Upper Chest Workout For Men: Do This And Forever Rock The V-Neck!

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here with
WeightGainNetwork.com. We’ll make all your active work dreams come true. I’m fucking
super excited. We’ve got a killer workout coming up today. We’ve got the upper chest
workout routine. This entire workout is going to be dedicated to developing the upper chest.
If you’re in a club and you see that sexy wood rat and you want immediate entry into
that rat hole, you’re going to go up to her looking sexy, looking swol, looking like
a man child. You’re going to get immediate entry into that rat hole. This workout is
all about aesthetics, all about shaping that upper chest. If you don’t have an upper
chest, you’re going to look like a fucking pussy when you’re rocking that V-neck in
the club. Let me dive right in and show you a killer upper chest workout routine for maximum
aesthetics and maximum wood rat slaying. Alright guys, first superset. We’ve got the Dumbbell
Pullover Master Shredder Superset. This is one of my favorite exercises. It really isolates
the upper chest. And the thing you’ve got to understand about the upper chest is it’s
a really small muscle group. You’ve got to go really hard to break down the muscle
fibers in your upper chest. The thing is a lot of guys are asking, you know, how many
reps do you do on a certain exercise, on all of these upper chest shapers, you have to
go until fucking failure. It’s one of the hardest muscle groups to develop, so when
you’re doing these exercises go 110%. You’ve got to go all out until failure the entire
time. So, let me demonstrate. So in starting off, the weight’s going to be right over
your head and on the way back you want to have a slight elbow bend. Give it a good back
behind your head and on the way up you want to squeeze your chest slow and controlled.
The way you really feel it is you’ve got to squeeze your chest slow and controlled
on the way up. So breathe in. So it’s going to emphasize wherever you’re putting that
tension and squeezing, so slow and controlled. Squeeze and up. You want anywhere between
8 and 12 on this, but like I said before you just have to go to failure. The superset,
you’re going to be pretty fatigued with that first one, so the superset the weight
is going to be right over your chest. Try and keep your elbows in. Go down slow and
controlled. Come straight back up. All right next up we’ve got one of my favorite chest
shapers. We’ve got the Wolverine Low Cable Fly superset with the Incline Bosu Ball Push-up.
So let me demonstrate how to do it. I’m sure you guys have done the low cable flies
before, but the Wolverine edition really shapes that upper chest, so let me show you how to
do it. You start off in the normal Low Cable Fly position. Then you’re going to crisscross
your arms and you’re going to switch directions. You crisscross each set for each repetition
of the set. Another little trick, try to stand upright more. Don’t like lean forward. Stand
upright. Right after that you want to jump right into these Bosu Ball Incline Pushups.
Put your hands about four inches apart and go down nice and slow and controlled. Explode
up. All right guys, last exercise we’ve got the Eccentric Overload Incline Bench Press.
In this one it’s really important that you go down slow and controlled because on the
eccentric portion you’re going break down more muscle fibers. I have a spotter here.
I’m going to make sure I’m nice and slow and controlled and go heavy. Another thing
I do to just because I have super long arms, I know you guys are going to ask why I do
this, so I put this on my chest because if you look at my arms, when I’m right here
I’m already at 90 degrees, you go all the way back here, it’s putting a lot of stress
on your shoulders. I put this down, just this little gage about where to stop, so here we
go. All right so these are going to be like a liftoff and then just kind of stay with
me. Three, two. That’s good. All right guys you’ve fucking smashed that upper chest
aesthetic routine. Feel it in my upper chest. Ready to rock that V-neck. Headed to the club.
Smash those wood rats. Get my aesthetics on.

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