Warm-up Stretches and Drills for Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Stretching: Upper Body

Hi. This is Sean Hobson and what we want to
talk about right now is stretching the upper body and we’re going to start with targeting
the arms. It is very important in the game of basketball to have your arms fully stretched.
Because one of the most important things is, obviously, scoring. And that is using your
full arm. You want to be able to get a good shot off and you want to have your muscle
groups completely stretched. The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to be stretching
out the shoulder and the back of the arms by pulling across. When you do this, you want
to try to grab on to the elbow. You want to go ahead and try to pull that across as far
as you can, until you feel your shoulder get a good stretch. Also, the more you grab down
here, the more you can stretch the back of your arms out. You can see the guys behind
us are pulling across. What you want to do is you want to hold this for about a 12 count
and then you’re going to switch it up. So we switch it up, kind of shake it out a little
bit. And then go ahead and switch it up to the left side. And you’ll probably want to
do this for two sets and make sure you really get the back of that arm stretched, because
for rebounding purposes or for shooting, you use those muscle groups quite a bit. So that’s
the first stretch we’re going to do. The second stretch we’re going to do is the tricep stretch.
You can either grab your wrist and pull it back behind you, or you can grab the elbow
and pull it behind you, and you’re going to pull it down until you feel a tight burn right
here in this muscle group. Hold that again for 12, switch it up to the other arm. Go
ahead switch it. And then you’re going to also hold that for two sets. Right there you
were able to stretch your shoulder out and you were able to stretch your tricep out and
that’s the first important muscle group that we’re going to stretch out.

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  1. I am a beginner coach for my sons youth basketball league. I really appreciate the videos you have put together. Thanks!

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