Want faster wifi? Here are 5 weirdly easy tips.

So wifi waves are basically just radiowaves,
so that’s the same as the electromagnetic waves you pick up with your cell phone or
a radio. But wifi waves are fairly short. They’re only
12 cm long, the conventional kind. Compare that to AM radio waves, which are
hundreds of meters long. The signal gets a lot weaker as it gets further
from the router. And generally they can’t go more than 150 feet from a single router.
They actually get absorbed and blocked by walls and metal surfaces.
So the way you position your wifi router makes a huge difference in how strong your signal
is throughout your house. One thing you definitely want to do is put your router
near the center of your house. Because it broadcasts the signal out in
equal strength in all directions. You want it out in the open. If it’s in a closet, the walls of the closet
are going to absorb and block some of the signal. And if you have it closed up in a cabinet,
it’s the same thing. A good way to think about it is just use line
of sight. From whatever position you can see the furthest
in your house and you can see the most number of rooms, that’s probably a good place to
put your router. You also want to lift your router up off the
ground because the signals can’t penetrate some of
the materials that make up floors, like metal, or concrete, or cement. And also, the way most routers are designed,
they broadcast the waves slightly downwards, so that way you’re projecting less of it down
into your basement for no reason. A lot of other electronics can interfere with
the router’s signal, things like TVs, computers, microwaves, pretty
much anything that has a motor inside it. So you want to keep the router away from other
electronics. Most routers have two antennas in them. Ideally
you could position one vertically and one horizontally. Devices work best when their internal antenna
is parallel with the router’s, so most antennas inside laptops are horizontal, But if you’re using a mobile device or a tablet,
it totally depends on how you’re holding it. So that way if you have one horizontal and
one vertical, you have the highest chance of having a parallel match with antennas. If you find that your network isn’t working
well, you can go around and measure your signal strength. There are a lot of apps that you can download
on your phone. You could create a rough map and
figure out what you need to do to fix it.

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  1. hey a question my internet started going down randomly for little and when i refresh page i get this error "NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID" but at the same time my phones internet also goes down. it happens at the same time. i tried it with another router still happens the same. We have 2 router at home but they were working together perfectly fine untill today. if i am not mistaken my friend set up another router today but wasnt working properly i am not sure if its still in the port at wall or not but could it be the reason of this problem?

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. 0:35 "because it broadcasts the signal out in equal strength in all directions" Wrong.
    Radio waves travel out and down much better than out and up therefore placing the router higher up is better than lower down. Wifi quality above the router will always be worse than below the router.
    1:25 That's not the reason why you can change direction of your antennae. Vertically orientated antennae are better at broadcasting wifi signals "wide" while horizontally alligned antennae are better at broadcasting WiFi signals "high"

  3. Cool went from 10 to 18 mbps, placing a can behind the one pointing up and pointing the second antenna down. Also made it level on a table instead of hanging on the wall which also had a small concrete column blocking the right side. Boom

  4. I just put the darn Wi-Fi router in my living room which is often the middle of the house so I get internet wherever, plus it is a small 3-bedroom house.

  5. My router is on top of my Xbox and the actual antenna that transmits the signal to my ISP is on my roof. My house is 14 meters tall so it has no problem transmitting the signal.

  6. I’ve been telling my dad many times but he just doesn’t listen. Guess it’s time to show him this video.

  7. I don’t have any problems with the speed. But when I connect my TV to the WiFi, the internet turns off for some reason and I have to turn the router off and on… does anyone know the reason?

  8. I was having loud conversations about wanting better wifi near my phone and now this is finally being recommended. Thank god. Sometimes the spying is helpful.

  9. also if the router is next to a wall put a sheet of aluminium foil onto the wall. It acts like a mirror. Your device will see two routers, one real, one reflection. Two routers means twice as strong signal. Even better if its in a corner put two sheets and make your devices see 4 routers.

  10. Me: mom we need to put wifi way from electronics

    Mom: why?

    Me: because it will make the wifi better

    Mom: how about you stop using wifi

  11. We have insanely strong wifi it just started getting slower cuase our network is a bit full if you understand tmwhat 8 mean

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