vlog #1 | school, cafe, and gym

hello, i’m getting ready to go to school 🙁 my mom drove me since i can’t drive yet fANcy yOiuou once i get to school, i always go to my first class we had to retake our test and i got a 90 the sky was pretty we had to do this writing about anger management i don’t eat lunch so i sit next to my class i wrote epiphany on my shoe hehe *running noises* *gets pushed* my friend pushed me but it’s fine, i pushed him the day before *library* oMGab went to the library with my friend to ‘study’ i had nothing to work on but she did *does a tiktok dance without listening to her* they didn’t have the album near us i made plans with my friends today we thought of going to the gym and the mall i didnt’t do much this morning besides taking pictures of myself and the sun photo shoot time the only time when my cousin is quite my friend had to get gas first oLAh *takes a step away* there wasn’t anything good aHAhhhAH *car beepes* i went and bought things from michaels

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