Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack w/LAT Pull Attachment and Other Bundle Options for a Complete Home Gym

This Video Review Is Based On :
Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability,
familiarity and easy to operate. The Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack is priced
slightly higher than the first two power racks on our list, but this increase in price comes
with a greater amount of features. The amount of features more than makes up for the price
increase in my opinion. This power rack is constructed with a steel
2 x 2-inch frame, and it has dimensions of The BD-7 can hold up to 800 pounds on its
safety bars, and it has 17 variable positions for bar supports ranging in height from 17.5”
to 68”. This power rack also includes a curled pull up station. The power rack also
includes a lat pull attachment for additional function. Kindly See the Description for This Product
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