Using Basic Exercise Equipment : Ab Workouts With Exercise Balls

I love the ball, you’ve probably seen these
in the gyms all over the place. This is a pretty small one that works for me and I found
the perfect spot to give you a creative suggestion for a plank and basically somewhat of a push-up
combination. I’m going to take the ball and I’m going to put it right here in the middle.
I’m going to line up my wrists here, my elbow and my shoulders. This is pretty simple and
if you are a beginner, this is probably enough for you. I’m going to lower my back into this,
keep my abs in tight. Now let’s make it a little more challenging. I’m going to take
my legs, I’m going to take them and extend them out, I’m going to lower my body into
this now watch what I just did. Whoops elbows in, I had my elbows out a little bit. Bring
my elbows in and if I roll it up a little wow my stomach is really working a lot harder,
and bring it back down. Watch for your wrists, make sure they are not hurting you but boy
is that tough. Good combination, love that one. Definitely add that one in.

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