In this exercise we will be doing an ascending and decending 5 note scale with this sound Let’s begin Piano and voice

100 thoughts on “VOCAL FRY – VOCAL EXERCISE

  1. I have a question, #Jacobvocalacademy why for some reason I'm having trouble keeping my voice consistent? and by that I mean I tried this vocal exercise on a particular day and I can see a big improvement with the voice that I produced on the same day due to the chord closure using this exercise but why on the next day that all fades away? the next day my voice was back to its old breathy and dull tone…

  2. Ive had people tell me that this is actually bad for your voice and people tell me it's good can anyone provide me with any information on if it's good?

  3. hola ayudame desde que hice este ejercicio no puedo cantar libre como antes cuando llego alos agudos se me va la voz que debo hacer

  4. I have trouble keeping a solid straight stone when im belting high notes, my highest is F4sharp and around that area, I cant have a full control of my voice, it goes shaky, can this help me?

  5. Hello! I have a question, will this change my singing voice to a more raspy one? I'm afraid it will do so, maybe it's just me thinking that. Right now I'm rehearsing with a Led Zeppelin tribute band and they sometimes tell me to do the raspy Plant tone, and I'm interested in knowing if I can learn to rasp without damaging or changing my singing voice. As far as I know, I'm a contralto, I don't know if that information helps.

  6. Can i request more vocal fry exercises? As well as advanced pitch exercises? Although i suppose i could do riff #3 stacatto on easy

  7. This is the worst possible thing you can do to your vocal chords. Coming from someone who had vocal nodules for 2 years and went to the best laryngologists and vocal/speech therapists in the country at Massachusetts Eye and Ear to recover, vocal frying absolutely wrecks your voice and there is no "proper technique" to do it. I went to Berklee College of Music for Voice and have studied with 5 top voice teachers who focus on technique and vocal fry is what we are taught to avoid at all costs. This is coming from a place of love and concern. I don't want to see other vocalists go through what I went through with losing my voice. I understand that it has become a popular stylistic choice but doing it in excess or even a little for some voices can cause rapid destruction.

  8. Don’t see the point of playing a whole scale when you literally can’t sing this on a large range… Fry is great but just do it on a few notes, that’s enough! No surprise people are having trouble trying to do this by themselves at home… 🙄

  9. Why can I only hit the same note with this voice? I can’t go up a scale at all. It won’t move past the one note. Haha never had this issue before

  10. wait!!!! Why some people here said that it's hard ???? I feel like so easy to do that :)) Maybe it's exactly not vocal fry :)))))))) But I can do that naturaly :)))

  11. Please make these vocal fry exercises available also in your Spotify account, thank you for helping many people!

  12. Am i I supposed go along with the notes with low to high but idk how to do that…my voice is stuck in the same pitch while doing this…

  13. I have severly damaged my vocal cords by screaming. I sound frail some of the time, strong and deep others. People are like wtf

  14. Arent you slowly noticing the lonley superficial feeling shadow of comments for likes coming to youtube, really sucks.

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