Unity Gym Durham – Paul’s Story

Growing up in Sacriston
in the nineties and stuff, if someone challenges you to a fight,
because I was boxing then you can’t say no. You can’t, you’re a coward. You’ve got to go
outside with them. Word got round that I was starting to
get better at fighting and stuff and, when people challenge you you can’t say no. It’s like, “That’s Paul Hubber,
don’t fuck with him.” “He trains him.” They think because I train them,
I’m better than them. And I’m not anymore
because I’m old. But it’s a good perception to
have in this world, if you like. While the center of Durham looks
absolutely beautiful on a postcard, The smaller villages around there are beset with problems
like the rest of the country. Cocaine use, with heroine use, and Durham’s more different. When I lived at Sacriston
there was a heroin epidemic, and I didn’t even have a
lock on my shed. Do you know what I mean? My garden shed, it didn’t
even have a lock on it. Never got touched. Never ever. You all right? Good to see you again. If you asked me if
I was a criminal, to the letter of the law,
I’m a criminal. But I’ve done more good
in the community. I’ve never stolen
a thing in life. You can be proud,
you can never ever forget this what you’ve done, alright? Thank you very much. Me Nana had an old saying
before she died, “If you fly with the crows
you get shot with them.” And it’s right, isn’t it? If I went down the
bus station now, and started drinking cider taking cocaine or heroin I’m more likely to get
into trouble than I am sitting here talking to you. Let’s go out and put a
performance on. Alright? Thank you and good luck. Where there’s less money, and you don’t need a
lot of money to box it just gets people
off the street. Where you see a kid, who potentially could be going
down the wrong tracks you get them in the gym,
you get them fit You make him disciplined and then you got him a job, and you see him
five years later and he’s got a mortgage, he’s got a car, he’s got a couple of kids,
or he’s got a kid, you know? It’s just brilliant. I feel really privileged,
if I’m honest.

2 thoughts on “Unity Gym Durham – Paul’s Story

  1. Real video of real life mate. You do alot for charity and everyone involved in boxing, you couldn't be a better man than you already are. Top lad mate

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