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Welcome to another Universal Supplements
product review. Guys we’re going to keep these less than five minutes long,
we’re going to keep it simple and not too technical. These are our personal
opinions on the product. We use supplements and we’ve tried every
product that we’re reviewing, so you know that when we give you our score at the
end, it’s going to be our honest opinion. and the product is 212 by Muscle
Elements guys. Sharna what is 212? 212 is a thermogenic fat
burner. It’s gonna reduce any water that you’ve got sitting under your skin. It’s
going to give you positive energy all throughout the entire day and guys this one
tastes absolutely fantastic. Thats right guys so what Sharna’s saying there about
the water is a really important one. So sometimes we can feel as though
we’re a little bit fatter than we actually are, or appear as though we’re
holding more weight than we actually are because we’re holding water in that
subcutaneous layer. This is going to help to take that away with with some herbal
diuretics that are that have been included in the product. The other
thing that this 212 is going to do, and the reason it’s called 212 is it
actually stands for 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
and that’s basically, it’s it’s a little bit of a gimmick. So it’s it’s gonna
really heat your body up, is what that’s trying to say. So if you’re
looking for a fat burner that does make you feel quite hot, 212 is going to do
that for you guys. So really great pre-workout if you want that hot, heated up
feeling while you’re exercising, 212 is gonna be the one for you. So we’re going
to get this out rating out of 10 now guys. Sharna get your score card ready…
ready, set, go! I’m giving it a 7 out of 10 guys Same! haha. So there you have it 7 for me, 7 from Sharna. I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of 212
by Muscle Elements.

2 thoughts on “Universal Supplements Review 212 – Muscle Elements

  1. Hi I’m wondering if you’ve reviewed preworkout 101 by bulk nutritients…as I’m comparing it to that one right there and wondering which is better.

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