VLOG – Too much pre-workout on chest day

We are going to kill this chest workout Its gonna be epic I think i’ve had a scoop too much of pre-workout 1 more set lets go I think we should do one more 1 more ? for sure After that pump 1 more set is kinda mandatory Got enough energy still What you say 1 more exercise ?? What you say 1 more exercise ?? We should right? Gotta chase that insane pump right Lets put that pre-workout to use Chest part of the workout is done and dusted Now its tabata time Which is going to kick our butt No more energy from that extra pre workout Went a little too hard on tabata We should get outta here before a stretcher is needed This one more one more is showing its effect now Where the hell is my protein shake Lets go home, got nothing left in the tank Where did i park my car Right there the dirtiest of them all Oh lord get me home safe

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