Universal Supplements Review Total War – Redcon 1

Welcome to another Universal Supplements
product review. Guys we’re gonna try and keep these videos less than five minutes
long, we’re gonna keep them really simple and
not just technical, and just remember these are just our personal opinions
about the product. Every product that we review we’ve tried. And at the end we’re
going to give them a score out of 10 so today’s product is Total War by
Redcon 1. Sharna what is Total War? Alright guys, this is a really
powerful pre-workout. If you like tingles and itches guys, then this is the product
that, this is for you! It has got plenty of beta alanine in it. It comes in stacks
of flavors guys and I haven’t found one that I don’t like yet. They are really
yum. Yeah so really really good pre-workout guys. It’s one that I never
used to stock, but I’m part of a online community called bodybuilding nation and
theres about 35,000 members. This was voted number one as the most popular
pre-workout in Australia. It’s potent, it’s good stuff, you’re gonna absolutely
love it if you give it a try. Sharna let’s give it a scores out of
10. Are you ready? ready, set, go… okay guys, hang on I’m actually not quite
finished… 9.5 out of 10 for me guys. And I’m giving it a full 10 out of
10 guys There you go, so I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of Total War by
Redcon 1.

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