Universal Supplements Review Big Noise – Redcon 1

Welcome to another Universal Supplements
product review. Guys we’re gonna try and keep these videos less than five minutes
long, we’re gonna keep them really simple and
not too technical, and just remember we are supplement uses ourselves. Every
single product that we review, we have tried, so you know it’s all honest
opinion. And we’re also going to give them a score out of 10 at the end.
Today’s product we’re going to be talking about is Big Noise by Redcon 1.
Sharna, tell us about Big Noise, Okay so, big Noise is actually a no stim
pre-workout guys. So it contains your agmatine and glycerol, which are both
really strong vasodilators guys. So with this one you’re still going to get
quite a good, like mental focus but it is primarily for those big pumps. yeah
that’s right guys. So you know we all love the big pump at the gym, you know it
looks crazy good, you know the girls love it. So you know as far as the aesthetics
goes a pump is nice, but just remember that pump is also important because a
pump means there’s more blood in the muscle and with more blood comes more
delivery of all those crucial factors for muscle growth. So you know, your amino
acids, your vitamins, minerals, nutrients, all that stuff you’re gonna be
flooding into your muscles. You’re gonna look phenomenal, but you’re also gonna be
helping with muscle growth. So pre-workout formula, Big Noise, unreal.
I’m a vasodilator fan myself, so this is one that is definitely in my regular
supplement rotation. Should we give it our scores out of 10? Yep! Okay are we ready? yep… 1, 2, 3… 9 out of 10 for Big Noise for me Same here 9 out of 10 There you go guys I
hope you’ve enjoyed our review of Big Noise by Redcon 1.

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