VEGAN WORKOUT SNACKS + FULL BODY TABATA OUTDOOR (real time/equipment free) | Let’s Get Fit #23

Hey everyone, welcome back to another video today I’m going to be showing you a let’s get fit with pre and post workout snacks. For today’s workout It’s going to be a 20 seconds on 10 seconds off tabata HIIT workout outdoor So all you need is it’s step and right now I’m going to demonstrate the exercises It’s going to be box jump squats, plyo step ups, push ups with a jump, face melters and high knee step ups First up is the Box jump squats and you’re going do it like this You can jump down or you can walk down like this Next thing is of my favorite or least favorite because get really tired is plyo step up like That you’re gonna use your arms for momentum The next exercise is push off with a jump If you cannot do that you can just do to push yourself Feel free to do this on the floor straight on the floor or if you do not Want to step you can do it against the wall as well Next exercise is face melters, and you’re going to be on the floor The final exercise it is high step up you’re going to also use your arms for momentum So it’s going to be 20 seconds on 10 seconds off for each exercise And when those exercise involves in your each leg same things 20 seconds on for each leg so I’ve just done one round already but had people walking through so I’m gonna Do it again 10 seconds till we start with the box jumps 10 seconds rest and then on with the plyo step ups Next we’re gonna start with the push off with a press The next exercise is face melters And last exercise is the high knee step ups On to the second leg That is the workouts. I did two rounds of it first round I Filmed but if we’re gonna put in because that’s caught it a bit because people can walking through But I really hope you enjoyed this workout you can do as many rounds as like I’m going to write the workout in the description As well and continue watching for some pre and post workout snacks Okay, so we’ve done the workout and now I’m going to show you some pre and post workout snacks I normally show you pre and post workout meals in my videos but i know that some people can be short on time when they are exercising Or they’re exercising day and they’re busy It’s easy. Just have a snack on hand to have you know 30 minutes for exercise and you know within the 30 minutes after you train. For me personally I exercise either before breakfast or between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner So my fuel for my exercise and my post-workout meal comes from either loads meals. So I rarely find that I need to have a snack either before or after a workout but if I were in this case where I needed to snack Before or after I train that these would definitely being options I would take. For the first snack idea I’m going to show you a Almond butter and jelly banana toast My toast looks a bit funny because I don’t have a toaster I had to taste it in the oven So that’s why it looks Pretty it’s not really like toast. It’s just warmed up bread. It’s just hard anyways Dont need to worry about that The bread I’m using is just a spelt sourdough bread and you use whatever you like. I’m just going to add on some almond butter Next we’re gonna add on a banana And that’s a Chia jam that I made earlier it’s just awesome chia seeds, raspberries, maple syrup and water mixed together and thickened up And then im going to sprinkle on with hemp seeds So this is great time before you work out as we’ve got some healthy Carbohydrates in there and some protein and healthy fats as well the banana and bread are going to be your carbohydrate and with the bread you want to choose a whole-grain bread I’m chosen a spelt bread The next pre workout snack is going to be a bliss ball and this one is going to be nut free and more focused a complex carbohydrate which is going to be the oats. I’m just gonna add me in Roughly Two cups of oats One cup of coconut flakes 1/4 cup chia seeds Some protein powder this one is the bare blends vanilla and coconut plant protein, I have to been using this for such a long time I really really love it. I fell in love with it for the taste because for a long time I’ve never really used protein powders as I was not really a fan of it I don’t need protein from powder source, but this just makes everything taste amazing it if you want to get extra protein That’s even like better. Gonna add 3 tablespoons of this Bit of salt 1 tablespoon of all the maple syrup. You can leave this out if you like to And finally some medjool dates So I blend up in the bliss ball mixture And He are the Bliss bowls so you can if you like add a bit more medjool dates or more maple syrup to it to make it sticky and you can put coconut on the outside as well Onto the post workout snacks next. I’m going to show you a hummus toast with avocado and hemp seeds, super easy and really delicious Let’s see if this avocado is a good one. Ready for this Would you look at that is perfect I just have some store-bought hummus here This is the brand. I do have a recipe for how much they’re on my youtube and in my ebook. I’ll link that below Next pop on the avocado And then some hemp seeds for protein And here you have it pre and post workout snacks, I would definitely be doing more of these videos and going through different snacks and stuff in each video and meals as well But this here the balls you can have either pre or post-workout snack. As it does have protein and carbs in it Mm so good Now for this. Comment down below if you are sweet or savoury. Sweet toast or savoury toast So that is all for this video, thank you so much for watching and I really hope you enjoy it Let me know what you think down below Be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe, and I will see you all in my next video. Bye

68 thoughts on “VEGAN WORKOUT SNACKS + FULL BODY TABATA OUTDOOR (real time/equipment free) | Let’s Get Fit #23

  1. Always love your videos… For the chia seed jam, did you use fresh raspberries or frozen? For how long can you keep it in the fridge? Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi everyone! Back with another video 🙌🏼 Hope you enjoy this workout and the snack ideas (currently eating the bliss balls haha) Let me know below if you wanna see more Let's Get Fit videos🤗❤️ Thanks for watching x
    ps sorry about the audio outside, it picks up so much background noise, definitely need to invest in a mic soon!

  3. New video on my birthday 💚 killin it as per usual & that almond butter toast was beautiful! I love toast all ways 🤘🏼 definitely trying the bliss ball recipe! Sending loveee 💕

  4. Hi Tess. I would love to do all your Hiits (and I have) but I noticed a 3 finger gap in my abs called diastasis rectum (I had three pregnancies). So I don’t know what I still can do to not further widen the gap, or to ideally close it.

  5. This is perfect! I came back from work yesterday starving and not knowing what kind of healthy snack I should have that isn't fruit lol thank you!

  6. honestly toast or sandwich is the best lunch when you're a student like me! It is so quick and it can be healthy too! Love this video!

  7. Delicious ! I’m more sweet snacking but I’d rather eat savory toast! Love that you upload more videos now! Love ya

  8. I love when you show real time workouts! It’s really helpful for me when I’m getting bored of certain exercises, I can always look up a fun workout on your channel!!

  9. What apps do you use to know what workouts to do at the gym or do you just make them up yourself because whenever I go to the gym I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

  10. Tess, have you ever thought seriously about going on an Ultralight Thru-hike such as the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian Trail in the USA? Think its something you would so love 🙂

  11. I tuoi workout e le tue ricette son sempre spettacolari❤️😍ti seguo sempre dall’italia😍❤️
    Your workout and your recipes are always amazing! I follow you everytime from italy😂😍💋💋💋

  12. Step workouts always KILL ME. Have you ever tried the TRX bands? They are also incredibly deadly 😂😅 the toasts and pre-workout oat and coconut balls look absolutely phenomenal! Love how balanced the meals are!

  13. Tess, what I love about your channel is that you bring substance. You're not like most lifestyle influencers out here now. You're real, your videos aren't full of irrelevant chatter, you're constantly creating and making delicious recipes! I really appreciate that!

  14. I love this video 😍 And I like the fact that you are kinda “on the scene” instead “behind”.. don’t know if you understand what I mean 😅
    Btw I’m a sweet gurl 💁🏼‍♀️ and I’ll try the almond butter and jam/banana toast for sure 💪🏻🤤

  15. Great video! Though I have a question. Is it okay to eat after a workout if you’re trying to lose a bit of weight?

  16. Hi Tess,

    I was just wondering if you could do a video on what your thoughts are on the Vegan YouTubers going back to eating animal products ?

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