Universal Supplements Review Cort RX – ATP Science

Welcome to another Universal supplements
product Review. Guys we’re going to try and keep these videos less than 5
minutes long, we’re going to keep it simple and not too technical, and just
remember guys these are just our personal opinions about the products. We
are supplement users ourselves and nearly every product that we review we
have tried ourselves. At the end we’re going to give them a score out of 10.
So the product that we’re going to talk about today is Cort RX by ATP
Science. Sharna, tell us a bit more about Cort RX. Alright guys, so Cort RX is an anti cortisol, anti stress product. so it’s a really good product for those of us who have stressed out lives, with our jobs kids or who are using heavy stims. It’s also going assist with our sleep and
it’s going to give you a really good energy throughout the entire day. that’s
right so something to note there, cortisol is, it is the stress hormone. So
it’s a really negative hormone in our bodys and when our cortisol levels are
elevated, there’s a lot of systems in our body that aren’t going to be working
properly. So you know it can hinder anything from weight loss, to muscle
building to, just trying to feel positive throughout the day guys. This is going to be
impossible when your cortisol levels are too high. So it’s gonna bring those
cortisol levels down. It’s also going to want to refresh and review that adrenal
system. So Sharna mentioned before you know people who are using heavy
stimulants, drinking a lot of coffee or having a lot of pre workouts, that
adrenal system is going to be really trashed. So this is a great product for
those guys who just want to give their system a refresh and a renew.
So we’re gonna rate Cort RX out of 10 now. Are you ready Sharna?
yep. Ready, set, go… boom! I’m giving this one a 10 out of 10, this is my absolute
favorite product by ATP science and one that I use regularly. Yep, 10 out of 10
it’s an absolute lifesaver guys. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed our review of
Cort RX by ATP Science.

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