle of the court, because if this guy skips the ball–go ahead and skip it back–he can
recover out there quickly and get back on it. So you want to make sure that it’s “Ball,
ball, ball, ball, ball!” Then you’re in deny, one pass away. Then when you go to help side,
you’re in “Help, help, help!” all the way. And this is called the shell drill, for each
player on the floor to be working on their defensive positions.

7 thoughts on “Warm-up Stretches and Drills for Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Warmup Drills: Shell Drill

  1. As a 20 year old Coach and being the #1 defender in the state in alabama my senior year and playing for one of the most respected Basketball Coaches around your killing them by not teaching them CORRECT FUNDAMENTALS. 1st thing, when always playing defense never play neutral facing your opponent face up this game is all about control you always want to push them to a side in this example since your on baseline you never give up baseline so force him towards the top of the key—>

  2. 2nd, when you catch the ball always goes straight to triple threat position ON YOUR AWAY HIP. When making a pass you either sweep high or low (above your head or below your knees) after you have gotten the ball on the other side you bring your far leg with you to split the defender which puts your body between the defender and the ball, THAT IS THE KEY.

  3. He also needs to be in the passing lane (between his man and the ball) in case the ball handler decides to drive he can help stop the drive and if he kicks back out he bumps him back and he's right back on his man.

  4. And It's called ball defense, the man can do nothing without the ball. Therefor, everyone shifts, BALL DEFENSE!

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